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Isfahan Public Transportation System

Isfahan Public Transportation System - Iran Travel - Iranviva


Isfahan is located in central Iran, about 435 kilometers from the city of Tehran. Isfahan is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to Iran. Millions of tourists visit Isfahan annually, most of whom travel to Iran in spring and especially during the New Year holiday.

To get more information about Nowruz (Iranian New Year) and other occasions in Iran read article “Iran Public Holidays“.

Isfahan, having an airport, train stations and bus terminals, provides efficient inter-city transport service for passengers to travel easily between Isfahan and other cities in Iran. There is also good public transport system within the city, like taxis, buses, BRT and metro.

In this article, Iranviva Group has tried to discuss separately Isfahan facilities for intra-city transport, inter-city transport, cost-effective means of transportation, public transport schedules and routes, costs of public transportation, how to buy tickets, train stations, airports and bus terminals, how to access the stations, time and distance between different routes, public transport vehicle departure intervals, and how convenient different means of transportation are. If you are among those tourists who have chosen Iran and its historic cities like Isfahan as their journey destination, keep reading this article.

1. Intra-city Transportation

Intra-city Transportation - Iran Travel - IranvivaThe most used means of public transportation in Isfahan are buses, BRT, metro and taxis. Tourists can use these vehicles to access their tourist destinations easily. In this section, Iranviva Group introduces different means of public transportation in Isfahan, cost of using, routes, departure intervals, distance, stations, how to buy tickets, and how convenient different means of transportation are.

You can also visit the following website to check the traffic of the city online and see the tourist sites and the location of public transport stations.

Online traffic map of Isfahan: http://isfahantraffic.ir/

1.1 BRT

Isfahan BRT - Iran Travel - IranvivaDue to the heavy traffic around the city, using private cars is difficult, particularly in the city center. Hence, BRT buses play a great role in transporting passengers around the city.

Isfahan Bus Rapid Transit system or BRT, with 3 active lines, has gender-segregated buses that are not usually crowded except during the rush hours.

The BRT buses are running from 5:45 am to 23 pm transferring passengers around the city.

BRT tickets in Isfahan cost about 1,000 tomans (about 0.07 euros).

The fare for BRT buses is paid electronically by ticket cards and cash payment is not accepted. (In case of emergency, you can request the passengers at the station to let you use their ticket cards and then you pay it to them in cash).

You can also use your BRT ticket card to ride metro.

Active BRT Lines in Isfahan

Line 1: from Baghoushkhaneh terminal to Qods square and vice versa

Line 2: from Baghoushkhaneh terminal to Jomhouri square and vice versa

Line 3: from Ahmadabad square to Arqavani terminal and vice versa

2.1 Intra-city Bus Service

Intra-city Bus Service in Isfahan - Iran Travel - IranvivaThe intra-city bus service in Isfahan provides a vast network of about 176 active bus lines to access different parts and tourist spots of the city. All buses running in the city are equipped with electronic payment systems.

Bus fares can be paid in two ways:

  1. In cash about 0.04 euros
  2. Electronically by ticket cards about 0.07 euros

These buses are running from 6 am to 21 pm and transport passengers around the city.

To see bus routes in Isfahan, you can visit the following website:


This type of transportation is actually hard-to-use.

BRT ticket card - Iran Travel - Iranviva

3.1 Metro

Isfahan Metro - Iran Travel - IranvivaIsfahan Metro is a newly established metro in Iran that is going to have 3 lines but, only one line (the red line) is being used currently. This line starts from the north of Isfahan and after about 20. 2 km it reaches “Soffeh” Terminal in south of Isfahan. There are 20 stations on this line.

Isfahan Metro starts at 6:30 am and ends at 21:30 pm and it is closed on Fridays and other holidays. It takes about 33 minutes to go from Quds station (Shahrak-e Quds in East Baharestan Street) to Azadi Station (Azadi Square or Darvazeh Shiraz) by metro. It also takes around 50 minutes to go from Isfahan University of Technology Station to Soffeh Station.

