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Iran Visa for visitors from the US, UK and Canada


PASSPORT - Iran Tours & TravelIran is one the most interesting tourist destinations that attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. Visitors to Iran are of different nationalities. Entering Iran as a foreign tourist can be easily done, though, as a westerner it will be somehow different, yet possible.

There are some specific rules to be observed by visitors from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Citizens of the US, UK and Canada are not eligible for Iran Visa on Arrival. They must apply for and obtain their visa before traveling to Iran via the embassies / consulates of Iran. Having a code of permission issued by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a must for them.

They actually need an Iranian travel agency to help them through the procedure of getting their tourist visa. Iranviva Group will be with these citizens in all the process.

How to apply for Iran Visa as a Citizen of the US, UK and Canada?

US, UK & canada - Iran Tours & Travel

First of all, they can apply for either a 10-day or 30-day visa. They need a valid licensed Iranian Tour Agency to accompany them during their entire trip. They need an organized Iran tour. There are some specific tour guides who are permitted to organize US citizens’ trips, but all official guides are allowed to organize Brits and Canadians’ tours to Iran.

Our special guides at Iranviva Group will accompany the tourists of these three nationalities on their stay in Iran. They need an organized itinerary, planned by their guide, which includes details about hotel reservations, transportation, all the routes, etc. Camping or staying at people’s houses is not allowed for these visitors.

Don’t hesitate to contact Iranviva Group to get necessary information in this regard.

What Are the Required Documents for Citizens of the US, UK and Canada to Apply for Iran Visa?

USA - Iran Tours & TravelThe following documents are required for the American, British and Canadian tourists while applying for a visa:

  • A scan of the passport, valid for at least six months.
  • A detailed itinerary, provided by an official guide, with everything about hotel reservations
  • A detailed resume for over the past 10 years
  • A personal information document
  • A passport photo

An insurance that has coverage for Iran is compulsory for all nationalities, too.

 How Much Does a Tourist Visa to Iran Cost?

Iran money - Iran Tours & TravelThe total cost for Iran visitor visa is about 90 to 145 USD, and it should be paid at the embassy.

(Please contact us for further updates on fees and information)

When to Apply for an Iran Tourist Visa?

The visa should be applied for at least three months in advance of the departure date.

How Long Does It Take?

It usually takes four to six weeks to get a visa for Iran. When you receive your visa reference number or visa authorization code, a mandatory document to be presented at the embassy, you can collect your visa at Iran embassy in your country. After getting your tourist visa to Iran, you will have 90 days to travel to the country.

Where to Apply for a Tourist Visa to Iran?

IRANVISA - Iran Tours & TravelBritish citizens can apply for their Iran tourist visa at the embassy of Iran in London. However, there is no Iranian embassy or consulate in the United States or Canada. To apply for their tourist visa to Iran, citizens of these countries must approach the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington, which has an Iranian section issuing visas. The process can be done remotely and documents can be sent via a secure mail delivery system.

Visitors from America, Britain, and Canada can apply for their tourist visa to Iran with no challenge if they find the right travel agency for assistance. Iranviva Group is a valid travel agency that will be with all these tourists following these easy steps. They can travel to Iran with no problem and enjoy their trip to Iran and the hospitality of Iranians who will welcome them with open arms.

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