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Shiraz Public Transportation System

Shiraz Public Transportation System - Iran Travel - Iranviva-min


“Shiraz” is one of the most famous historical cities of Iran that has always been the cradle of culture and beauty of the country. This city is located in the south of the country, in Fars province about 930 km away from the capital of Iran (Tehran).

Iranviva Group has provided this article that is discussing Shiraz facilities for intra-city transport, inter-city transport, different means of transportation, public transport schedules and routes, public transport fares, how to buy tickets, how to access the stations, and time and distance between different routes.

If you’re planning to visit the city of Orange blossoms on your next trip, do not miss this article and other articles about the city of Shiraz.

In article “Best Places to visit in Shiraz” , can will get comprehensive information about different monuments and tourist attractions of Shiraz and get acquainted with different types of accommodation in the city.

But if you like to take a tour and experience an attractive journey to the city of poetry and literature, you can visit Iranviva Tours in the “Iran Tours Page” and book your favorite tour online.

Shiraz Intra-city Transportation

Shiraz Intra-city Transportation 2 - Iran Travel - IranvivaThe most used intra-city transport means in Shiraz are metro, bus and taxi by which you can get to different tourist attractions of the city.

Different means of public transportation in Shiraz, maps, routes, fares, trip duration, distances, stations, how to buy tickets, and how convenient different means of transportation are, will be introduced to you in this station.

Shiraz Metro

Metro in Shiraz - Iran Travel - IranvivaShiraz metro has 6 lines, though only one line is being used currently that is 24.5 km long and has 20 stations. Shiraz Metro connects east of Shiraz with the west of the city, carrying more than 7 million passengers a year from Ehsan Square to Gol Sorkh Square (Allah Sq).

In terms of their structures, Shiraz metro stations are divided into two categories of deep and semi-deep Stations. Deep station have two levels, the ticket hall level and boarding platform level, where passengers can board the trains. Semi-deep stations, however, are those with one floor where both the ticket hall and platforms are located.

Elevators and escalators are provided in all stations to take passengers and also disabled people up and down the stairs easily. Some stations like Vakil al-Roaya and Zand Stations that are located in historical texture of the city have three underground levels, with a separate commercial floor.

To access the subway stations in the city should consider the following logo and wherever you see this logo, you know you’re near one of the metro stations.

The following is Shiraz metro logo that is usually found around the city near the metro stations.

Shiraz Metro Logo - Iran Travel - Iranviva

Metro Tickets and Fares

Shiraz Metro tickets cost about 500 tomans (about 0.04 euros).

Shiraz Metro fare is paid by tickets or ticket cards. It is better for travelers and tourists who are going to use metro limitedly to use disposable paper tickets. However, if you are going to use Shiraz metro more frequently, you’d better use the electronic ticket cards.

Rechargeable ticket cards can be charged with the required amount of fare. The fare for your journey will be deducted whenever you use the ticket card.

It should be noted that the fare for metro is just paid electronically and cash payment is not accepted.

Remember that you can travel by metro to different stations with the same fare you have paid first until you exit the metro. In case you exit the gates at the stations you must pay the fare again.

To get more information about Shiraz metro including the trains’ departure time, you can visit the following website:


Shiraz Metro Map - Iran Travel - Iranviva

City Way Card

Shiraz City Way Card - Iran Travel - IranvivaAs mentioned above, travelers and tourists who have traveled to Iran and Shiraz can use credit tickets for the metro that are called City Way Card.

These cards can also be used to pay the fare of intra-city buses electronically in the city of Shiraz.

How to buy a City Way Card

City Way cards are available in ticket booths around the city, bus terminals and also subway stations. The maximum amount for a single charge of these cards is 30,000 tomans (about 2.14 euros).

Payments for charging the tickets can be made in cash to the clerk, or electronically by debit cards.

Visiting the following web page, you can order a travel card, and also get a list of ticket booths in the city.