On average, a train runs every 15 minutes to each metro station. It takes about 2 minutes to go from one station to the next.

The Metro tickets in Isfahan cost about 0.11 euros.

The fare for Metro is only paid electronically by ticket cards, and cash payment is not accepted.

Metro ticket cards are sold at ticket booths at the stations, and they are rechargeable for different times. Ticket cards should be paid in Iranian rials.

You’d better use a single ticket if you plan to ride the Metro only once in a route.

The ticket cards you’ve got at Metro stations can also be used in BRT lines.

Isfahan Metro logo is as follows:

Isfahan-Metro-Logo-Iran Travel - Iranviva

This logo is usually found above the entrance to the buildings of most of metro stations in Isfahan. These signs around the city represent metro stations. Metro stations are located underground and you can use escalators to go up and down stairs easily in the station buildings.

Isfahan Matro Stations

Quds (Ashegh Abad)Shahrak-e Quds, Imam Khomeini StreetShohadaTakhti Crossroad
BaharestanMalek Shahr, Baharestan StreetImam HosseinImam Hossein Square (Darvazeh Dowlat)
GolestanMalek Shahr, Baharestan StreetEnghelabEnghelab Square
Shahid MofatehBaharestan Street, corner of Shahid Mofateh St.Si O Se PolFirst of Chahar Bagh Street
Shahid AlikhaniShahid Alikhani SquareDr. ShariatiChahar Bagh Street, across from Shariati Hospital
JaberAt the corner of Jaber street and Shahbazi streetAzadiAzadi Square (Darvazeh Shiraz)
KavehKaveh street, next to Kaveh terminalDaneshgah (University)Hezar Jerib Avenue, across from the east entrance of Isfahan University
Shahid ChamranKaveh street, before Chamran highway, corner of Shams Abad St.KargarHezar Jerib Avenue, across from Kargar street
Shahid BahonarKaveh street, corner of 25 Aban streetKuy-e Emam (Dormitory)Hezar Jerib Avenue, across from Mohajer Technical University
TakhtiShohada SquareDefa’-e Moqaddas (Soffeh Terminal)Defa’-e Moqaddas Square, next to Soffeh Terminal

 This type of transport is medium-difficulty-to-use.

Isfahan Metro Map - Iran Travel - Iranviva

4.1 Taxi

Public Taxi

Isfahan Taxi - Iran Travel - IranvivaPublic taxis in Isfahan are among the most popular and most widely used means of transport in comparison with Metro and BRT. The cost of using taxis is at least 6 times (about 0.6 euros) more than using BRT and metro but it has its own advantages, including its ease of use. Taxi stations are located in squares and main streets of Isfahan, and taxi fares depend on the distance between the source and destination.

To catch a taxi in Isfahan, you need to just wait beside the street, raise your hand (as shown in image below) for an oncoming taxi, and then tell the driver your destination.

Taxis in Isfahan are often yellow and have yellow number plates with black letters, but sometimes private cars also carry passengers to their destinations that is generally so common in Iran. However, you’d better use the yellow taxis with yellow plates that are widely used in Isfahan.

Up to 4 passengers can usually ride together in a taxi (3 passengers on the rear seat and one passenger on the front seat), but you can take a private taxi with no other passengers and pay a higher fare.

To hire a private car with its driver, you can use the term “Darbasti”.

As stated above, among different means of transport, taxi is an easy-to-use one.

The public taxi fare in Isfahan is usually paid in cash, but as an intelligent system is provided for most of the taxis in Isfahan, you can also pay the fare online using your bank card. All the payments should be done in Iranian rials.

To see the list of Isfahan taxi lines and fares visit this website:


This is a convenient type of Transportation.

Private Taxis

Private taxis are of two kinds: One group are those travelling around the city and carrying passengers, and the other are those managed by big transport companies and meet the demands of passengers using their applications exclusively dedicated to taxi services.

As above mentioned, the first group are not recommended because they are not usually under an organized company; but the second category provides a convenient way to carry passengers from place to place.

