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Best ski resorts you should go to feel Iran during your visit


Skiing In Iran - Iran Tours & TravelWhen one talks about tourism, it may evoke different tourism regions in one’s mind, i.e. areas from various parts with different tourism attractions.

One of such areas include lush lands of Iran in where one could see different kinds of tourism attractions.

Parsian Territory, Iran, has been located in the Middle East and in contrary to its neighbors, it has different climates. In this country, we can simultaneously see the deserts, temperate regions and its beautiful coasts, its green woods, the mounts covered by ice and glaciers, historical textures and decorative and handicraft arts.

By travelling to the land of lost treasures with cost effective and economical fees, one could enjoy different types of tourism attractions together with experiencing the implementation of specific and combined programs in a country in term of a team instead of paying for excessive expenses for travelling to the neighborhood countries.

Ski is one of very exciting and beautiful tourism attractions in Iran. During their trip, tourists who are interested in winter sports are more attending to the experience of skiing in the international ski resort of Iran. Having over than twenty-five ski resort in different regions, Iran is one of the areas where tourists interested in Ski, by travelling to this country, could have different experience of skiing. Following will briefly explain some ski resorts in Iran:

Darbandsar Ski Resort

Darbandsar resort - Iran Tours & TravelSki resort located in Tehran Province is a modern ski resort and according to International Ski Federation, it has been known as an international ski resort and hosting the global ski competitions every year.

The establishment of this complex just began in 1978 and ended in 1982. This ski resort, one of the tourism attractions in Tehran Province, has been located in Lavasanat and Roudbar Gasran Region, in Shemiranat Town.

This ski resort has been located 60 km far from eastern north of Tehran in Darbandsar Village.

The summit of this resort has a height of 3050 m from sea level and its lowest point has a height of 2600 m from sea level.

Some Features of this Complex Include:

  • Existence of a tele sage (lift) machine with capacity of 4 people and length of 1200 m;
  • Existence of a tele sage (lift) machine with capacity of 4 people and length of 800 m in the height of 3750 m from sea level;
  • Existence of a tele sage (lift) machine with capacity of 2 people and length of 1110 m;
  • Existence of a plate tele ski machine with length of 700 m
  • Existence of a telecabin machine with capacity of 12 people and with 1830 m in length with 57 cabs with capacity of 3000 people per hour;
  • Two hammer tele ski machines;
  • One snow maker with capability of producing the snow at zero degree centigrade with 1300 m in length and 100 m in width and 50 cm in height.
  • Three snow beater devices;
  • Ski school
  • Two restaurants
  • Night ski resort; and
  • A unique wooden restaurant with area of 400 square meters in one and a half floors fully made out of wood.

For accessing to this resort, one can use two routes of Lashgarak road and Lashgarak-Fasham Route (all year round) as well as Karaj-Gachsar route (during summer).

This resort is usable since early Azar (December) and continues until the early Ordibehesht (May). There is a valley called Taltangeh in this resort that is a proper place for skiing in July.

Toochal Ski Resort

Skiing In Iran - Iran Tours & TravelIt is one of the tourism attractions in Iran and one of the most important tourism attractions in Tehran City. Toochal Ski Resort has been located in Tehran Roof Complex in Velenjak Street, Shemiranat District close to Tajrish Square. This project began in 1974 by the cooperation of Puma Company, France and completed in 1978.

Need more information about Shemiranant District in Tehran, please read this article.

This complex possesses three ski resorts including Summit Resort, Western Slop Resort and Seventh-to-Fifth Station Resort.

Summit resort has elongated from height 3850 m to 3550 m from sea level with length of 1200 m; it has a Tele Sage (Duple Mayer) line and a Tele Ski Line. Summit resort together with Alvarus resort located in Ardabil province are considered as the first snowy ski resorts.

Western slop resort has elongated from the height 3750 m to 3550 m from sea level with 900 m in length, having a tele sage line.

Seventh-to-Fifth Station Resort has elongated from height 3750 m to 2940 m from sea level with length of 550m.

Telecabin of Touchal Complex is one of the longest continuous lines of Telecabin in the world with the length of 7500m.

Having a well-equipped hotel and natural perspectives from Alborz mount and metropolitan of Tehran, Toochal Complex could provide the tourists with a memorable night. Are you seeking for a good experience of winter recreations besides the best features, you may undoubtedly choose Touchal Complex as one of the best choices to meet your needs.

Abali Ski Resort

Skiing In Iran - Iran Tours & TravelIn this section, we will make you familiar with another tourism attraction of Iran and Tehran City. It is Abali Ski Resort.

This resort is one of the oldest ski resorts in Iran, equipped to lifts and other features. This resort has been located close to Abali Town, 57km far from eastern north of Tehran. To access this resort, you may use both Heraz Road and Firouzkooh Road.

This complex come with 3 ski resorts with the height of its tallest point is 2650 m from sea level and the height of its shortest point is 2400 m from sea level.

One can use Abali Ski Resort from mid-Day (January) to mid-Esfand (March).

Some features of this resort include presence of a telecabin, 5 plate tele skis, one tele sage, 3 hammer tele ski, 6 restaurants and one hotel.

You are asking us to have a plan for you to both enjoy the ski sport and beautiful natural scenery together with very nice weather; we undoubtedly recommend this ski resort to you.

Shemshak Ski Resort

Shemshak resort - Iran Tours & TravelShemshak Ski Resort is another tourism complex in Tehran. This resort has been located at 57 km far from eastern north of Tehran in Shemshak town a suburb of Roodbar Gasran of Shemiranat Town.

This ski resort began its activity since 1948 and could be equipped to tele ski, with 250m in length in 1958.

