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Mountain climbing in Shemiranat


In this paper we will make you as tourists interested in coming to Iran to visit the pristine regions of Iran.

 Shemiranant area

Shekarab village - Iran Tours & TravelShemiranat is a region located at the north and eastern north of Tehran and is accounted as one of regions in Tehran with the most pleasant weathers; for this purpose, it was a place of country side for kings of Iran since longer ago.

Considering its not extended area, due to its geographical situation, we can see huge size of tourism attractions in this area.

Thus, this paper will introduce the summits of this area followed by introducing other tourism attractions of this area in further papers.

Because of locating in the southern range of Alborz Mount, Shemiranat area is one of the regions with most summits in Iran and is considered  as one of the targets of tourists who coming from overseas, far or close to Persian land for mountain climbing.

We strictly recommend to the tourists interested in Mount climbing to travel to Iran for experience of memorable climbing besides travelling to K-2 Mounts in Pakistan, Ararat Mounts in Turkey, Everest in Nepal and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Shemiran region is located in the southern range of Alborz and the mountains located in this area called as “Tochal Wall”.

This area has crescent-shapes summits with their height is increasing from east to Tochal Summit and then reducing towards west; however, western summits are taller than eastern summits.

Famous summits of this area from east to west detailed as below:

Takhti Talharz Summit

This summit with height of 2560m from sea level is the first summit located in the east of Shemiran area.

Darabad Summit (Mong Chal)

Darabad - Iran Tours & TravelPassing through Talharz Takhti Summit we will attain to Darabad (Mong Chal) Summit. The height of this summit is 3160 m from sea level and Darabad River Valley is one of the accessing routes to this summit.

Chapdareh Summit with height of 3180m

Chambareh Band Summit with height of 3160m

Shahrbanoo Kashk Summit with height of 3300m

Siahband Summit with height of 3320m

Band Larkeror Summit with height of 3380m

Chal Band Larkeror with height of 3410m

 It must be mentioned that one could reach to Band Larkeror by passing through Darabad Valley River.

Kalak Chal Summit with 3300m in height

Continuing the path from east to the west of Shemiranat Mounts we will attain to Kalak Chal Summit. Kalak Chal Summit with 3300m in height have a very easy climbing route.

jamshidiye park - Iran Tours & TravelDue to its even climbing path, Kalak Chal Summit is considered as a nature surfing destinations for foreign tourists.

Kalak Chal in native speaking means “Snowy Glacier” and according to some others, Kalak Chal was the place of battle between Rostam and son of White Demon.

In Epic Poetry of Shabrang Nameh of Ferdowsi, composed in 13th century about battle between Rostam and Shabrang, son of White Demon, it has just spoken of the fight between Rostam and Shabrang in Kolak Chal:

چو پا بر فراز کلک چال کرد                      ز چنگ تهمتن رها یال کرد

گریزان شده پور دیو سپید                       تهمتن به رخش اندر آمد چو شید

The route to the summit of Kalak Chal

Passing through Jamshidieh Park is one of the climbing paths to Kalak Chal Summit. Jamshidieh Park is one of the most beautiful parks located in Shemiran area and Tehran and could be very attractive for tourists. The pavements of Jamshidieh Park close to a pond located at the upstream of the park gives it a special effect.

In contrary to other gardens, Jamshidieh Park is mostly welcoming the guests and tourists in winter comparing to other seasons of the year.

Drinking a cup of coffee in the misty space of park may make you pleasant and cheerful in the cold weather.

Siting a side and thinking close to the frozen pond with a burning breeze felt from the touch of pond ice could be also very smooth and orphic.

Mount kolakchal - Iran Tours & TravelThese are only a part of beauties flowing most nature lovers towards this park.

If you haven’t yet scheduled for Mount climbing after entering to Tehran, we strongly recommend you to accompany us with a schedule towards Kalak Chal.

This climbing beginning from the west of Jamshidieh Park continues from the bank of an elegant spring creating a pleasant space by birds’ singing. The path is widening towards the summit so it makes the climbing easier for any tourist, whether professional or amateur. After passing through this even route, in the height of 2600m from sea level, we will attain to Kalak Chal Resort.

This resort well equipped to all kinds of welfare facilities and is an appropriate place for rest and eating. Tourists interested in Mount climbing who are not following this field professionally take rest in this place and others, i.e. professional climbers will continue from this resort towards the summit.

Then, we will attain to the ridge of Kalak Chal Summit and attaining to a tee way. One of these paths with negative slope goes towards the north and Shir Pala Resort and another path goes towards east on the ridge of Kalak Chal Summit.

Eastern Lezon (Piaz Chal) with 3540 m in height

After Kalak Chal Summit continuing towards the North, we will reach to Eastern Lezon Summit (Piaz Chal) with 3540m in height.

Western Lezon Summit with 3585 m in height

Barf Chal Summit with 2700m in height

 Split Summit with 3120 m in height

This summit is the highest point of huge rocky wall of Band Yakhchal. At the south of Split Summit, there is located Pas Galeh Village with a waterfall in its west called by its name and is one of the most complicated climbing route. The height of this wall attains to 250m.

Tochal Summit with 3962 m in height

Mount tochal - Iran Tours & TravelIn this section, we intend to introduce the high roof of capital, i.e. Tochal Summit.

Due to its location close to a lake of ice, Tochal Summit called by this name and it means small lake or pond hole. Tochal Summit is located in the southern range of Alborz and at the North of Tehran Metropolitan.

Tochal Summit is the highest Mount in Shemiranant area and is welcoming to huge hand of Iranian and foreign tourists every day.

The path for climbing to Tochal is very suitable for tourists because it is equipped to several Tele- Cabins for Mount climbing and skiing in the nature.

As your advisor for traveling to Iran, we recommend you don’t miss spending a memorable night close to Tochal Summit if you are traveling at winter to this land. There is located a well-equipped hotel next to Tochal Summit in the seventh station of Tele-Cabin with natural perspective from Alborz Mount and Tehran and is ready to welcome you.

Seeking for a good experience of winter recreations besides best facilities, undoubtedly, Tochal Complex is one of the best choices for meeting your needs.

There are different paths for climbing to Tochal Summit including:

Darband, Shirpala, Siah Sang, Tochal Summit, this path is one of the most common paths for climbing to Tochal Summit.

Jamshidieh Garden, Kalak Chal Resort, Piaz Chal Valley, Toocal Summit

Velenjak, Cheshmeh Station, Third Station of Tele-Cabin, Fifth Station of Tele-Cabin, Seventh Station of Tele-Cabin, Tochal Summit

Darakeh, Palang Chal Resort, Fifth Station of Tele-Cabin, Seventh Station of Tele-Cabin, Tochal Summit

Darabad, Darabad Summit, Piaz Chal Summit, Tochal Summit

Northern range and from beautiful Ahar and Shekarab Village towards Tochal Summit

Northern range and from Historical Shahrestanak Village, Tochal Summit

Need more information about Shahrestanak Village, please read this paper.

And the oldest climbing path includes Darband, Osun Tee, Oson Valley, Speed Kamar Shelter, Seventh Station of Tele Cabin, Tochal Summit.

Humand Tochal Summit with 3930 m in height

Shahrestanak Ghaut with 3750m in height

Hoomand Shahneshin Summit with 3780m in height

KamaChal Summit with 3650m in height

Sarbaz Arg Summit with 3840m in height

Doshakh Summit with 3045m in height

Siah Sang Summit with 3040 m in height

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