To use the latter type of taxi service, you can download the taxi booking apps and request for a taxi online (for the convenience of tourists who have chosen Iran as their travel destination, the links to download a few of these apps are provided below). You can access the available taxis nearby and travel around the city easily.

Using these applications is not difficult at all and you just need to choose your location and destination on the map. The ride price will be shown up and you will confirm your request. Your request will be accepted by drivers nearby within a very short time.

The car model, number and its location are shown on the application. When the car arrives at your location, you will receive a message.

Given that you are the only passenger in the taxi, the fare will usually be 3 to 4 times more than the regular taxis’.

You can visit the following websites to install the online taxi order applications:

SNAPP website to download the application: https://snapp.ir/

TAPSI website to download the application:  https://tapsi.ir/

This type of transportation is absolutely convenient to use.

Snapp & Tap30 - Iran Travel - Iranviva-min

5.1 Car Rental for Tourists

Isfahan Car Rental - Iran Travel - IranvivaAnother way of traveling for tourists who have traveled to Iran is renting a car. Tourists in Iran will be able to rent a car with or without an experienced driver. Iranviva Group suggests you rent a car with a driver, so there will be no concerns or problems about finding directions and car parks around tourist sites, or traffic regulations, and you will easily access to all the city landmarks and tourist sites.

As you know, there are some car rental conditions and qualifications required that are brought here as a list by Iranviva Group for tourists who travel to Iran.

 Car Rental Requirements, Terms and Conditions

  • Age-related Requirements: A minimum age of 20 years
  • Driving license: A driver’s license valid for a minimum of 6 months

You can drive in Iran for 6 months from the time you enter Iran, with a valid driver’s license from your home country.

ID Requirements:

  • A copy of passport
  • Paying the rent and cash deposit
  • Paying an amount of money as deposit that will be paid back to the client when the vehicle is returned.

For your convenience, some websites offering car rental for tourists have been brought here.

You can visit the following websites and book your desired vehicle for your required date:



This type of transportation is absolutely convenient, too.

2. Inter-city Transportation

Inter-city Bus Service - Iran Travel - IranvivaIsfahan is one of the major tourist destinations in Iran, so it always hosts a large number of passengers from different parts of the country. Transport to Isfahan is mostly by roads, rail and air. Regarding the inter-city transport facilities provided in the city of Isfahan, you can travel easily between Isfahan and other cities of Iran.

Isfahan inter-city transportation system is described in the following part of the article, including routes, schedules, cost, how to buy tickets online, airports, terminals and train stations, how to access the stations, travel time and distance and also the most economical means of transportation.

1.2  Train

Isfahan Train - Iran Travel - IranvivaIsfahan railway station is located in the most southern part of the city. This railway station is one of the busiest stations in Iran. It takes at least 20 minutes to get from this station to the city center of Isfahan. After taking this distance you will reach the beautiful city of Isfahan and in a short time you will easily get anywhere in the city that you like.

If you plan to use Isfahan railway, make sure to visit Raja website and other websites for booking tickets, and check train schedules, and, if necessary, book your ticket before traveling to Iran. Iranviva Group recommends you choose your train carefully and check different trains’ services and amenities to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Types of Trains

Trains in Iran are of two types: Open coaches, and (first class and second class) corridor coaches (trains).

First class corridor trains: On these trains, each car is divided into several compartments, with 4 or 6 seats that can be converted to beds and some amenities.

Second class corridor trains: On these trains, each car is divided into several compartments, with 6 seats that cannot be converted to beds.

Corridor Trains are also called ‘coupe’.

Open coaches: These kinds of train do not have compartments or other divisions and the seats are arranged in one or more open plan areas with a center aisle, similar to the bus seats.

Open coaches are also called ‘salon train’.

Iranviva Group suggests tourists use 4-seat first class corridor trains. Although these trains are more expensive than other trains, they are better options for traveling because they offer more amenities.

This type of transportation can be very convenient, convenient or medium-difficult to use, depending on the type of train.