How to Buy a City Way Card

How to use a City Way Card

To use the card, you must buy a ticket that is valid for your journey. Actually, it must be validated by the readers on the operator’s equipment. If so, the gate will be opened for you.

One journey is deducted for each validation and the remaining journey balance appears on the screen of the validation equipment.

Moreover, among the easy-, medium-, and difficult-to-use means of public transportation in Shiraz, this type of transport is easy-to-use.

Shiraz Taxis

Taxi Shiraz - Iran Travel - IranvivaTaxis in Shiraz are often yellow and have yellow number plates with black letters, but sometimes private cars also carry passengers to their destinations that is generally so common in Iran. However, you’d better use the yellow taxis with yellow plates that are widely used in Shiraz.

Yellow taxis in Shiraz include airport taxis, terminal taxis, Taxi 133, line taxis and online taxis.

Most of taxis in Shiraz are equipped with e-pay system through which you can pay taxi fare by your debit cards or City Way cards.

It should be noted that all the taxi fares in Shiraz should be paid in Iranian rials.

To catch a taxi in Shiraz you need to wait beside of the street, raising your hand for an oncoming taxi and then tell the driver your destination.

Up to 4 passengers can usually ride together in a taxi (3 passengers on the rear seat and one passenger on the front seat), but you can take a private taxi with no other passengers and pay a higher fare.

To hire a private car with its driver, you can use the term “Darbasti”.

Among different means of transport, taxi is an easy-to-use one.

Airport Taxis

Shiraz Shahid Dastgheyb International Airport taxis offer a 24/7 transfer service at terminals of domestic and international flights. The taxi fare is calculated by electronic taximeters. In the following table shows the approximate fare that taximeters calculate for the proposed routes:

NO.Proposed RoutesApproximate Fares (tomans)
1City center (Zand St.)15000 to 18000
2Tomb of Sa’adi18000 to 21000
3Tomb of Hefez18000 to 21000
4Ghasr-e_Dasht23000 to 27000
5 Marvdasht ( to Persepolis and Pasargadae)80000 to 150000
6Sadra35000 to 40000

At the airport, the taxi companies offering VIP services with fares of about 50 percent higher than the fares provided in the table above. VIP taxi drivers are more experienced in tourism. These companies provide services to travelers and tourists who travel to Iran and the historical city of Shiraz.

Bus Terminal Taxis

These taxis offer a 24/7 transfer services to the passengers. The fare per kilometer is calculated by the taximeter installed in taxis based on the time and distance in addition to the entry fee, and is pre-paid to the operator at the terminal.

133 Taxi Service

133 Taxi - Iran Travel - IranvivaAnother type of taxis in the city of Shiraz is Wireless Taxi 133 that is providing services to citizens and visitors. The fare per kilometer is calculated by the taximeter installed in taxis based on the time and distance in addition to the entry fee.

Line Taxis and Private Taxis

Like other cities in Iran, to catch a taxi in Shiraz, you need to find a taxi stand and wait for a taxi at the taxi stand.

For the convenience of tourists, some of taxi routes in Shiraz are shown in the following table.

No.SourceDestinationNumber of Cars
1First of Forsat ShiraziSardkhane Bridge10
2First of FazilatEnd of Fazilat12
3Darb-e DovomNamazi Sq.37
4AzadeganShahrak Parvaz19
5First of MehrabEnd of Mehrab64
6First of PdonakEnd of Pdonak55
7Darb-e DovomSharifabad34
8SharifabadShahrak Mehrgan32
9Shahrak Shahid DastgheybShahrak Sanati20
10Basirat Bridge (Moali’abad)Shahrak Javadieh21
11First of Shahrak HafezEnd of Shahrak Hafez10
12Hafezieh CrossroadAkbarabad12
14Daralrahmeh CemeterySoltanabad12

You can also wait beside the street (where there is no taxi stand) and raise your hand (as shown in the picture above) for an oncoming taxi and then tell the driver your destination.

