Is Iran Safe for Tourists?

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Satye in Iran - Iran Tours - IranvivaOne of the questions that are frequently asked by the travelers from Iranviva group is about safety on their visit to Iran. That’s why we will talk about it here.

There might be different important factors for you to choose your travel destination, each of which influence your decisions according to their priority and importance in your mind. Factors like the cost of travel, historical attractions, cultural attractions, beautiful and extraordinary nature, etc.

But one of the factors that has always been really important for the travelers is the safety of the trip. The importance of safety is so much that you may forget all about the other interests and change your travel destination because of it.

To get started, you may want to surf the web and browse different websites to use other travelers’ experiences and views. First, a reference that every tourist has its books on their trips is:

Keep reading to know everything you need in order to have a trip with peace of mind to the country of Iran and travel with ease.

Lonely Planet - Iran Tours - Iranviva

As you can see in the article on the lonelyplanet website, there are a large number of tourists, who have visited Iran and describe Iran as one of the safest countries. They are really surprised by the hospitality of Iranian people.

Now let’s have a look at YouTube and see some videos made by tourists who have traveled to Iran.

The first video is made by Evelina and Frederic during a trip by car across the world, who have also visited Iran:

What have amazed Evelina and Frederic more than anything else was the low cost of the trip to Iran, as well as the hospitality and warmness of the Iranians.

Another video on YouTube is made by Peter Santenello, a tourist who has traveled all around the world as well as the country of Iran, and describes Iranian people in a good way:

And here is another video on YouTube:

As you can see in this video, it is made by an American citizen who has talked about safety in Iran in this video, despite the fact that most of the people who do not know Iran very well, have a misconception about the bad relationship between Iranians and Americans.

Now, let’s have a look at New York Times:

52 Place to Go in 2019 - Iran Tours - Iranviva

In one of the articles published, New York Times has introduced 52 tourist destinations as the best destinations in the world to visit, including the country of Iran.

Now, here is another website about traveling and traveling journalism. Matadornetwork website has introduced 25 tourist destinations as the best destinations in the world to visit, including the country of Iran:

The 25 Places you need to travel in 2019 - Iran Tours - Iranviva

As you can see, the article suggests that, in contrary to the conception about Iran in some media, Iran is a safe country with really kind and hospitable people.

Now, it’s time for one of the websites that examine the safety of the countries as tourist destinations:

Travel Risk - Best Cultural & Adventure Tours in Iran - Iranviva

As you can see, in contrary to the Western media propaganda against Iran, this country is a safe and very attractive country for tourists and it is as safe as Australia.

Also, Turkey is one of Iran’s neighbors known as an Asian tourist country. Iran can be compared with Iraq. Iran is much safer than Turkey and your traveling to Iran is less risky than traveling to Turkey.

What is so considerable in all the websites we have searched on the Internet, is the tourists’ satisfaction of the country of Iran. All of them have emphasized that Iranian people are really hospitable and warm.

You are now more familiar with Iranians and Iran characteristics, it is time to be acquainted with its geographical situation to know the reason of this misconception.

Iran is bordered by Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkmenistan to the north, Afghanistan and Pakistan to the East, and Turkey and Iraq to the West. It is also bordered by the Caspian Sea to the north and the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea to the south. Both the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea regions are among the first and most important oil and gas regions in the world.

Perhaps because of its location among its neighbors, Iran is considered as unsafe. However, what is surprising is that although neighboring countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran is a safe country. This is what tourists who have traveled to Iran say.

Now after reading this article, have a look at Iran tours page.

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