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Persian Words and Phrases - Iran Tours - Iranviva

Persian Words and Phrases - Iran Tours - IranvivaLearning at least the essential words and sentences in a new language is a part of your trip to a new country. When you interact with a new language, it means that you are interacting with the culture that speaks the language. Persian, in particular, opens the door to one of the most distinctive Middle Eastern cultures.

Knowing basics in Persian, for example how to greet someone, will help you in different situations while you are on your trip in Iran. You can socialize more easily with the locals in Iran. Additionally, Iranians love to hear you say a few words in their language! So that’s a good idea to know a little bit of Persian before traveling to Iran.

In Iran, you will find many people speaking English. However, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with some useful phrases before traveling to Iran.

Iranviva Group has provided you with a basic knowledge of Persian language. Below is a quick overview on the basic phrases in Persian you may need to know before you travel to Iran. If it seems hard to you, don’t worry, Iranviva guide will help you with learning these basic phrases if you need so.

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Basic Phrases in Persian

Greeting in Persian:

Say goodmorning in Persian - Iran Tours - Iranviva

Salâm / سلام : Hello

Sob Bekheyr / صبح بخیر: Good morning

Shab Bekheyr / شب بخیر : Good evening

Ruz Bekheyr / روز بخیر : Good day

Khodâ Hâfez / خداحافظ : Goodbye

(Hâl-e shoma) Chetori? / چطوری؟ : How are you?

Khubam / خوبم : I’m fine

Saying “thank you” in Persian:

Say Thank you - Iran Tours - Iranviva

Mersi / مرسی : Thanks

Mamnoon / ممنون : Thank you

Kheyli mamnoon / خیلی ممنون : Thanks a lot

You may also hear these phrases meaning “thank you

Mamnoonam / ممنونم

Motashakeram / متشکرم

Sepas / سپاس

Sepas gozâram / سپاسگزارم

daste shoma dard nakone / دست شما درد نکنه (literally means “may your hand not be hurt”)

Introducing yourself in Persian:

You may meet many Iranians get so excited to open a conversation with you during your trip in Iran. So, it is a good idea to learn how to say a few words about yourself.

Say mr or Ms - Iran Tours - Iranviva

Esm-e shoma chieh? /  اسم شما چیه؟ : What’s your name?

Esm-e man [name] hast. / اسم من .. است : My name is [name].

Aghâ / آقا : Sir

Khânom / خانم : Miss

Ahleh Kodjâid? / اهل کجایید؟ : Where are you from?

Man [nationality] hastam /  من … هستم : I am [nationality]

Almâni (German)

Faransavi (French)

Ingilisi (British)

Amrikâi (American)

Numbers in Persian:

Number in Persian - IranTours - Iranviva

It is quite easy for the tourists to learn the numbers in Persian and it is helpful for reading the time tables or prices at the shops. The Persian numbers up to 10 are as follows:

0: ۰ Sefr –  صفر

1: ١ Yek  –   یک

2: ۲ Do – دو

3: ۳ Se – سه

4: ۴ Châhâr – چهار

5: ۵ Panj – پنج

6: ۶ Shesh – شش

7: ۷ Haft – هفت

8: ۸ Hasht – هشت

9: ۹ Noh – نه

10: ۱۰ Dah – ده

Other Useful Persian Phrases and Sentences for Tourists

Say yes in Persian - IranTours - Iranviva

Khâhesh mikonam / خواهش می کنم : You’re welcome

Lotfan / لطفا : Please

Bebakshid / ببخشید : Excuse me

Bale/Are / بله / آره : Yes

Nah / نه : No

Shomâ Ingilisi baladid? / شما انگلیسی بلدید؟ : Do you speak English?

Fârsi balad nistam / فارسی بلد نیستم : I don’t speak Farsi

Nemifahman / نمی فهمم : I don’t understand

Lotfan, tekrâr konid / لطفا تکرار کنید : Please repeat

Lotfan, mishe benevisid? / لطفا میشه بنویسید؟ : Can you write it down, please?

[Place] kojâst? / کجاست؟  : Where is [place]

Belit /  بلیط : Ticket

Chand-e? / چنده؟ : How much?

Mikhâm / می خوام  : I want

Nooshe jân / نوش جان : Bon appetit

Khosh mazeh ast / خوشمزه است : It’s delicious

Salamati / سلامتی : Cheers

Befarmaid / بفرمایید: “please” or “here you are”

Khosh maze ast! / خوشمزه است : It’s delicious!

You can explore Iran and meet Iranians anywhere on your trip to Iran with these basic words and sentences! If you would like to know more of Persian language for your trip to Iran, don’t hesitate to ask Iranviva guide for help!

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