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Iran and its 10 beautiful canyons


Raghaz Canyon - Iran Tours & TravelIran is a country with several thousand years of civilization, where it is very difficult for a tourist to choose its tourism attractions in a short time of his/her spending. We are actually appreciating you and know that it is impossible for you to visit all beautiful places of this lost treasures territory; however we’ve provided you with a brief list of specific canyons of Iran by which we could guide you appropriately in your trip for visiting such places. This list has defied many canyons from beautiful Lar Desert Canyon to fascinating Shizar Canyon. It has also stated the calm and silent Stars Canyon to the exciting place in Ragaz Darab Strait and we are also expressing the features of Shahan Dasht, Talator, Almaut, Hour, Rageh,… by which we might provide you with a brief story of kindness of Mother Nature with your beautiful look at it.

Canyon Waking or Canyon? Which one you choose? Which one is more fitted by Foreign Tourists?

Canyoning is a very specialized and technical job requiring necessary skills in this case by which one could visit specific canyon of Iran and seeing the beautiful struggle between rock and water and moving through with it.

Canyon however is used for general tourists such as foreign tourists; but it requires skills of working with ropes together with the struggle between your sight and Mother Nature to see how it could carve such a huge canyons in the pastures, sands and lame soil.

Ashkak, Al-Maout, Tolatar, Chakroud, Ragheh, Ragaz, Stars, Shiraz, Hour, Lar, Shahan Dasht Canyons

More, stick with us to refresh the well-carved canyons of Iran’s nature by using words; however, words aren’t able to process all information and such a beautiful landscapes require you to be here with us.

Ashkak Canyon

ashkak canyon - Iran Tours & TravelIt is a canyon located in between Qazvin Province and Gilan Province that have been just newly recognized and opened to the public. This canyon has comprised from many great and small falls and passing through its 14 falls with the highest one is over than 30 m in height, require using technical gadgets and climbing tools. The best time for visiting this canyon is during May and June when its water volume is suitable for canyon. It is a canyon located at the heart of wild grass of Qazvin province with a horrific fall attracting your views at the first glance. Here is the place where that must be overcome with your dare.

You have ever heard of Qazvin City, with most historical monuments located in, besides Iran’s name that was the capital of Safavid Dynasty at a time.

There are dispersed villages and rural areas along a long canyon beginning from North Qazvin to the coasts of Caspian Sea called as Almout Canyon from centuries ago. Almout is also named between Alborz Mounts with its northern ranges called Sayalan. Almout Lake is located at the end of a road with intact landscapes and Cherry Garden. Summer is a best time for visiting this area. Another tourism attractions of Almout Canyon includes Lambsar Castle, the greatest Castle of Almout, Shirkooh or Bidelan Castle, Pichbon Caravanserai, Almout’s Natural Caves, Hassanabad Rocky Tombs and Shahkouh, Almout Waters, Avan Lake, Almout Holley land.

Talator Canyon

Talator canyon - Iran Tours & TravelThis canyon has the length of 13 km with 32 falls and the highest one is 20m in height located close to Roohabad Village, Western Almout to Parvard Village. Talator or Ashkaf canyon is one of the more beautiful and most attractive canyon located in Qazvin Province where is a more to go for a canyoneer.

Having attractive landing and ponds for jumping, this canyon has more attended by Canyoneers Green woods, slag crabs and roaring waves of canyon provide you with enjoyable moments.

Chakroud Canyon

Chakrood canyon - Iran Tours & TravelThis canyon begins from upstream of Rahimabad around a regions called Tiola and continues towards Caspian Sea. Chakroud Canyon has a long distance albeit with a part suitable for technical work and it requires a one-day schedule. It is a pristine canyon full of exciting ups and downs ending tothe cool water providing you with a resort and recreational space.