Isfahan Train Ticket Booking

To book train tickets in Iran, you need to have an account on the train ticket booking sites. Once you have logged in, you can select the source and destination of your journey, time, number of passengers, type of train (ordinary, for women, etc.), and transportation companies, then you will have a list of options available from which you can choose and enjoy an affordable and convenient journey.

For entering personal information and booking ticket you need to choose the option of foreign nationals or purchasing by passport. The required information for foreign nationals to buy tickets includes first name, last name, date of birth, and passport number. It should be noted that the cost of train tickets for children between 2 to 12 years of age will be given a half-price discount. Moreover, you need to be at the station about 45 minutes before the departure time to do the necessary paperwork.

Examples of active train ticket booking sites:




Isfahan Railway Station Information and Trains Schedule

For trains’ schedules, you can visit the website of Islamic Republic of Iran Railway Company mentioned below. There is a lot of information provided in this site regarding trains and train stations.


Islamic Republic of Iran Railways Official site:



To get information about ticket cancellation and refund, you can visit the following website:


Address and Access Routes to Isfahan Railway Station

There are different routes to get to Isfahan railway station. The best and most economical way is using public transport like bus service. To do so, you can use Isfahan intra-city bus, line 37, with the starting point of Azadi station and destination of railway station that takes about 35 minutes. You can also use public and private taxis and get to the railway station easily and in less time.

Isfahan railway station address: Isfahan, Azadi Square, Hezar Jerib Avenue, 5 km to Shiraz Road, opposite Sepahan Shahr, Isfahan railway station

Phone number: 031-36542026

Isfahan Trains Ticket Price

Undoubtedly, it differs which Railway Transport Company you buy your ticket from, but you should know that any company you choose to buy your ticket from offers affordable tickets regarding the facilities they provide and convenience you would experience on your trip.

Onboard Train Features & Amenities:

facilitiesAir Conditioneraudio/videocapacityCoupe/


Railway companyTrain
OkOk4CoupeRajaKhalij Fars
OkOk4CoupeRajaPolour sabz
1- Passengers can order food

2- Passengers can order soda pop

3- Passengers can order books

4- Passengers can choose film and music

5- Passengers can set the light



1- Passengers can set the light

2- Passengers can set the temperature

3- Passengers can choose film and music

4- GPS

5- Wi-Fi

OkOk4CoupeRailpardaz NoafarinFadak

 Isfahan Trains Schedule:

503 kmAbout 7 to 9 hours depending on the trainTehran – Isfahan

Isfahan – Tehran

Stations along the route:  Firuzabad , Kashan, Sorkh Gol Badroud, Espidan, Garm Ab, Chariseh and Sistan
352 kmAbout 5 hoursIsfahan – Shiraz

Shiraz-  Isfahan

Stations along the route: Marvdasht, Sivand, Pasargadae, Qaderabad, Safashahr, Khorrambid, Eqlid, Abadeh, Izad Khast, Aminabad,  Shahreza, Mahyar and Seyed Abad
465 kmAbout 8 to 9 hours depending on the trainKerman- Isfahan

Isfahan- Kerman

774 kmAbout 10.5 to 12 hours depending on the trainIsfahan-Tabriz

Tabriz- Isfahan

Stations along the route: Abbasi, Ajabshir, Mianeh, Khorasanak, Zanjan, Bonab, Soltanieh, Qazvin, Abyek, Karaj, Qom, Firuzabad, Kashan, Badroud, Varton,  Sistan and Firuzabad
550 kmAbout 7 to 9 hours depending on the trainRasht-Isfahan

Isfahan- Rasht

267 kmAbout 3.5 to 4.5 hours depending on the trainYazd- Isfahan

Isfahan- Yazd

Stations along the route: Nazarabad, Shamsi, Meybod, Arjang, Aqda, Sasan, Homa, Shabnam, Shirazkuh, Varzaneh, Harand, Sistan and Firuzabad

  2.2. Airplane

Isfahan Airplan - Iran Travel - IranvivaIsfahan International Airport (Shahid Beheshti airport), located 18 km northeast of the city of Isfahan, has 2 separate terminals for international and domestic flights. This airport is also equipped with ILS and VOR systems.

