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Iran is the land of great conflicts. The Persian territory is the land of snow-capped mountains, lush valleys, deserts and exquisite forests. The two main mountain ranges of Iran are Zagros and Alborz. Zagros mountains extend from northwest to Khuzestan Plain, and Alborz mountains extend from west to east along the Caspian Sea (Mazandaran).

Amazingly there are different climate types on either side of the Alborz mountain range. The northern area is covered with lush forests and slopes and the climate is similar to that of the Mediterranean basin. The other side of the mountain range, the southern side is dry but still beautiful.

Alborz mountains contain several peaks with altitudes of around 1000-5000 meters above the sea level. Some of these high peaks include: Alam-Kooh (Mount Alam) with an altitude of 4850 meters, Mt. Kolon Bastak (4200 meters), Mt. Azadkooh (4398 meters) and Mt. Damavand (5610 meters).

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