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List and contact details of foreign embassies in Iran

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For the convenience of visitors to Iran, Iranviva Group has provided a list of addresses, phone numbers and websites of embassies and consulates of foreign countries in Iran. Such as, Germany embassy in Iran, Sweden embassy in Iran, Switzerland embassy in Iran, France embassy in Iran, Finland embassy in Iran, Canada embassy in Iran, Malaysia embassy in Iran, Hungary embassy in Iran, New Zealand embassy in Iran, Azerbaijan embassy in Iran, Argentina embassy in Iran, South Africa embassy in Iran, Austrian embassy in Iran, Ethiopia embassy in Iran, Jordan embassy in Iran, Armenia embassy in Iran, Uruguay embassy in Iran, Uzbekistan embassy in Iran, Spanish embassy in Iran, Australia embassy in Iran, Slovakia embassy in Iran, Slovenia embassy in Iran, Ukraine embassy in Iran, United Arab Emirates embassy in Iran, Indonesia embassy in Iran, Italia embassy in Iran, Ireland embassy in Iran, Bahrain embassy in Iran, Brazil embassy in Iran, British embassy in Iran, Brunei embassy in Iran, Belgium embassy in Iran, Bulgaria embassy in Iran, Bangladesh embassy in Iran, Burkina Faso embassy in Iran, Portugal embassy in Iran, Thailand embassy in Iran, Czechia embassy in Iran, Denmark embassy in Iran, Russia embassy in Iran, Romania embassy in Iran, Sri Lanka embassy in Iran,

Iran Vehicle Entry Permit for Tourists

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One of the most frequently-asked questions by tourists, before they travel to a foreign country, is about the rules and regulations regarding bringing private vehicles into a new country.

In this article, Iranviva Group is going to acquaint you with these rules and regulations, to help you plan your trip to Iran with no worry. Vehicle entry rules for tourists in Iran are as follows:

Tourists, who are visiting Iran for a while, can bring their personal vehicle with them into the country, considering the relevant regulations of temporary entry into the customs territory of Iran. These regulations also include Iranians who have been living abroad for at least three months before entering Iran.
In the validity period of the temporary admission, the vehicle is allowed to enter and leave the country repeatedly through permitted routes after recording the date, and checks and controls needed.
If the tourists’ personal belongings or vehicles with temporary permit are proven to be generally damaged, they don’t have to be returned, on condition of transferring to customs.

Drug Policy in Iran

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A challenge that tourists may face on a journey to different countries is the lack of awareness of drug laws in the country of destination. These laws might be strict in some countries while they may not be so strict in other countries due to the different laws. As a result, being well aware of drug policies and also what is known as illicit drugs in the destination country is really of great importance for tourists. Thereby, Iranviva Group has provided you with this article on drug policies in this country, so you will be rest assured that you will choose the right Iran tour and enjoy your visit to Iran. Do not miss reading this article before traveling to Iran.

Afghanistan is one of the major producers of drugs (opium poppy) in the world, and Iran, sharing a direct land border with Afghanistan, is a transit country for drug trafficking from Afghanistan to Europe. For this reason, serious measures have been taken in Iran against drug abuse and strict rules have been enforced around the country in this regard.

Transportation in Iran

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The way you choose to travel will affect your experiences you will have on your trip and will depend on what you want to accomplish. Iran public transportation is cheap, efficient and also very easy to use, so you will find it easy to travel around the country using public transportation.
There are different means of transportation you can use on your trip to Iran. Each city has its own network of public transportation, including bus and subway in some cities. Taking taxis is also common in Iran that is really convenient, although a little bit more expensive.
The most convenient way of traveling around the country of Iran is taking a taxi. It is not much expensive, especially when you share a taxi with someone else who is traveling the same direction as you. Sharing taxis is common in Iran. Taxis are convenient and can be found everywhere in every city, at any time of the day or night.
You can use private or shared taxis everywhere on the street. You can even order online taxis that is much more convenient. Taxi fares in Tehran are higher than anywhere else in Iran.