To access to this resort, you may use Lasgarak-Fasham route and Karaj-Gachsar route (only in summer).

The highest point of this resort is located at the height 3050 m from sea level and its lowest point is in the height 2550 m from sea level.

Some features of Shemshak Complex include presence of four separate resorts, special night resort, two tele sage machines, two plate tele ski machines, two hammer tele ski machines, two hotels and four restaurants. It must be mentioned that the longest resort in this complex has a length of 1950 m.

Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin resort - Iran Tours & TravelDizin Ski Resort is the first Ski Resort in Iran confirmed by International Ski Federation. Dizin Ski Resort Complex began its activity since 1969. This complex has been located in Gajereh Region among Northern Mounts of Tehran, in 71km distance in Shemshak Route and 12km after Shemshak Town. Another accessing route to this complex is by Chalous Road (one of the most beautiful roads in the world) after kilometer 80 of Chalous road and after Dizin Tee Intersection towards Gajereh.

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Having twenty-three ski resorts, this complex is one of the greatest and famous ski resorts in Middle East.

This complex possesses two hotels, nineteen cottages, five restaurants, four telecabins (Summer, Summit, Valley, Grass), two tele sage (Summit and Grass), seven tele skis (Double Mayer), C Chal, Posht Wheel, Preliminary, Grass) and a hammer tele ski.

The ski resorts of this complex elongated in the height 2650 m to 3600 m from sea level with 7500 m in length.

When traveling to Iran, tourists who intend to use this complex could enjoy other recreations such as mountain biking, archery and kite riding on Alborz Mounts.

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Khur Ski Resort

Skiing In Iran - Iran Tours & TravelThis ski resort has been located in 23 km of Karaj-Chalus Road close to Khor Village. This Ski Resort has been established in 1973 having two routes with 1850m and 350m in length.

Some features of this complex include having restaurant, hotel and tele ski.

Tourists who will experience a different plan should visit this region. Shahrestanak region is located close to this ski resort, where is one of the countryside areas of Naser-Al-Din-Shah and also beautiful nature of this region at fall and glitter of orange, red and yellow colors fascinating everyone. So, if you will experience a specific calm and natural elegances after increasing your adrenaline level by ski excitement, you must notice us before traveling to Iran to prepare a plan for your visit from such memorable region.

Need more information about Shahrestanak Region, please read this article.

Alvarus Ski Resort (Ardabil Province)

Skiing In Iran - Iran Tours & TravelYou certainly heard the name of Ardabil besides the name of Sareen town due to its mineral hot springs with its global reputation.

Alvarus Ski Resort is one of the tourism attractions of Ardabil city that is unique. This is one of the greatest ski resort of Iran based on its area. When introducing other ski resorts, we dealt with their features and equipment; now, we will talk about other features in this case.

Alvarus Ski Resort has been located in the hillsides of Sabalan Mounts close to Alvarus Village. The experience of skiing close to traditional and elegant Alvarus village and socializing with loving people of that region could be very enjoyable. You may have the experience of skiing besides luxury hotels and modern features; however, the memory of skiing close to natural springs of Min Bolag and eating very delicious gourmet trout barbecue could not be undoubtedly cleared from your mind.

Other ski resorts maintain their attractiveness during winter when coated by snow; however, Alvarus Resort because covered by red tulips and anemones are very beautiful in other seasons of the year.

Alvarus Ski Resort has been located at the height 3400 m from sea level in the distance of 24 km far from Sareen Town.

Andabil Ski Resort in Khalkhal

In this part, we will introduce an intact region located in the heights of Andabil region with 3km far from Khalkhal Town and with 22000 square kilometer in area. After skiing in Alvarus region, Andabil region is a place we recommend you not to ignore it.

Andabil region is welcoming to Iranian and foreign tourists during all seasons of the year due to its beautiful and intact nature. Tourists who choose winters for visiting this region are certainly among people who are interested in Skiing and could visit its ski resort where accepting winter festivals every day and use it.

Tourists who are residing around this region in other seasons of the year could also move towards Andabil region by walking through the mountain range. It is a dense village created over the gentle slopes of the foothill. The antiquity of Andabil village by the assistance of Kafou Castle and its fireplace could be estimated to be before seventh century AC. When you enter to the village, the first fascinating thing is the voice of the stream passing through a winding path among its alleys mixed with tall trees with their nice shadows. During passing through these alleyways, a cool breeze even during hot seasons created by the stream provides the pedestrians with a nice atmosphere.

When we are passing through these alleys, we turn our face towards the birds’ songs and face with cottages having gable roofs, houses with muddy walls the same color of nature respecting the beautiful nature of village.

After passing through alleyways of Andabil we attain to the north of village where we can see the oak and hornbeam forests. Flight of hawks behind the clouds of the sky loosen our move. Inevitably, we stop in this region for a while and enjoy seeing the plant and herbal vegetation of this region.

The perspective of these forests at spring and fall shows a canvas of colors of rainbow.

Other ski resorts of Iran include:

Skiing In Iran - Iran Tours & TravelFandoqlu Grass Ski Resort

Shazand Ski Resort

Pooladkaf Ski Resort

Tarbiatbadani Fars Ski Resort

Khoshaku Ski Resort

Nessar Ski Resort

Kuhrang Ski Resort

Kakan Ski Resort

Tarik-Darreh Ski Resort

Sahand Ski Resort

Shahmirzad Ski Resort

Shirbad Ski Resort

Chelgerd Ski Resort

Fereydunshahr Ski Resort

Papaei Ski Resort

Kamaan Ski Resort

Saqqez Ski Resort

Yam Ski Resort

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