Up to 4 passengers can usually ride together in a taxi (3 passengers on the rear seat and one passenger on the front seat), but you can take a private taxi with no other passengers and pay a higher fare.

To hire a private car with its driver, you can use the term “Darbasti”.

For more information about the taxi lines in Shiraz visit the following link.

information about the taxi

Online and Private Taxis

Snapp & Tap30 - Iran Travel - Iranviva-minPrivate taxis are of two kinds: One group are those travelling around the city and carrying passengers, and the other are those managed by big transport companies and meet the demands of passengers using their applications, exclusively dedicated to taxi services.

As above mentioned, using the first group is not recommended because they are not usually under an organized company, but the second category provide a convenient way to carry passengers from place to place.

To use the second type of taxis, you can download the taxi booking apps and request a taxi online. You can access the available taxis nearby and travel around the city easily (for the convenience of tourists who have chosen Iran as their travel destination, the links to download a few of these apps are brought below).

Using these applications is not difficult and you just need to choose your location and destination on the map. The ride price will be shown up and you will confirm your request. Your request will be accepted by drivers nearby within a very short time.

When your order is accepted, the car model, number and its location will be shown on the application. You will receive a message when the car arrives.

Given that you are the only passenger, the taxi fare will usually be 3 to 4 times more than the regular taxis’.

To install the online taxi order applications, you can visit the following websites.

SNAPP website to download the application: https://snapp.ir/

TAPSI website to download the application:  https://tapsi.ir/

This type of transportation is absolutely convenient to use.

Shiraz Intra-city Bus Service

Shiraz Intra-city Bus Service - Iran Travel - IranvivaIntra-city buses in Shiraz are the major, most widely used and cheapest modes of public transportation in the city carrying passengers to almost all parts of the city. The bus fares can be paid either in cash or by the City Way cards. There are ticket booths for buying and charging these ticket cards around the city, in different bus stops and metro stations. These ticket cards cost 1700 tomans (0.12 euros) and they can be charged up to 30,000 tomans (2.14 euros). You can pay metro fare in Shiraz by this card ticket too.

These ticket booths, located in the terminals and bus stations, are open from 6 am to 21 pm on weekdays. On holidays, five booths in terminals offer service to tourists from 7 am to 20 pm.

You can see the active bus lines, their routes, fare and more details about the stations in the website below.


This type of transportation is rather hard-to-use.

Car Rental for Tourists

Shiraz Car Rental - Iran Travel - IranvivaAnother way of travelling for tourists who have travelled to Iran is renting a car. Tourists in Iran will be able to rent a vehicle with or without an experienced driver. Iranviva Group suggests you rent a car with a driver, so there will be no problems or concerns related to finding routes, car parks around tourist sites, and traffic regulations, and you will easily access to all the city landmarks and tourist sites.

As you know, there are some car rental conditions and qualifications required that Iranviva Group has brought here as a list for tourists who travel to Iran.

Car Rental Requirements, Terms and Conditions

  • Age-related Requirements: A minimum age of 20 years
  • Driving license: A driver’s license valid for a minimum of 6 months

You can drive in Iran for 6 months from the time you enter Iran, with a valid driver’s license from your home country.

ID Requirements:

  • A copy of passport
  • Paying the rent and cash deposit
  • Paying an amount of money as deposit that will be paid back to the client when the vehicle is returned.

For your convenience, some websites offering car rental for tourists have been brought here.

You can visit the following websites and book your desired vehicle for your required date:



This type of transportation is absolutely convenient, too.

Shiraz Intercity Transportation

Shiraz Inter-city Transportation - Iran Travel - IranvivaTraveling to and from the city of Shiraz is possible through roads, rail and air. Shiraz inter-city transportation system is described in the following part of the article, including routes, schedules, cost, how to buy tickets online, airports, terminals and train stations, how to access the stations, travel time and distance, how convenient different modes of transportation are, and also the most economical means of transportation.