Customs Rules and Regulations in Iran

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It is very important for passengers and people who are planning to travel to another country to know about rules and regulations on goods temporarily brought into the country. These rules and restrictions are divided into three categories:

Customs rules for boarding the plane
Customs rules for bringing goods into the country of destination
Customs rules for taking goods out of the country of destination

Being aware of and knowing about these laws is important to ensure you enjoy your visit to Iran.

How to drive in Iran?

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One of the frequent questions many tourists ask us is about the regulations of driving in another country.

That’s why, in this article, Iranviva Group aims to acquaint you with these rules in Iran to plan your trip to Iran more easily.

Driving rules in Iran are the same whether you use your personal car in Iran or any other cars.

Tourists who travel to Iran can have the permission to drive in Iran in one of the following ways:

Persian Cuisine

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One of the attractions of Iran that draws many tourists from around the world to visit this country is the great variety in foods in different regions of the country.

A problem tourists always have while traveling to Iran and ask our colleagues in Iranviva about is that they are not familiar with Persian foods, especially when they go to restaurants for a meal. That is why we are going to introduce the Persian foods with their ingredients in the following article.

We hope it can help you get more acquainted with different Persian dishes and have a proper food program on your visit to Iran.

Common Persian Words and Phrases

Persian Words and Phrases - Iran Tours - Iranviva

Learning at least the essential words and sentences in a new language is a part of your trip to a new country. When you interact with a new language, it means that you are interacting with the culture that speaks the language. Persian, in particular, opens the door to one of the most distinctive Middle Eastern cultures.
Knowing basics in Persian, for example how to greet someone, will help you in different situations while you are on your trip in Iran. You can socialize more easily with the locals in Iran. Additionally, Iranians love to hear you say a few words in their language! So that’s a good idea to know a little bit of Persian before traveling to Iran.
In Iran, you will find many people speaking English. However, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with some useful phrases before traveling to Iran.
Iranviva Group has provided you with a basic knowledge of Persian language. Below is a quick overview on the basic phrases in Persian you may need to know before you travel to Iran. If it seems hard to you, don’t worry, Iranviva guide will help you with learning these basic phrases if you need so.

Traveling to Iran as a Vegetarian or Vegan

Vegetarian or Vegan - Iran Tours - Iranviva

Kashk-e Bademjan
Eggplant is one of the main ingredients, Iranians use in different foods. It is also the main ingredient used in Eggplant is one of the main ingredients, Iranians use in different foods. It is also the main ingredient used in Kashk-e Bademjan, along with Kashk which is a type of yogurt whey. The main ingredients are eggplant, ground walnut, onion, garlic and Kashk. They should be mashed and blended to make a dish of different flavors. This eggplant dip which is usually served as an appetizer, is originally an Iranian, Azerbaijani and Turkish dish and looks like eggplant caviar., along with Kashk which is a type of yogurt whey. The main ingredients are eggplant, ground walnut, onion, garlic and Kashk. They should be mashed and blended to make a dish of different flavors. This eggplant dip which is usually served as an appetizer, is originally an Iranian, Azerbaijani and Turkish dish and looks like eggplant caviar.
Baghali Ghatogh
Baghali Ghatogh is a specialty from Gilan Province, in north of Iran. The main ingredients include fava beans, along with herbs and spices cooked in a pan, and at the end, eggs are added on top. It’s usually served with rice.

Top Places to Visit in Tehran

Top Places to Visit in Tehran 2 - Iran Tours - Iranviva

There are many tourists from across the world who skip visiting Tehran, the capital of Iran, or spend at least a little time in this city, during their journey to Iran. One reason why they don’t put visiting Tehran in their plan while visiting Iran, might be the hustle and bustle of the city. Although Tehran is a huge city with lots of traffic, it is a city with lots of charm and beauty, too.

Actually, Tehran has plenty of tourist attractions to offer, from historical palaces to its traditional Grand Bazaar, a variety of amazing museums, numerous parks, mountains, etc.

Iranviva has provided a variety of Tehran Tours that you can take on your trip to Iran. You can also read different articles about tourist attractions of Iran, to get more acquainted with this wonderful city.

Follow the following guide provided by Iranviva Group about the best places you can visit in Tehran.