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Kerman Public Transportation System

Public Transportation System Kerman - Iran Travel - Iranviva


Kerman Transportation - Iran Travel - IranvivaKerman Province, the largest province of the country, is located in southeastern Iran. This province is located between the provinces of Yazd, South Khorasan, Sistan and Baluchestan, Hormozgan, and Fars. There are numerous historical attractions in Kerman, and that is why it is known as the 5th historical city of Iran.

The historical attractions of Kerman have made this desert city one of the most important tourist destinations of Iran.

This article is about Kerman intra-city transport, inter-city transport, and issues like the most cost-effective means of transportation, routes and schedules of public transportation, fares, how to buy tickets, train station, airport, bus terminals and how to access them, and time and distance between different routes. If you are among those tourists who are going to travel to Iran and the historical city of Kerman, keep reading this article.

Having an airport, train station and bus terminals, Kerman provides efficient inter-city transport service. It also provides good public transport system, like taxis, buses, and BRT within the city.

Kerman Intra-city Transportation

Kerman Intra-city Transportation - Iran Travel - IranvivaKerman is a very wide province with its tourist attractions and places of interest far from each other located in different cities of the province. This has made it difficult to visit many tourist attractions such as Lut desert and Shahzadeh Garden using public transportation, so we recommend you use online taxi services. If you are traveling to Kerman on your own with no guided tour, you should rent a car with a driver to take you to different cities of Kerman and you can visit places of interest in the region. However, it will be a good idea to be familiar with different types of public transportation in Kerman.

Due to the light traffic, it is easy to travel within the city of Kerman, using buses and taxis.

In this section, different means of transportation in the city of Kerman are discussed as well as routes, cost, travel time, distances, how to buy tickets and how convenient are different modes of transportation.

Kerman Taxi

Kerman Taxi - Iran Travel - IranvivaWalking around the city of Kerman, you can see taxis all around the city. Taxi fares are more than that of buses in Kerman. Moreover, due to the long distances between tourist spots in Kerman, taxi fares are also higher in this city than in other cities of Iran.

Remember that taxis in Kerman are not equipped with electronic payment system.

This type of transportation is convenient to use.

City Taxi Line and Private Taxis

 To catch a taxi in Kerman, like other cities in Iran, you need to find a taxi stand and wait there for a taxi. You can also wait beside the street (where there is no taxi stand) and raise your arm (as shown in the picture above) for an oncoming taxi and then tell the driver your destination.

Up to 4 passengers can usually ride together in a taxi (3 passengers on the rear seat and one passenger on the front seat), but you can take a private taxi with no other passengers and pay a higher fare.

To hire a private car with its driver, you can use the term “Darbasti”.

Taxi fare in the city of Kerman is approximately 500 tomans (0.035 euros) for a direct route, and between 1,000 to 1,500 tomans (0.07 to 0.10 euros) for other routes.

Online and Private Taxis

Private taxis are of two kinds: One group are those traveling around the city of Kerman and carrying passengers, and the other group are those managed by big transport companies and meet the demands of passengers using their applications, exclusively dedicated to taxi services.

Using the first group is not recommended because they are not usually under an organized company, but the second category provides a convenient way to carry passengers from place to place.

To use the second type of taxi, you need to download taxi ordering apps and request a taxi online. You can access the available taxis nearby and travel around the city easily (for the convenience of tourists who have chosen Iran as their travel destination, the links to download a few of these apps are brought below).

Using these applications is not difficult at all and you just need to choose your location and destination on the map. The ride price will be shown up and you will confirm your request. Your request will be accepted by drivers nearby within a very short time.

When your order is accepted, the car model, number and its location will be shown on the application. You will receive a message when the car arrives.

Since you are the only passenger in the car, the taxi fare will usually be 3 to 4 times more than the regular taxis’.


Kerman Bus - Iran Travel - IranvivaBuses of Kerman Bus Company run around the city and you can use them, with the help of locals, to get to the tourist attractions within the city. Keep in mind that due to the low cost of taxi fares in Kerman, using buses is not recommended. You’d better use online taxis to save time.

Car Rental for Tourists

Car Rental for Tourists - Iran Travel - IranvivaAnother way of traveling for tourists who have traveled to Iran is renting a car. Tourists in Iran will be able to rent a vehicle with or without an experienced driver. Iranviva Group suggests you rent a car with a driver, so there will be no problems or concerns related to finding routes, car parks around tourist sites, and traffic regulations, and you will easily access to all the city landmarks and tourist sites.

As you know, there are some car rental conditions and qualifications required that Iranviva Group has brought here as a list for tourists who travel to Iran.