Shiraz Train

Shiraz Train - Iran Travel - IranvivaIn this section, we are going to discuss the access routes to Shiraz railway station, services and facilities, rail routes, etc.

If you are planning to use Shiraz railway, make sure to visit Raja website and other booking tickets websites, and check train schedules, trains’ images, features and facilities, and then book your desired tickets before traveling to Iran, so you won’t have problems on your trip to Iran.

This type of transportation can be very convenient, convenient or medium-difficult to use, depending on the type of train.

Shiraz Railway Information and Train Schedules

To see the schedule of all the trains you can visit the official website of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railway Company.


Wherever you are in Shiraz, you can get to the station by taxis or buses.

Shiraz Railway Address: Shiraz, beginning of the entrance to Shahrak Sadra, near the Ardakan-Shiraz police station, Shiraz railway station

Phone Number: 071-36201815, 071-36200321, 071-36201776, 071-36201270

Information Center: 0215149

Website: http://fars.rai.ir

Train Ticket Booking

To book train tickets in Iran, you need to have an account on the train ticket booking sites. Once you have logged in, you can select the source and destination of your journey, time, number of passengers, type of train (ordinary, for women, etc.), and transportation companies, then you will have a list of options available from which you can choose and enjoy an affordable and convenient journey.

For entering personal information and booking ticket you need to choose the option of foreign nationals or purchasing by passport. The required information for foreign nationals to buy tickets includes first name, last name, date of birth, and passport number. It should be noted that the cost of train tickets for children between 2 to 12 years of age will be given a half-price discount. Moreover, you need to be at the station about 45 minutes before the departure time to do the necessary paperwork.

To get information about ticket cancellation and refund, you can visit the following website:


Examples of active train ticket booking sites:




Shiraz Train Routes and Schedules

924 kmAbout 15 to 18 hours depending on the trainTehran – Shiraz

Shiraz – Tehran

Stations along the route:  Marvdasht, Sivand, Pasargadae, Qaderabad, Safashahr, Khorrambid, Eqlid, Abadeh, Izad Khast, Aminabad,  Shahreza, Mahyar and Seyed Abad
About 6 to 7 hoursKerman- Shiraz

Shiraz – Kerman

1104 kmAbout 15 to 16 hoursShiraz -Tabriz

Tabriz- Shiraz

Stations along the route: Marvdasht, Sivand, Pasargadae, Eqlid, Abadeh, Izad Khast,  Shahreza,  Sistan, Espidan, Badroud, Kashan, Karaj, Hashtgerd, Qazvin, Soltanieh, Pol Dokhtar, Mianeh, Ajabshir, and Azarshahr
896 kmAbout 12 to 13 hoursRasht- Shiraz

Shiraz – Rasht

308 kmAbout 4 to 5 hoursYazd- Shiraz

Shiraz – Yazd

456 kmAbout 6 to 7 hoursBandar Abbas – Shiraz

Shiraz – Bandar Abbas

Shiraz Railway Facilities

Shiraz Railway Facilities - Iran Travel - IranvivaWaiting hall, souvenir shops, food shops, drinking fountain, convenient and separate men and women toilets, digital systems showing trains’ departure times and status, and various guide signs are just some of the facilities available in this big station. You can also use the carts provided at the station to carry your luggage. There are taxis and other vehicles at the station to transfer passengers.

Shiraz Air Service

Shiraz Airport - Iran Travel - IranvivaThe second and best-equipped international airport in Iran, after Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport, is Shahid Dastgheyb International Airport in Shiraz. This airport is one of the safest airports in Iran with an open sky service that hosts about 4 million passengers per year.

Domestic Flights Destinations

Domestic flights from Shiraz airport include flights to Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz, Ahvaz, Urmia, Abadan, Bandar Lengeh, Bushehr, Bandar Abbas, Jahrom, Sari, Larestan, Lamerd, Lavan, Chabahar, Kerman, Kish, Qeshm, Mahshahr, Kharg, Asaluyeh, Bahregan, and Rasht.