This airport has facilities including bank branches, mom & baby room, currency exchange, café restaurant, gift shop, and other amenities and services.

This airport has domestic flights to different cities of Iran including Kish, Mashhad, Tehran, Tabriz, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, Kerman, Kermanshah, Rasht, Zahedan, Mahshahr, Abadan, Dezful, Asaluyeh, Qeshm, etc. and international flights to some foreign cities like Dubai, Tbilisi, Baku, Istanbul, Antalya, Kuwait, Najaf, Baghdad, Vienna and Jeddah.

How to Access Isfahan Airport


Using intra-city bus service is a way to access Isfahan Shahid Beheshti airport. These buses carry passengers from the airport to Kaveh bus terminal and vice versa. You can see the bus departure times in the table below:

Departure time from the airport to terminal Kaveh.

Private car:

Depending on where you are, there are different routes to go to Shahid Beheshti International Airport. You need to get to Chamran Expressway and drive along the expressway to reach the Airport Highway and then the airport.


Another way to get to Isfahan Shahid Beheshti airport is using taxis. You have two ways to use taxis: the first way is using taxi applications that, as mentioned above, you just need to choose your location and destination (here Shahid Beheshti airport) on the map and confirm your request. Your request will be accepted by drivers nearby within a very short time. The other way is using the yellow taxis around the city.

Shahid Beheshti airport flight information:

From Isfahan: 199

From other cities: 031-35275200

How to Buy Flight Tickets

To buy a plane ticket, you can visit the following sites and choose your desired flight regarding the flight time and amenities it offers, by entering information such as source and destination, date and number of passengers, flights that on that date there are to see and fly your desired with regard clock and amenities. It should be noted that, you must first choose the option of foreign nationals or purchasing by passport and enter your passport number and other requested information session.

Passengers will be checked in up to 45 minutes before departure in international flights and up to 30 minutes before departure in domestic ones. So you need to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your scheduled departure time for international flights. For domestic flights this time is between 1 to 1.5 hours.


To check flight status and ticket inquiries, visit the following website:


To check flight daily schedule, visit the following websites:



To get information about ticket buying regulations, and ticket cancellation and refund, you can visit the following websites:



This type of transportation is really convenient to use.


Domestic flight ticket price is typically dynamic and it differs based on the departure dates. It is more expensive to travel during peak times (like Nowruz), when everybody else also wants to go on holiday, than during the low season, when children are at school and employees at work.

It also depends on your destination. Airfares are usually higher for flights to some of tourist cities in Iran such as Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tehran, Yazd, Tabriz, Kerman, etc.

Generally, flight ticket prices depend on different things such as airlines, flight class and travel date.

Example of Flight Ticket prices from Isfahan:

Isfahan toPrice (tomans)Price (euros)
Tehran230600 to 49780016.5 to 35.5
Shiraz230600 to 41080016.5 to 29.3
Bandar Abbas453200 to 59100032.4 to 24.2
Tabriz380000 to 81470027.1 to 58.2
Kerman373000 to 41180026.7 to 29.5
Ahvaz173500 to 27000012.4 to 19.3
Qeshm Island37600026.8

 3.2 Inter-city Bus Service

Inter-city Bus Service 2 - Iran Travel - IranvivaOne of the easiest and cheapest ways to travel in Iran has always been using the buses. In this section, you will be familiar with this type of transportation in Isfahan.

The large city of Isfahan has four bus terminals in each part of the city, including Kaveh terminal in the north, terminal J. in the north east, Soffeh terminal in the south, and Zayandeh Rud terminal in the south west of the city. It depends on the source or destination which terminal you will leave or arrive at.

These four bus terminals have facilities such as car park, souvenir shops, restaurant and canteens and prayer rooms. You can also ask for information about the historical and religious attractions as well as access routes to the city center at the information booths in the terminal stations.