Car Rental Requirements, Terms and Conditions

  • Age-related Requirements: A minimum age of 20 years
  • Driving license: A driver’s license valid for a minimum of 6 months

You can drive in Iran for 6 months from the time you enter Iran, with a valid driver’s license from your home country.

ID Requirements:

  • A copy of passport
  • Paying the rent and cash deposit
  • Paying an amount of money as deposit that will be paid back to the client when the vehicle is returned.

For your convenience, some websites offering car rental for tourists have been brought here.

You can visit the following websites and book your desired vehicle for your required date:



This type of transportation is absolutely convenient, too.

Kerman Inter-city Transportation

Kerman Inter-city Transportation - Iran Travel - IranvivaKerman is far from almost all cities of Iran. However, it draws numerous tourists every year because of its unique attractions. Among the tourist areas of Iran, Kerman Province has the most number of attractions listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Since Kerman is far from almost all tourist areas of Iran, we suggest you air traveling. However, everything depends on your taste, budget and travel itinerary.

Thus, for the convenience of tourists and travelers, we are going to discuss the inter-city transportation in Kerman, including routes and schedules of public transportation, fares, how to book tickets, airport, bus terminals, train station, how to access them, time and distance between different routes, the most economical modes of transport and how convenient they are.

Kerman Train

Kerman Train - Iran Travel - IranvivaAs Kerman is far from most of the cities of Iran, perhaps traveling by train is the best and most interesting way of traveling to this city.

Here we are going to discuss the access routes to Kerman railway station, its services and facilities, rail routes, etc.

If you plan to use Kerman railway, make sure to visit Raja website and other booking tickets websites, and check train schedules, trains’ images, features and facilities, and then book your desired tickets before traveling to Iran, so you won’t have problems on your trip to Iran.

How convenient this type of transportation is depends on the type of train.

Kerman Railway Information and Train Schedules

To see the schedule of all the trains, you can visit the official website of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railway Company, with lots of information about the stations and trains.


Address: Kerman Railway Station, Railway Square, Imam Khomeini Highway

Phone: 034-32153526, 034-32153527, 034-32153528

Kerman Train Ticket Booking

To book train tickets to Kerman from different cities of Iran, you need to have an account on the train ticket booking sites. Once you have logged in, you can select the source and destination of your journey, time, number of passengers, type of train (ordinary, for women, etc.), then you will have a list of options available from which you can choose. For entering personal information and booking ticket you need to choose the option of foreign nationals or purchasing by passport. The required personal information for foreign nationals to buy tickets includes first name, last name, date of birth, and passport number. It should be noted that the cost of train tickets for children between 2 to 12 years of age will be given a half-price discount. Moreover, you need to be at the station about 45 minutes before the departure time.

To get information about ticket cancellation and refund, you can visit the following website:


Examples of active train ticket booking sites:




Kerman Train Trips to Some Cities

Average Price DurationDestination-Source
4.8 to 10.7 eurosAbout 14 hoursTehran – Kerman

Kerman – Tehran

Stations along the route: Tehran, Mohammadieh, Kashan, Badroud, Zavareh, Ardakan, Meybod, Nazarabad, Yazd, Rakhsh, Chah Khavar, Bafq, Siriz, Zarand, Kerman
About 4 eurosAbout 6 hoursYazd – Kerman

Kerman – Yazd

Stations along the route: Yazd, Rakhsh, Chah Khavar, Bafq, Siriz, Zarand, Kerman

Kerman Railway Facilities

Some of the facilities available in this big station include waiting hall, souvenir shops, food shops, drinking fountain, convenient and separate men and women toilets, digital systems showing trains’ departure times and status, and various guide signs. There are also taxis and other vehicles at the station to transfer passengers.

Kerman Air Service

Kerman Air Service - Iran Travel - IranvivaKerman Province has 5 airports, with Kerman International Airport as the most important one. If you’re planning to travel to Kerman by air, we suggest you the international airport of Kerman, Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani Airport. Given that there are more numbers of flights to this airport, you will have further choices. There are flights from Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani airport in Kerman to the cities of Tehran, Mashhad, Bandar Abbas, Isfahan, Zahedan, Ahvaz, Kish, Qshm, Iranshahr, and Zabol. Keep in mind that visiting ticket booking websites such as Alibaba, you can get informed about Kerman flights’ prices and hours and book tickets online.

Kerman Airport Domestic Flights Destinations

Domestic flights from Kerman airport include flights to Isfahan, Zahedan, Mashhad, Tehran, Rasht, Shiraz, and Kish.

Kerman Airport International Flights Destinations

International flights from Kerman airport include flights to Baghdad and Najaf.

