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Everything about Nakhjir cave

Nakhjir cave

Area detail

Nakhjir cave - Iran Tours & TravelThis cave located in 11 Km Northeast of Delijan and it’s in the way of Naragh one of city of Markazi Province and on the slop of Takht mountain with 1716 m hight, also this cave is near Kerugan, Veshtegan and Harazijan villages.

Type of cave

This cave is one of the Calcareous caves and has several floors and it consider a class caves.

The unique features of this cave is livelihood of the cave which it can repair cracks automatically.

95% of cave’s wall covered by Calcareous deposits.

Formation time

Nakhjir cave2 - Iran Tours & TravelAccording to some experts, this cave belongs to the third period is geology and antiquity of the cave is about 70 million years.

Cause naming

In the past this area used as a hunting ground, and hunters lead their hunt down to the area and then hunted them.

Chal means down, Nakhjir means hunting ground = Chalnakhjir means below the hunting ground

Crater details

The height of the crater of cave is between 10 to 40 meters and has a cross section of 40 meters.

This cave’s crater is higher than the wells of drinking water in Delijan city and didn’t have current area and it is because of Non-principled explosions.

Time of discovery

Nakhjir cave3 - Iran Tours & TravelThis cave was discovered in February of 1988 when digging a well for drinking water of Delijan city.

The First caving in this cave

At the first time Kamran Soleimani entered the cave for discovering and keep going to depth of 500 meters from the cave but he had to back because his marking rob  was finished.

  The depth of the cave

The depth of the cave is between 8 to 10 kilometers and as yet 4 kilometers discovered by local people and cavers. Also 1.2 kilometers of the cave has been improvement for public people.

According to experts, there is a lake at the end of the cave that people can boating.

In the preliminary depth of the cave can see crystal prisms and also crystalline sponges, charms and coral garden given a lot of beauty to this cave.

Cave length

Nakhjir cave4 - Iran Tours & TravelThe cave has 2 route that both of them are the same at first 600 meters of the route and after that divided two direction, one of them toward the Northeast and the other toward the Northwest. It should be note that the length of each of the routes is over 1300 meters.


Nakhjir cave5 - Iran Tours & TravelThe reason for the shape of the cave is the opposite fault of the karst region of warren. Most of the shapes in the cave are made of calcium carbonate, aragonite and gypsum.

Seams and cracks in the rocks have been created due to the pressures on the rocks.

In another step, atmospheric precipitation that have carbonic gas and acidic content has penetrated into fractures and imperfections, resulting in the dissolution of calcium carbonate.

In the next step, the solution has cheerful and after millions of years the cave has been created.

This cave is one of the upper ceiling and the height of the roof is an average of 8 meters.

If we want to mention about other features of this cave, we can say that is considered as a wet and horizontal cave.

Also, the permanent ventilation of the cave, which has never caused the lack of oxygen in the cave, is another unique feature.

The temperature of the cave in different season is from 7 to 14 degrees, causing the cave has cool air in the summer and warm weather in the winter.

The ChalNakhjir Cave was listed by the Cultural Heritage Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2006.

In the past, in the cave has water, which has been lost due to climate changes, but it is still possible to see the water line on the walls of the cave.

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