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Accommodation in Iran - Iran Tours & Travel - IranvivaAccommodation is the most important part of a trip that provides safety for the tourists who travel to new places. Finding the perfect accommodation is a crucial aspect of going on a vacation to Iran. Travelers need to get some rest in a cozy and comfortable place after exploring new places in Iran. They may also want to have the opportunity to live with locals for a while, make new friends and learn their culture, customs and way of living. There are various types of accommodation where travelers can stay at in Iran, from local houses and eco-lodges to luxury hotels, for different types of vacation.

Here in this article, Iranviva Group will acquaint you with different types of accommodation you can choose during your trip to Iran, according to the type of holiday you are going on.

Eco-lodges, Homestays and Guesthouses

Homestays - Iran Tours & Travel - IranvivaA sharp rise in the number of eco-lodges and guesthouses across Iran has been announced by the tourism department of the country. On your stay in Iran, you can choose to stay with the local people, mingle with them and look closely at their lifestyle.

A homestay or a guesthouse is a family business which is run by locals who have insights into their region. Travelers to Iran can stay in an Iranian local family’s home for an authentic holiday experience. These houses, which usually have just a few rooms, are sometimes where the locals live themselves.

Eco-lodges also focus on the advantages they have in terms of the environmental concerns as well as the local community. These houses are made from local materials and are decorated handmade, presenting traditional local features, such as qanat, wood oven, etc. Tourists are usually invited to sleep on a mattress on the floor, according to the traditional Persian style, in Eco-lodges.

Staying with locals in these types of accommodation naturally provides you with invaluable insights into the pure Iranian local culture and it is a way for you to support the locals to promote their region.

Caravanserais and Traditional Houses

Caravanserais - Iran Tours & Travel - IranvivaStaying in caravanserais, as roadside inns where travelers could rest and recover from the day’s journey, or traditional houses, you can enjoy the typical Iranian atmosphere. There are numerous caravanserais in Iran that are renovated and changed into the hotels, such as those located near the cities of Yazd or Kermanshah, or in Maranjab Desert, for instance.

You can feel as a merchant on the Silk Road for a couple of nights, resting in one of the most iconic, historical types of accommodation in Iran.

You can also find many traditional houses changed into hotels or hostels, inside the cities, which depict all the characteristics of ancient Persian homes, with a courtyard and a pool in the center, enclosed by brick walls with wooden doors and windows, and decorated with the traditional Persian art.


Hotel - Iran Tours & Travel - IranvivaThere are different types of hotels in Iran that you can choose according to your budget and according to the holiday you want to experience. In Iran there’s an abundance of luxury five-star hotels with very reasonable prices in big cities. Some of these luxurious hotels are modern buildings, like the elegant Espina Palace in Tehran, but some of them are traditional buildings, like the magnificent Abbasi Hotel which is located in a 17th-century mansion in Isfahan. The average price is usually around 150 dollars per night, for a fully furnished double room including breakfast.

There are also some budget and mid-range hotels in different cities of Iran mostly visited by low-budget local people. These hotels are not usually the best choice for the foreign travelers as compared to the hostels, which offer better services and facilities for a similar price and are better suited for the tourists from other countries who travel to Iran. These kinds of hotels have shared or private bathrooms, and sometimes include breakfast.


Hostel - Iran Tours & Travel - IranvivaThere are affordable hostels in most of the cities in Iran, which are perfectly suited for backpackers. Some of the hostels in Iran are traditional houses, with a central courtyard enclosed by rooms. Hostels provide lower-priced and sociable accommodation with shared rooms, such as dormitories. Yet, many hostels also offer few private rooms, for couples or families, with two or three beds. If you plan to visit Iran during the high season, you would better book your room in the hostels in advance. Hostels usually have a more intimate atmosphere than hotels and staying in a hostel is a great opportunity for the visitors in Iran to meet other travelers and chat with the owners.


Camping - Iran Tours & Travel - IranvivaIran with a large number of natural beauties is really appealing to the adventurous tourists to experience camping. With Iranviva group, tourists can experience outdoor stay in the middle of the deserts, on top of the mountains, or at a beautiful beach. Iranian people love to spend time outdoors and it is no surprising to see lots of tents around the cities during the weekends. Although campsites in Iran are not well facilitated and usually lack bathrooms and electricity, camping is a great experience for nature lovers to appreciate the amazing landscapes natural wonders of Iran. Travelers in Iran also have the opportunity to share their lives as nomads and stay with them in their traditional tents. It’s a perfect opportunity for them to discover the nomadic lifestyle and specific culture in Iran.

Iranviva Group will provide you with a wonderful camping holiday in this stunning country.

How to Search for and Book Accommodation in Iran?

How to book - Iran Tours & Travel - IranvivaIt’s possible to book online some hotels and hostels via their website before traveling to Iran. However, because of the difficulty in using international credit cards in Iran, you might not always be able to fully pay for your stay in advance.

Iranviva Group will provide visitors in Iran with complete experiences including choosing and booking the right type of accommodation for their holiday in Iran. Just don’t hesitate to contact us at Iranviva!

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