Kerman Airport Facilities

Kerman Airport - Iran Travel - IranvivaKerman airport has two terminals for domestic and international flights, and a separate terminal for pilgrimage flights. In addition, like other airports, this airport has amenities such as Mom and Baby Room, Smoking Room, luggage carrying services, buffet restaurant, Lost and Found, bank branches and shopping booths.

Kerman Airport Flight Information

Phone Center: 034-32110113

Flight information: 199 (24 hours)


Website: https://fids.airport.ir/?public_airport_id=201

 Access Routes to Kerman Airport

How much it takes to get to Kerman airport depends on the type of vehicle, the route you choose and driving speed. For more convenience, wherever you are, you can use the Google Maps app and, choosing your location and destination, find the best route, means of transport, the distance and time of your journey

Address: Kerman, the Islamic Republic of Iran


 Access Routes from Kerman Airport to different parts of the city

Along with taxis and airline companies’ cars, passengers can use airport taxi service.

How to Book Tickets

To book an airline ticket, you need to have an account in the following sites. Once you have logged in, you can select the source and destination of your journey, date, and the number of passengers. You will then see the list of flights in that specific date and you can choose the right flight with its facilities. It should be noted that for entering personal information and booking ticket, you need to activate the option of purchasing by passport first.



To check flight status and ticket inquiries, visit the following website:


The Best Time to Book Domestic and International Flight Tickets

In fact, the airfare depends on different factors such as flight class, airline, ticket type (systemic or charter) and travel time. For example, on holidays like Nowruz (New Year) holiday, the flight price is higher. So the time you travel to Iran plays an important role in the ticket price you request.

Remember that flights on weekdays are usually cheaper than those on weekends. Mondays and Tuesdays are the best time to book your flight ticket in Iran, and flights on Wednesdays to Saturday are the most expensive ones.

Low season in Iran is usually the months of April, October, November and January that are the cheapest months to fly and travel by other means of transportation.

Iran’s Best Airline Companies

Ranking of airlines based on age may not be fair, so, considering the largeness, technology used, quality of aircrafts, service and passenger satisfaction, we have provided a list of airlines in Iran, sorted based on standard ranking for verifying the companies.

The airlines in the following list are among the biggest and best Iranian airlines:

  1. Mahan Air
  2. Iran Air (Homa)
  3. ATA Airline
  4. Kish Air
  5. Qeshm Air
  6. Meraj Airline
  7. Aseman Airline

 Airfares from Kerman to Some Major Cities

Tabriz toPrice (tomans)Price (euros)
Tehran220000 to 76000016 to 54
Isfahan392000 to 430000About 30
Mashhad355000 to 57000025 to 41
Shiraz270000 to 300000About 20
KishAbout 560000About 40
Rasht250000 to 32600018 to 23

This type of transportation is convenient and in most of the time very convenient to use.

Kerman Inter-city Bus Service

Kerman Inter-city Bus Service - Iran Travel - IranvivaIf you are going to travel to Kerman by bus, we suggest you buy a VIP bus ticket. Using these buses, you will get less tired and enjoy amenities including seats convertible into beds. Traveling by bus has always been one of the easiest and cheapest ways of traveling in Iran. So, in this section you’re going to be familiar with this type of transportation in Kerman.

Adineh Terminal in Kerman is the largest, most advanced and most beautiful terminal in the country with its unique and modern building and architecture.

To book bus tickets, you just need to visit ticket booking websites and, choosing the source and destination and travel date, you will see the list of buses available so you can book the ticket according to the services that the bus offers.

Also, make sure to be at the terminal about half an hour before the departure time.

Kerman Bus Terminal

Facilities: For passengers’ convenience, various facilities have been provided in this terminal. Some of the facilities in Kerman bus terminal include public hall, restaurant, food shop, handcraft and souvenir shop, praying room, toilets, taxi and bus stops, police station, information booth, and car park.

Destinations: Tehran, Mashhad, Urmia, Babol, Isfahan, Shahin Shahr, Sari, Yazd, Qarchak, Eslamshahr, Karaj, Iranshahr, Zahedan, Sirjan, Kermanshah, Kahnooj, Chabahar, etc.

Address: Kerman Terminal, Imam Khomeini Highway

Phone: 034-32152698

Bus Fares from Kerman to Some Major Cities

Kerman toPrice (tomans)Price (euros)
Tehran56000 to 960004 to 7
Shiraz33000 to 640002.5 to 4.5
Isfahan44000 to 760003 to 6
Yazd25000 to 440002 to 3

This type of transportation is convenient to use.

In this article, we have tried to give you, as tourists to Iran, more details of how to travel to or from the city of Kerman, so you will enjoy your trip in Iran.

You are very welcome in advance for visiting Iran.

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