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A trip to Chalus road, a wonderful route



Chalus - Iran Tours & TravelChalus road has a familiar name for people of Iran as well as tourists who travel to visit such a small heaven.

Chalus road with its main name called “Route 59” is a path passing through the heart of Alborz mounts connecting Tehran to central regions of Iran and beautiful coasts of Caspian Sea.

This maze and tortuous route pass through Chalus River originating from the heights of Taleghan Town and by passing a distance over 72 km close to Farajabad in Chalus town, pours to Caspian Sea and by passing through the heart of Alborz Mounts, has been introduced as one of the most beautiful roads in the world.


History of Chalus - Iran Tours & TravelA day when Reza Shah due to complications he had during his last trip to Mazandaran in 1933 (as reminded in his memoir). ordered to make this road, he might even not know that this start is the beginning of a story with figured as a part of memories of individual Persian people.

Chalus road is not only a road for Iranian people, but it is a part of the history of this old land. We can see the bitter and sweet memories in all points of this beautiful route keeping the nostalgia taste fresh for any Iranian people. Confirming this subject, we can see a restaurant in where people go through it to reveal past memories of a sequence of Hamsafar Movie produced in this restaurant.

The beauty of this amazing road is so great that passing through this route and seeing its beauties and historical effects is a long trip as well.

For passing through this beautiful route, after passing through Karaj City, you enter Route 59 or Chalus Road. You face the first tourism attraction with very beautiful landscape by seeing Amirkabir Dam.

Khor Ski Resort, Waterfall and Village

Khor Ski Resort in iran - Iran Tours & TravelKhor Village is located at 23km distance of Karaj-Chalus Road. To access this village, you must move through a route with 17km in length among winding road towards the village and ski resort.

After entering to Khor Village where is full of apple aroma during some seasons of year, we can see Khor Waterfall. It is a waterfall with 50m in height and stunning beauty. You may have your breakfast besides beautiful Khor Waterfall and after a bit of rest you can continue your path through the nature.

This road is full of tourism attractions for different tastes and you must wait for a while in every point of this route and enjoy the natural beauty. One of the big mistakes when passing through this route might be the ignorance of such beauties.

Khor Ski Resort is located at the corner of Khor Village. This resort established in 1973 having two routes with 1850m and 350m in lengths.

Some features of this complex include presence of restaurant, hotel and tele ski.

The tourists who intend to experience a different plan should not miss visiting this region.

Amirkabir Reservoir

Amirkabir Reservoir in iran - Iran Tours & TravelAt the very beginning of the route, after Khor Ski Resort, we face with the greatest national reservoirs. This reservoir established since 1957 and completed in 1961.

Besides its usages for producing the electricity and water supply for Tehran and Karaj, this reservoir is a place for culturing rainbow trout, red mint trout, and black and white fish.

In its history, this reservoir has seen different events such as fall of Aberdeath Lamouris Helicopter, the director of Bade Saba Documentary, submergence of Rozkan, Varian and Kooshak villages.

After passing through Amirkabir reservoir, we face Shahrestanak region.

Shahrestanak Castle of Naser-Al-Din-Shah

Shahrestanak in Iran - Iran Tours & TravelAfter entering to this tourism region in Chalus road, the first thing attracting our attention is the beautiful language spoken by the people of this region. It is Tati language spoken with most people residing in Gasran region.

Shahrestanak owe its reputation to Naser-Al-Din Shah, Gajar because of construction of a castle by the order of Naser-Al-Din Shah to Agamohammadkhan, the Architect in 1878 to enjoy from its natural beauties after his departure to Touchal by Naseri Road.

Shahrestanak Region is famous for its beautiful falls. Tourists who intend to see the fall closely, together with its beautiful and astonishing colors must visit this region. When we step through the beautiful nature of this region during fall, the reverberant of scratching of trees’ leaves besides rainy dew stroking our face and amazing perfume of wet soil will provide us with a heavenly drunk as a gift.

We recommend the tourists who accompanying us in such an imaginary journey to have their Iranian breakfast among such a beautiful nature besides Khor Waterfall.

After visiting Shahrestanak region, we pass through Gachsar Tulip Carden.

Gachsar Tulip Garden

Gachsar Tulip Garden in iran - Iran Tours & TravelGachsar Tulip Garden that is located in kilometer 54 of Chalus Road, a little before Dizin Resort, is a complex with 1ha in area and established in 1981.