Tourists who have traveled to Iran or plan to travel to Iran, just need to visit websites (mentioned below) to book bus tickets, selecting the source, destination and date of travel and choosing the best bus from the list of available buses with the services and amenities offered.

Since Isfahan has four active bus terminals, it is essential for you to check the terminal name before purchasing tickets. You also need to be at the terminal about half an hour before the departure time.



You can see the ticket cancel and refund conditions in the websites mentioned above too.

Isfahan Bus Terminals

Kaveh Terminal

Kaveh terminal is the largest terminal in Isfahan that makes it possible for passengers to travel to all the cities of the country. This terminal is easily accessible using public and private taxis in the city. You can also access this terminal using the intra-city bus service, line 27 (Jomhouri Square – Kaveh terminal, and vice versa) and line 83 (Kaveh terminal – Parvin, Pardis Square, and vice versa) at a lower price.

Address: Shahid Kaveh Street, after Chamran Bridge

Phone: 031-34358880

Soffeh Terminal

Isfahan Bus - Iran Travel - IranvivaThe main destinations of the buses from this terminal are cities in Isfahan Province as well as most of the cities of Iran especially the cities in north and northeast of the country.

This terminal is easily accessible using public and private taxis in the city. You can also access this terminal using the intra-city bus service, line 91 (Malek Shahr – Soffeh terminal, and vice versa) at a lower price.

Address: Isfahan, Shiraz Road exit, Dastgerdi Highway

Phone: 031-6732751

Terminal J.

Transportation companies in this terminal provide transport services to the eastern cities of Isfahan Province and also the city of Yazd.

This terminal is easily accessible using public and private taxis in the city. You can also access this terminal using the intra-city bus service, line 48 (Terminal J.- Baraan-e Shomali, and vice versa) and line 73 (Terminal J.- Gavart, and vice versa) at a lower price.

Address: Ahmadabad Square, first of Hamadani Street

Phone: 031-5210003

Zayandeh Rud Terminal

Passengers can travel by buses from this terminal to the western cities of Isfahan Province and also Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province.

This terminal is easily accessible using public and private taxis in the city. You can also access this terminal using the intra-city bus service, line 16 (Malek shahr- Zayandeh Rud Terminal, and vice versa) and line 31 (Zayandeh Rud Terminal – Amusement park, and vice versa) at a lower price.

Address: Vahid Bridge., Mirza Kuchakkhan Jangali Boulevard

Phone: 031-37860529

Types of Buses in Bus Lines

Ordinary Buses

These buses, mostly Volvo model, have 38 to 50 seats. Obviously, the more the number of seats are, the less comfortable the passengers will be on the bus.

You will only be able to recline the seats on the bus a little, so these buses are not convenient enough and they are not recommended.

This type of transportation is medium-difficult to use.

VIP Buses

VIP bus series, manufactured by companies like Scania, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Buggy and MAN, provide passengers with better services than regular buses. There are at least 20 seats on these buses that make them more spacious and certainly more comfortable for passengers.

VIP buses are among the convenient types of transportation.

Cost of Bus Tickets from Isfahan to Other Major Cities:

Isfahan toPrice (euros)
Tehran3.23 to 4.1
Shiraz3.4 to 4.5
Yazd1.8 to 3.2
Bandar Abbas4.9 to 7.4
Qazvin2.6 to 4.2
Sari3 to 6.8
Rasht3.8 to 6.6
Kermanshah4.5 to 5.8
Tabriz6.3 to 8.1
Kerman3.4 to 6
Hamedan2.58 to 4.9
Ahvaz5.1 to 6.7
Khorramabad2.7 to 4.1
Bandar Anzali6.7
Qeshm Island8.3 to 9.6

In this article, we have tried to give you, as tourists to Iran, more details of how to travel in Isfahan or out of Isfahan, so you will enjoy your trip in Iran.

If you have more questions after reading this article and other articles provided by Iranviva group, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our colleagues in Iranviva are ready to answer all your questions.

You are really welcome in advance for visiting Iran.

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