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Tehran province is bordered by Mazandaran province to the north, by Qom province to the south, by Markazi province to the southwest, by Alborz province to the west and by Semnan province to the east. Tehran province has an area of 12,981 square kilometers.
The City of Tehran
Tehran is the capital of Iran and the capital of Tehran province. This city is the most populous city in Iran. It is located at an altitude of 800 to 1900 meters above the sea level. Tehran is the heart of the economy of Iran.


General and Cultural Vacations in Iran

Definitely our best suggestion for you is the historical and cultural attractions of Iran, that show thousand years of human civilisation of this land. Such wonderful attractions are Tehran, the city of museums, contemporary palaces, the Grand Bazaar, mixed of traditional and modern life. Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd are the cities of beautiful and historical palaces, mesmerising mosques with unbelievable architectures, cozy and breathtaking houses. She has lots of other beautiful cities and historical places, which interest any visitor.

Words are not able to describe such wonderland. Iran is a must to travel in 2019 as New York Times mentioned. We have tried our best to cover all the things that have to be said about these attractions in our articles and tour packages. However, it has to be seen with your own eyes. Contrary to the wrong idea, Iran is a very safe and secure country to travel, with kind and hospitable people, which have made the best experience for many foreign travelers.

Please read more on our articles regarding to the cities and attractions you may like to visit, and do not hesitate to contact us.

Iran Historical Places – Iran Tourist Attractions


When people talk about Iran, all that comes to the most people mind is “desert”! mistakenly of course. Who would have thought that nearly a third of Iran is covered with snow in winter and some of autumn and spring? From East to west, north to south, massive mountains, and beautiful scenery, almost you can ski everywhere. The two main mountain ranges in Iran are Alborz (form North-West to North-East) and Zagros (from North-West to South-West). There are more than 16 ski resorts in Iran which attracts local and foreign skiers.

Skiing is an entertainment of Iran’s middle and high class for a long time. However, only 1% of current skiers coming from overseas, and Iran’s ski tracks are somehow considered virgin for foreigners. This is from the article that CNN invites skiers from all over the world to Iran, as the next place to go snow skiing. Baptiste Baudier talks in a beautiful way about his experience of skiing in Iran and writes on his ski blog that there are 6 reasons “NOT” to go ski holiday to Iran. 1) Iranian ski resorts are high, 2) You might get a powder overdose, 3) It isn’t expensive enough, 4) People are too kind, 5) You might get fatter, 6) You’ll change your point of view about Iran.

If you are planning a ski touring trip anywhere other than regular ski resorts you are going, plus lots of surprises, even other than skiing itself, well you have chosen the right country, and for sure you have come to the right page. Please read more on our articles regarding to the snow skiing and mountains you may like to ski, and do not hesitate to contact us.

Skiing in Iran, a different experience


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