Gachsar Tulip Garden that is welcoming to the tourists in some seasons of year is a unique complex of hundred kinds of tulips.

After visiting Gachsar Tulip Garden, we continue our journey in Chalus Road.

To enjoy more from this route, it is better to leave your camera at home, because the delight created in man after seeing the wilderness is better than bringing it in the frame of camera lens and you must engrave the natural images in your mind by seeing the nature as close as possible.

After passing through Gachsar Tulip desert, we attain to a Tee Intersection and right path takes us towards a different nature; it is a path turning our calm to an excitement, i.e. positive sports excitements.

You guessed right, by passing through such winding and snowy route, we finally attain to Shemshak Region and Dizin and Shemshak Ski Resorts.

Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin Ski Resort in iran - Iran Tours & TravelDizin Ski Resort is the first Ski Resort in Iran confirmed by International Ski Federation. Dizin Ski Resort Complex began its activity since 1969. This complex has been located in Gajereh Region among Northern Mounts of Tehran, in 71km distance in Shemshak Route and 12km after Shemshak Town.

Having twenty-three ski resorts, this complex is one of the greatest and famous ski resorts in Middle East.

This complex possesses two hotels, nineteen cottages, five restaurants, four telecabins (Summer, Summit, Valley, Grass), two tele sage (Summit and Grass), seven tele skis (Double Mayer), C Chal, Posht Wheel, Preliminary, Grass) and a hammer tele ski.

The ski resorts of this complex elongated in the height 2650 m to 3600 m from sea level with 7500 m in length.

Shemshak Ski Resort is another tourism complex in Tehran. This resort has been located at 57 km far from eastern north of Tehran in Shemshak town a suburb of Roodbar Gasran of Shemiranat Town.

This ski resort began its activity since 1948 and could be equipped to tele ski, with 250m in length in 1958.

To access to this resort, you may use Lasgarak-Fasham route and Karaj-Gachsar route (only in summer).

The highest point of this resort is located at the height 3050 m from sea level and its lowest point is in the height 2550 m from sea level.

Some features of Shemshak Complex include presence of four separate resorts, special night resort, two tele sage machines, two plate-tele-ski machines, two hammer-tele-ski machines, two hotels and four restaurants. It must be mentioned that the longest resort in this complex has a length of 1950 m.

Kandowan Tunnel

Kandowan Tunnel in iran - Iran Tours & TravelKandowan Tunnel is the tallest point of Chalus Road.

The operation for constructing this tunnel began in 1935 by the order of Reza Shah and completed in 1938.

One of the wonders of this tunnel is construction of this tunnel with 1886 m in length, 5 to 7 m in width and 6m in height with the facilities of that time during a short term.

Upon the proposition of constructor of tunnel, Mr. Saeed Ramadani, the engineer, this tunnel called as “Kandowan Tunnel”.

Kandowan is a village located around Oskow Town in Eastern Azerbaijan where the people of that village were constructing their houses at the heart of the mountain or by cutting the mountain. Therefore, the laborers of this town were used for constructing this tunnel and this is the reason for calling it as Kandowan.

There are a series of restaurants close to Kandowan tunnel turned to a place for introducing kinds of Iranian traditional potages.

One of the recreations certainly experienced by any Iranian people in his life is passing through the green spiral paths and beautiful road of Chalus to taste original Iranian food on top of Kandowan heights.

Kandowan restaurants, as a place for introducing Iranian potages, are one of the most specific tourism attractions indicating the taste of Aryan People and could be a proper place for providing the tourists of other nations with catering.

We accompany with tourists to enjoy very delicious food, i.e. original Iranian pottages besides storms blowing through this region.

Continue the journey

Continue the journey in iran - Iran Tours & TravelThe tourism attractions of this wonderful road are to such extent that it is necessary to pass through this road for a few days to enjoy its attractions.

You may make decision for passing through this route if it is possible for you to do that. Seeing tourism attractions is enough until this point, and you may make decision to see other tourism attractions when returning from this road back and or choose to stay at luxury hotels located in such a strange road.

Nevertheless, the features of this road are such enough that tourists who travelled to our country, decided to stay for a few days in this road to use its beautiful and intact nature and wilderness.

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