Rageh Canyon

Ragheh Canyon - Iran Tours & TravelThis canyon is one of the unique natural phenomena of Rafsanjan town and is an unknown tourism attractions of Kerman Province located in 20km of Rafsanjan and in the tourism path of two eco-tourism attractions of the province (Meymand Village and Shahdad Colettes). Presence of piers with 100 m in height is accounted as its unique properties. Tipped and sharpened cones, piers and erosive small piers, arches and walls and ribbon walls with the heights of them attains to 100m in some points are considered as specific parts of this region.

Winter and fall, when weather is being cooled, is certainly the best time of your travel to desert areas. Visitors, particularly foreigners must find appropriate season to see Rageh and Meymand canyon, because they could use a part of Rageh canyon path flooded by water.

Raghaz Canyon

Raghaz Canyon - Iran Tours & TravelRaghaz Strait has located in Fars Province at 30km of Darab Town. This strait has totally 64 falls with 14 falls are being used publicly. High waterfalls and beautiful rocky ponds of Raghaz strait create beautiful canyon at the heart of the nature. Visitors can visit the spring, a few ponds and waterfall with no necessary tools and rigs. However, for passing through remaining falls, visitors need using canyon gadgets and must be familiar with fall climbing principles. You will experience more exciting waterfall climbing even if it is the first time you are doing so; you could put such an exciting experience in your schedule. Late April to early September is the best time for foreign visitors to visit this lake in Iran.

Stars Valley

Star Canyon - Iran Tours & TravelThis valley with the age of about 2 million years is located in the west of Berkeh Khalf Village 5km far from southern coast of Qeshm Island. It has been just created by the erosive effects of wind, rain and storms on the soil, rock and sand.

Islanders believe that once upon a time a star just fell into the heart of the island and created strange shapes of soil, rock and sand. This place is called as “Estareh Ofteh” and occasionally “Star Oftideh” by native people; however, due to such a unique geological phenomenon it named “Stars Valley”. At nights in this area is the best time for enjoying the beautiful and silent area of the nature and you can have quiet times at the heart of the best natural places of Iran. Considering the hot weather in this place, the best time for visiting this place is at fall, winter and early spring.

Shiraz Canyon

Shiraz Canyon - Iran Tours & TravelShiraz is principally a canyon with 5km of length passing from Godar Gah Village to the bank of Saymareh Stream. Samareh Stream is the borderline of Lorestan and Elam Province and for going to the canyon, you must attain to the intersection between three provinces, i.e. Kermanshah, Ilam and Lorestan. 55km up to Koohdasht of Lorestan, in Zardalan District, you enter Olad Gobad road and attain to the strait. Natural form of cliffs and stepwise walls of this strait have been created during thousand years. Sedimentary rocks of this place have turned to interesting and unique shapes by the effects of rain, wind and other atmospheric precipitation such that it could even attract foreign tourists to this place as well. The best time for traveling to this region is at spring.

Haver Canyon

haver canyon - Iran Tours & TravelThis canyon has been located in Northern Khorasan, about 30km of western south of Ashkhaneh and 70k of Bojnord benefiting from template, woody, and mountainous climate together with many springs. Additionally, the only oak forest in the east of the country has been located in this region. The forests of this region is one of the habitats for red deer. Fall is the best time for visiting of such specific canyon in Iran.

Lar Desert

Lar National Par in iran - Iran Tours & TravelLar National Park has been located in a region at distance of 70km in the east of Tehran. It is a reclusive region comprised from a canyon in the western south to eastern north margin of Damavand Mount. Among vast deserts of Iran, Lar Desert is the best place for watching the scenery and taking photos from the height of Roof of Iran where bloomed with many beautiful flowers and springs. Spring and summer are the besttimes for visiting this place.

Shahan Dasht

Shahan dasht canyon - Iran Tours & TravelShahan Dasht manifesting its beauty in Heraz Road, is the highest fall in Mazandaran Province. Such a permanent and huge waterfall is located in the southern side of Heraz Road and River. This waterfall flows downstream from a side of Makej Bahman Castle locate on a pyramidal mount overlooking the Shahandasht Village. The best time for foreign tourists to visit this specific waterfall is from late May to early September.

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