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Kite riding over Iran


In this paper we will have a brief words about kite riding and or hang glider. One of our purposes in this section is sharing some information about it to you; therefore, this paper is a little different and we prefer to initially make you familiar with this sport and its history.

History of Kite Riding

Kite in Iran - Iran Tours & TravelKite riding is the name of an aerobatic sport in which the pilot is hanging from a device like the birds’ wing and controlling the kite by directing and orienting his body. In this sport, the pilot flies by gliding on the air.

Over than one thousand years ago, man could fly on the air. From the very beginning when watching the flying birds, man had a dream of flying in his mind and any person has just attempted to attain this goal as much as he could.

Perhaps the first flight experience by a device similar to kite dates back to 1020 AC when Ilmer Malmesberi, English monk decided to jump from tower with the height of 180m to realize the dream of flying. For realizing his dream albeit he faced with broken legs.

Other Flight Experiences

Since that time in 11th century in Constantinople and in late 15th century in Italy there were some other actions for realizing such flying dream but frustrated.

Leonardo Davinci had also create some plans for flying; however, he could not be provided with an opportunity to test his plans.

Perhaps you can say that the glider age has just been born by the attempt of Sir George Kyle, English inventor. He was working and researching on glider until 1779 and designed various prototypes; however, he could fly his first successful model in 1804.

Kyle could register the experience of the first human flight in his name and in 1853 he could fly a short distance with his kite.

After Kyle, it was German inventor, Otto Lilienthal who could make lots of gliders and fly with them.

Otto Lilienthal just spent its whole life for coming his dreams to be true and in 1896 he lost his life during an unsuccessful flight.

After successes in Europe for realizing the flying dream, then it was the turn for discovering the newly known continent of America.

In early 19th century, an American engineer called Octave Shenout, by inspiring from Lilienthal could run over than 2000 successful flights from Michigan coasts.

The activities of Octave Shenout could influence mainly on Wright Brothers and they succeeded to make their first airplane.

After the construction of airplane

After the construction of airplane, people were no longer interested in kites and it continued until 20th century and WWII.

The most important development in kite flying industry was done by Grattour and Francis Regalou, both American inventors. By using Myler that was a kind of sturdy and light plastic, they could construct a new kite called para-wing with no solid skeleton.

Such successes forced USA State to use these kites made by Regalou in 1950s for landing of their spacecraft.

Thereafter, other prototypes of kite were constructed by Thomas Purcell and John Dickinson in 1961 and 1963 by structures such as Bamboo and Aluminum by which it could be progressed.

America’s Kite Riding Association was established in 1967 and that was an origin for formalizing such an attractive sport.

Enjoy your kite riding in Iran at following sites

Naz Island Site, Qeshm

Kongo Site, Bandar-Abbas

Kite in Iran - Iran Tours & TravelThis site and Naz Island site is located next to beautiful Persian Gulf at the south of Iran. From long time ago, due to its strategic situation Persian Gulf was very important in this region. Persian Gulf is the border of Iran with its neighborhood nations.

Kite riders of this territory who are flying in this area don’t choose this area only due to their eager to flight, but they choose to fly over the spectacular landscape for sightseeing the beautiful coasts of Persian Gulf with eagles of blue sky in this area together with seeing the geographical borders of this territory.

You may not miss such a great size of effects and experience surfing through coral beaches of Kish Island and seeing the historical words of Qeshm Island when travelling to beautiful island of Persian Gulf together with new experience of kite riding over these island.

Other kite riding sites in Iran include:

Azimieh Site in Karaj

Chenar Site at the east of Damavand

Shahran Site in Tehran

Hemmat Site in Tehran

Minoodasht Site in Tarseh Village

Dorood Site in Khorasan

Marand Site in Tabriz

Chikrood Coast Site in Gaemshahr

The Pleasure of Kite Riding in the Land of Persian People

Kite in Iran - Iran Tours & TravelWe don’t know which sport do you interested in and or prefer where to spend your vacation‼

However, we actually invite you to fly over Iran, a flight steered by yourself.

Flying by kite or hang-glider in Iran is totally different from other points of the world. If you love flight over Chamonix in Alpine Region of France, Dayang in South Korea, Lima in Peru or Cape in Southern Africa, please try other recreations in Iran as well because flying over Persian Territory is a bit different from other points of the world.

Flying over blue sky of Iran close to Alborz Mount, the location of Phoenix (symbol of Mythical- Legendary Bird of Iranian literature) could not be compared to kite riding in other points of the world. Kite riding over Iran’s sky besides enjoying from sightseeing, due to flight on the heights of most mythical places of this great civilization is very joyful. When we stare at Alborz, it is very nice to think about it by knowing a part of the civilization and history of this territory with all its past happenings and remember the legends and courage occurred historically for keeping this territory against its enemies and invaders.

We recommend to the tourists with professional kite riding background to have a fly just for once over Iran’s sky to re-experience the feeling of fear and anxiety again; because we could sense the shakes in the knees of most people who experienced kite riding in Iran together with manifesting the effects of over-secretion of adrenaline in their blood.

You are dare to feel the fear and over-excitement, with no shame for having such appearance before other people, we are waiting for your attendance here in Iran to see you flying over the sky of Ancient Iran.

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