International Flights Destinations

International flights from Shiraz airport include Turkey (Istanbul), Iraq, Syria (Damascus), Qatar (Doha), United Arabic Emirates (Dubai and Sharjah), Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia (Jeddah and Medina), Oman (Muscat).

Shiraz Airport Facilities

Both domestic and international terminals in Shiraz airport have facilities such as public hall, restrooms, prayer room, ATMs, banks for foreign currency exchange, (fast food) restaurants, coffee shops, shopping booths, supermarkets, crafts and souvenirs booths and services for disabled people.

Flight Information of Shiraz Airport

Phone number: 071-37115000 and 071-37118890

Flight information: 199 (24/7 service)

Website: https://shiraz.airport.ir/en/flight-info

Access Routes to Shiraz Airport

The approximate time it takes to go from your location to the airport depends on the type of vehicle, the route and driving speed. For your comfort, wherever you are, you can use the Google Maps app and, choosing your location and destination, find the best route, means of transport, the distance and time of your journey.


 Access Routes from Shiraz Airport to different parts of the city

You can go from the airport to the other cities around the city by taking metro at Shahid Dastgheyb metro station that is located in Allah Square at the entrance of the airport. You can also use buses at the bus stops in the Modarres Boulevard. The other options are the airport taxis and official car agencies, car rental and online taxis.

How to Book Flight Tickets

To buy an airline ticket, you need to have an account in the following sites. Once you have logged in, you can select the source and destination of your journey, date, and the number of passengers. You will then see the list of flight in that specific date and you can choose the right flight with its facilities. It should be noted that for entering personal information and booking ticket, you need to activate the option of purchasing by passport first.



To check flight status and ticket inquiries, visit the following website:


The best time to book domestic and international flights tickets

In fact, the price of the airfare depends on different factors such as flight class, airline, ticket type (systemic or charter) and travel time. As demand rises, airfares will rise too. For example, on holidays like Nowruz (New Year) holiday, the flight price is higher. So the time you travel to Iran plays an important role in the ticket price you request.

Remember that weekdays are usually cheaper than weekends. Mondays and Tuesdays are the best time to book your flight ticket in Iran, and flights on Wednesdays to Saturday are the most expensive ones.

Low season in Iran is usually the months of April, October, November and January that are likely the cheapest months to fly and travel by other means of transportation.

Iran’s Best Airline Companies

Ranking of airlines based on age may not be fair, so, considering the largeness, technology used, quality of aircrafts, service and passenger satisfaction, we have provided a list of airlines in Iran, sorted based on standard ranking for verifying the companies. The airlines in the following list are among the biggest and best Iranian airlines:

  1. Mahan Air
  2. Iran Air (Homa)
  3. ATA Airline
  4. Kish Air
  5. Qeshm Air
  6. Meraj Airline
  7. Aseman Airline

Airfares from Shiraz to Some Major Cities of Iran


Shiraz toPrice (tomans)Price (euros)
Tehran230000 to 61300016.4 to 43.5
Mashhad248000 to 82300017.7 to 58.7
Bandar Abbas283000 to 45800020.2 to32.7
Tabriz311000 to 93000022.2 to 66.4
Kish388000 to 52300027.7 to 37.3

This type of transportation is convenient and in most of the time very convenient to use.

Shiraz Inter-city Bus Service

Shiraz Inter-city Bus Service - Iran Travel - IranvivaShiraz is one of the cities in Iran that is easily accessed from any part of the country by land. There are 5 bus terminals in Shiraz in 4 main entry and exit roads to the city.

To book bus tickets, you just need to visit ticket booking websites and, choosing the source and destination and travel date, you will see the list of buses available so you can book the ticket according to the services that the bus offers.

Each of these bus terminals have coaches to some different cities of Iran, therefore, it is essential for you to check the terminal name before purchasing tickets. You also need to be at the terminal about half an hour before the departure time.

