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Iranians’ Attitude toward Americans

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The anti-American political slogan and chant: “Death to America” or its less offensive translation: “Down with the USA”, widely used since 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, along with the current political tensions between Iran and the United States, has made some people around the world believe for a long time that Iranians don’t like Americans.

Looking back in history, one can understand the reasons of this anti-US view. United States involvement in many Iran’s problems and its meddling in Iran policy, have caused the problematic relations between two countries, over the past four decades. The fact is that, unfortunately, there is a misconception among the American tourists about Iran and Iranians.

There were strong, close cultural and political ties between Iran and America before the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Given all the political events between these two countries, Iranian people had always kept good relationship with Americans and had a positive attitude toward the United States and its people, culture and values. This respect and the positive attitude has continued until now.

A lot of Iranians are living in America and are the US citizens. There are many who have studied or are still studying in the United States. In fact, about one million Iranian people, out of four or five millions who are living abroad, are living in the United States now. Due to the large number of Iranian-Americans and their descendants who are residing in Los Angeles, it is called “Tehrangeles”, also known as Little Persia.

Iranian People and American Tourists

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Iran is extraordinary, due to its variety of tourist attractions, and it is an ideal destination for tourists around the world, including American tourists. Currently, about 1,000 to 1,500 American tourists visit Iran each year.

However, as a consequence of the belief, above mentioned, tourists from America worry about traveling to Iran and possible problems after that. They are worried if it is safe for Americans to take a trip to Iran. But, “do people from Iran really hate Americans?” The answer is an unequivocal “NO”. They, conversely, really like American people, and they will be so much more than happy, if they see an American tourist in Iran. Currently, there are no restrictions on American tourists visiting Iran.

In fact, to Iranians, the people from America are different from their politicians, and, although they do oppose the US current policy against Iran, particularly with regard to the sanctions, they do not blame the American people for that but they blame their government. So, the slogan “Down with the USA” directly targets the US government and its anti-Iran policy, not the people from the USA.

Like many other people who have the idea of traveling to Iran, you might have heard about the gracious hospitality of Iranians. Iranian people hold the first place in the world, when it comes to hospitality, generosity and kindness.

Iranians are genuinely warm and friendly people with high respect to the tourists visiting Iran. Iranians love to see tourists traveling to Iran and introduce their country and their rich culture to the visitors from around the world.

As an American tourist travelling to Iran, the first thing you would face Iranians’ hospitality and friendship. All you will see is Iranians welcoming you with respects and cordial greetings, smiles, hugs, gifts and even invitations to their homes. Just take a look at different tourists’ travel blogs who have written about their experiences about traveling to Iran.

Traveling to Iran may sound complicated and dangerous to Americans. But it is not. Iranviva wants to assure you that Americans can travel to Iran freely with nothing to be worried about, but they do need to know a few things about Iran tours and Iran visas before planning their trip to Iran. Iranviva group is here to help all the tourists from all over the world, and in particular, the American tourists, while visiting Iran.

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