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Top 8 beautiful gardens in Shiraz

Jahan Nama Garden - Iran Tours & Travel - Iranviva

Nasirolmolk masque in shiraz - Iran Tours and Travel In the series of articles developed for improvement of journey to Iran, we thrive to be a good guide for you by introducing the attractions of cities and different regions and areas of Iran.

We can provide you with good information to plan your Shiraz tour in a good way.

Therefore, when writing the articles, we will provide you with necessary specific guides and advises for tourism attractions.

In last article we introduced tourism attractions of Shiraz, so you can choose suitable tour for your trip. in this article we are going to talk to those tourists that are interested in gardens and flowers.

We have interesting plans for you.

Visiting from Historical Gardens, the peak of art in the hands of Iranian artists

Artists who established very beautiful buildings by their hands and without necessary facilities and developed very beautiful gardens by their hard attempts and today, passing centuries, we can enjoy these colors and amazing perfume of gardens to refresh our soul and spend some hours among all this colors and energies away from everyday worries.

Shiraz Garden, Jahan-Nama Garden

jahan nama garden in shiraz city - Iran Tours and TravelJahan-nama garden built in 14th century AD. This garden in one of the beautiful garden in Shiraz which ibn Arabshah mention in his book named by “Wonderland of al-Muqadir” as the ornament of the world.

So this beautiful place is one of destination for Shiraz tours.

This garden is 2.8 hectares with amazing beauty. For confirmation, in the most of itinerary of tourists they describe this garden.

One of the beautiful titles of Shiraz City is “City of Garden”. This city has named by this title due to the presence of gardens such as Jahan Nama Garden, Takht Garden, Delgosha Garden, Afifabad Garden, Narenjestan Garden, etc…

By the order of Karim Khan, in 1771, there was built a building among the garden called Kooshak surrounded by streets and pools to duplicate its elegance and beauty.

Shiraz Garden, Visiting Takht Garden

Takht_Garden in shiraz city - Iran Tours and TravelIn this part we want to introduce one of the attraction and destination of Shiraz’s tours.

. Takht Garden and or Garajehei Garden is another beautiful garden of Shiraz established in 11th century by Atabak Garajehei and considering its beauty and elegance, it has been named as “Manifestation of Beauty” in the books developed by Sharaf-Al-Din Ali Yazdi and Ibn Arabshah.

The sentences in description of tourist itinerary is confirmed the beauty of this garden and beautiful mansion in shiraz.

Shiraz Garden, Chehel-Tan Garden

Chehel Tanan Garden or Tomb is another monument going back to Zandian Era. Chel Tanan Garden has been located close to and at the north of Hafezieh; thus we strictly recommend you don’t miss visiting this monument.

The antiquity of this garden goes back to Zandieh Period. Due to the presence of forty tombs of scholars in this garden, this garden named as Chehel Tanan Garden and by the order of Motamed Al-Dolah Farhad Mirza Qajar, the governor of Fars, there were prepared and put forty similar tombstones on them letting their tombs to remain anonymous.

It must be mentioned that the tombs of two other scholars called Sheykh Abu Eshagh, known as Sheykh Atamah and Heshmat Mirzaei, born in 1427 and 1950 respectively were also inserted in this garden.

Shiraz Garden, Delgosha Garden

Delgosh_Garden in shiraz city - Iran Tours and TravelAfter visiting the Tomb of Saadi Shirazi, there is a beautiful garden close to his to

mb going back to Sassanid era.

We recommend you to visit Delgosha Garden after visiting Tomb of Saadi to see the art of plastering by Iranian artists for engraving the words and pomes of the great poets of this land.

In Delgosha Garden, it is fascinating to take a glance to the poems of poets of this land together with smelling the fragrant of orange trees to take advantage of the words of these scholars.

The fluency of the words of these poets might not be sensible for you but undoubtedly the content of the words of scholars of the history of this territory has its specific manifestation at any language.