Shiraz Bus Terminals

Karandish Bus Terminal (First Bus Terminal in Shiraz)

This terminal is the largest and most famous bus terminal in the city of Shiraz, and has 4 halls with an area of ​​10 thousand square meters, offering service to a variety of passengers.

Location: Northeast of Shiraz

The main destinations of the buses departing from this terminal include Isfahan, Shahrekord, Bandar Abbas, Shahin Shahr, Abadeh, Khorram Abad, Tehran, Dezful, Arak, Kerman, Zahedan, Kermanshah, Sanandaj, Kelachay, Khorramshahr, Larestan, Beyram, Ashkanan, Eqlid, Tabriz, Sari, Gorgan, Mashhad, Evaz, Rafsanjan, Lamerd, Assaluyeh, Parsian, Gerash, Farashband, Bandar Lengeh, Behbahan, Rasht, Borujerd, Zanjan, Qeshm, Andimeshk, Chabahar, Iranshahr, Zarinshahr, Hamedan, Qazvin, Yazd, Abarkuh, Shalamcheh, Meybod, Birjand, Mirjaveh, Fariman etc.

Facilities: Car park, public telephone, green space, service stations, ATM, public taxis, passenger luggage storage

Address: Shahid Karandish Bus Terminal, Salman Farsi Blvd., Corner of East Saheli St., Shiraz

Phone: 071-37306554, 071-37307925, 071-37309857, 071-37319115-6

Shahid Modarres Bus Terminal

Location: East of Shiraz

The main destinations of the buses departing from this terminal include Estahban, Fasa, Jahrom, Neyriz Darab, Sarvestan, Meymand, Ghirokarzin, Farashband, Firuzabad, Zahedshahr, Shahr-e Pir, and Bastak.

Facilities: Car park, public telephone, green space, service stations, ATM, public taxis, passenger luggage storage

Address: Shahid Modarres Bus Terminal, Shahid Modarres Blvd., Shiraz

Phone: 071-37269888, 071-37269999, 071-37257080

Moreover, this terminal is located in one of the busiest parts of the city.

Amirkabir Bus Terminal

Location: South of Shiraz

The main destinations of the buses departing from this terminal include Bushehr, Bandar Ganaveh, Dehdasht, Abadan, Kazerun, Bandar Deylam, Dogonbadan, Ahvaz, Dayyer, Nurabad and Beyza.

Facilities: Car park, public telephone, green space, service stations, ATM, public taxis, passenger luggage storage

Address: Amirkabir Bus Terminal, after Bushehr Road police Station, Tavanir, Amirkabir Blvd., Shiraz

Phone: 071-38335470, 071-38335473, 071-38335472

Aliebn Hamze Terminal

Location: Northeast of Shiraz

The main destinations of the buses departing from this terminal include Marvdasht, Zarghan, Sa’adat Shahr, Arsanjan, Kharameh, Abadeh Tashk, Kamfiruz, Surian, Sarhad, Mazayjan, Simakan.

Facilities: Public telephone, green space, service stations, ATM

Address: Aliebn Hamze Terminal, opposite Shahid Karandish Terminal, East Saheli St., Shiraz

Phone: 071-37327650

Tabatabai Bus Terminal

Location: Northwest of Shiraz

The main destinations of the buses departing from this terminal include Sepidan and Yasouj

Address: Tabatabai Bus Terminal, 15 km of Kharameh Road, Shiraz

Shiraz Bus Fares from Shiraz to Other Major Cities in Iran

Shiraz toPrice (euros)
Tehran6.14 to 8.42
Isfahan1.8 to 4.6
Yazd3.3 to 4.4
Bandar Abbas3.2 to 5.4
Rasht7.7 to 9.6
Tabriz8.2 to 11.8
Kerman2 to 5

You can visit the following websites to get information about the bus fares:



This type of transportation is rather difficult to use.

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