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Kite riding over Iran


Kite riding is the name of an aerobatic sport in which the pilot is hanging from a device like the birds’ wing and controlling the kite by directing and orienting his body. In this sport, the pilot flies by gliding on the air.Over than one thousand years ago, man could fly on the air. From the very beginning when watching the flying birds, man had a dream of flying in his mind and any person has just attempted to attain this goal as much as he could.Perhaps the first flight experience by a device similar to kite dates back to 1020 AC when Ilmer Malmesberi, English monk decided to jump from tower with the height of 180m to realize the dream of flying. For realizing his dream albeit he faced with broken legs.Since that time in 11th century in Constantinople and in late 15th century in Italy there were some other actions for realizing such flying dream but frustrated.

Best ski resorts you should go to feel Iran during your visit


Parsian Territory, Iran, has been located in the Middle East and in contrary to its neighbors, it has different climates. In this country, we can simultaneously see the deserts, temperate regions and its beautiful coasts, its green woods, the mounts covered by ice and glaciers, historical textures and decorative and handicraft arts.By travelling to the land of lost treasures with cost effective and economical fees, one could enjoy different types of tourism attractions together with experiencing the implementation of specific and combined programs in a country in term of a team instead of paying for excessive expenses for travelling to the neighborhood countries.Ski is one of very exciting and beautiful tourism attractions in Iran.