Shiraz Garden, Afif-abad Garden

Afif_Abad garden in shiraz city - Iran Tours and TravelThis garden has been established in 1867 by Mirza Ali Mohammad Khan Gavam Al-Malek the Second and we can see a full representation of Iranian Planting Art in this garden. This garden were being used as a park and walkway for kings during different times until it was purchased and rehabilitated by Mirza Ali Khan Gavam Al-Malek during Qajar era. This garden has taken its name from the name of Afifeh Khanom, one of its owners. By applying the improvements and rehabilitations by Afifeh Khanom, this garden is known as Afifabad Garden.

The Picture of Afifabad garden is one of the pictures that agencies who have shiraz’s tour used on their website and advertisement.

Tourists who love traveling to Iran, besides visiting from this garden, could visit from Great Middle East Weapons Museum located in this garden as well.

In this museum, you can see the development of kinds of hot and cold weapons since Safavid Era. The section for weapons of the kings of this territory could be beautiful and attractive for you.

You like me interested in the weapons, please visit from this museum.

Shiraz Garden, Narenjestan-e-qavam Garden

Narenjestan qavam garden in shiraz city - Iran Tours and TravelQavam Narenjestan Garden is another beauty among endless beauties of Shiraz. This house is very familiar in Shiraz; however its publicity is not only due to the beauty of this house but due to events occurred historically in this house and on its owners.

This garden comprised from different parts including Gachineh Bath, Gavam School (Maktabkhaneh) (Araghiha House), Andarooni-e-Gavam (Zinat-Al-Molouk House), Divan Khaneh-e- Gavam (Narenjestan), Gavam’s Private Bath, etc..

This complex has been established by Mirza Mohammad Khan Gavam Al-Malek. The originality of Gavam’s family goes back to Haj Ebrahim Khane Kalantar, the minister of Karim Khane Zand who is the cause of killing Lotfali Khane Zand and fall of Zandieh Dynasty.

In this building, we can see the interconnection of art of Iranian Artists engraved skillfully by their hand some figures on wood, plaster, rock.

In this monument, you can see and sense closely the arts of plastering, mirror working, graving, painting, mosaic work, woodcarving and brick work of original Iranian arts known by any tourist who travelled to this country.

The paintings pictured on the ceilings, columns and porch are made by Lotfali Khan the skilled portrayer, painter and miniaturist of Zandieh Era.

Interestingly, you can see the presence of wallpapers just imported from Europe for making this monument more elegant.

Shiraz Garden, Ilkhani Garden

Ilkhani Garden is another historical and beautiful monuments of Shiraz. This garden has been built by Mohammad Goli Khan Ilkhan in “Three-Garden Neighborhood” during Qajar era. It’s One-Piece and Spiral Pillars are considered as astonishing and beautiful parts of this garden. These integrated and spiral pillars gave a stunning beauty to this monument.

Shiraz Garden, Eram Garden

Bagh_e_Eram in shiraz city - Iran Tours and TravelEram garden is one of the most beautiful historical and tourism places in this city which was registered by UNESCO World Heritage Organization in 2011. One of the most important destination of tourism which coming tourist from all around the world.

Eram Garden of Shiraz is a symbol of the most beautiful gardens of this territory.

There are no documented information about accurate time of building this unique garden, however, as the name of this garden has been mentioned in the travelogues of 15th and 16th centuries, thus, one could estimate its building time before 15th century.

The astonishing beauty of this garden has been just increased after Safavid era and it reached to its peak during Zandieh era.

By reviewing the history of this garden we can understand that this garden was being used as Center of Kingdom by heads and elders of Qashqai Tribe for over than 75 years.

One of the beauties of Iranian buildings is that we could guess their history from their appearances.

In this section, to make this subject clear, we will review the appearances of the garden to discover a part of the history of this garden by considering the appearance representations.

By astonishing appearances and beauties of this garden we can find out that this monument was being under the control of the feudal of its time and its owners were completely rich.

Looking more closely to the building’s façade of the garden and its area we could assume that considering the hospitality of Qashqai Tribe, known in this territory, a part of this building were being used as Guest House and Qashqai Tribe were hosting their guests in this beautiful building.

There are many citrus trees in the garden; however, considering that citrus trees will be aged by time, one could imagine that the size of citrus trees in this garden was great at the past.

The popularity of this garden might be attributed to the high number of citrus trees and their fragrance spreading at the atmosphere.

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