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Iran, One of the Best Destinations According to New York Times in 2019

New York Times - Iran Tours & Travel

New York Times - Iran Tours & TravelIran is among the 52 must-visit places of 2019 according to New York Times. Each year, New York Times puts out the list of ‘52 Places to Go’. Number 45 on this ‘52 Places to Go’ list, is home to the ancient Persia.

Most of the travel destinations on the list, released by New York Times, are cities or regions, while Iran as a whole country is chosen as one of these destinations.

Iran is introduced as the “Middle East jewel” by New York Times in its article “Tourism cautiously returns to this Middle East jewel”.

Iran is named as an attractive destination, due to its various appealing tourist attractions spreading from north to south of the country, from untouched nature to legendary cities, magnificent mosques, bazaars, etc.

To date, there are 24UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran.

An Extraordinary Exhibition at Tehran Contemporary Art Museum

Art Museum - Iran Tours & Travel

The New York Times also highlights the Iranian culture, which is one of the oldest and richest in the region, mentioning the exhibition which is going to be held at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, this year.

A selection of 500 pieces of works by different artists like Picasso, Andy Warhol, etc., makes this exhibition an outstanding event for art enthusiasts from all over the world.

Sebastian Modak, the New York Times’ journalist and a skilled photographer, who is currently traveling around the world to visit these 52 places, has also named Iran as the most exciting place to visit.

According to Sebastian Modak: “There’s nothing I’m not excited about, but I think Iran takes the top spot. More than any other place on the list, or even in the world, Iran is somewhere that I’ve only ever been able to look at from afar, through the lens of scary newspaper headlines. I’ve found that there’s often a huge gap between the everyday lived experience of people on the ground and the country as we understand it through geopolitics. I’m ready for any preconceptions I have to be totally shattered, and I’m excited to share my experience with New York Times readers.”

Iran, a Safe Country to Visit

UNESCO Heritage - Iran Tours & Travel

Iran is chosen among the top destinations to visit in 2019 by the New York Times. This ensures the tourists that despite the tensions from the United States, Iran is a safe place to visit, full of unexpected and unique beauty.

It is also stated in New York Times that, although there are some specific requirements for the citizens of the US in getting visa, it is absolutely possible for them to visit Iran. Actually American tourists will be more than welcomed by Iranians. In addition, according to Travel Risk Map, Iran is one of the safest countries in the world to visit. If you’d like to experience the unique wonders of Iran, don’t hesitate to join Iranviva Team.

For more information on Safety in Iran, don’t miss this article “Is Safe Iran?” and “Safty on Your Trip to Iran“.

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