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Tabriz Public Transportation System, the City of Firsts

Public Transportation System in Tabriz - Iran Travel - Iranviva


Tabriz, the provincial capital of East Azerbaijan Province is one of the most beautiful cities that is also famous around the world. This city is the largest city and the official, communication, commercial, political, industrial, cultural and military region in the northwestern area (Azerbaijan) of Iran.

Stay with us in this article to get information about the transportation system of this metropolitan.

In this article, we are going to discuss the intra-city transportation, inter-city transportation, and issues like the most cost-effective means of transportation, routes and schedules of public transportation, fares, how to buy tickets, train station, airport, bus terminals and how to access them, and time and distance between different routes.

We will also introduce Tabriz International Airport, its railway station and different terminals of the city. If you need to know more about Tabriz subway, bus lines and taxis in the city this article will help you.

You can get comprehensive information about tourist attractions and places of interest in the city of Tabriz in article “Tabriz, the City of Firsts” and “A Brief History of East Azerbaijan Province“.

However, to discover guided tours and trips around the charming historic cities of Iran, you can visit Iran tours Page and choose your favorite tour online.

Tabriz Intra-city Transportation

Tabriz Intra-city Transportation - Iran Travel - IranvivaDue to the large number of tourists in the city of Tabriz, along with the inhabitants’ high demand for daily public transport journeys, public transportation systems of Tabriz include a variety of transit options such as subway, bus, taxi and BRT, by which you can easily access tourist attractions of the city.

To get you more informed, different means of public transportation in Tabriz, maps, routes, fares, trip duration, distances, stations, how to buy tickets, and how convenient different means of transportation are discussed in this station.

Tabriz Metro

Tabriz Metro - Iran Travel - IranvivaTabriz metro refers to the active and under-construction lines of the urban trains and trams in the city of Tabriz.

Only one line is active in Tabriz metro currently and when completed, it will have 5 active lines. Tabriz metro line 1 is 17.2 kilometers long and consists of 18 stations that starts at El Goli station and ends at Nour Laleh Station. However, Qonqa, Qazran, and Laleh stations are not used yet, and only limited service is offered to the passengers at Imam Hussein, Shahid Bakeri and Nour stations.

Major Metro Stations in Tabriz Metro Line 1

El Goli Station, Bahman 29 Station, Abresan Station, Saat Square Station, Kohan Square Station

Tabriz Metro Working Hours

Every day from 6:30 to 21 in El Goli Station to Kohan Square Station (Amin 3-way junction) route, and from 11 to 14 in Kohan Square Station to Nour Station route.

Tabriz Metro Logo and Map

The following is Tabriz metro logo that is usually found around the city near the metro stations.

Tabriz Metro Logo - Iran Travel - Iranviva

Map of Tabriz and suburbs Metro - Iran Travel - Iranviva Tabriz Metro Map - Iran Travel - Iranviva

Tabriz Metro Fares and Tickets

Tabriz metro fare is paid electronically by ticket cards or one-way tickets and costs about 800 tomans (about 0.05 euros).

Rechargeable ticket cards can be charged with the required amount of fare. The fare for your journey will be deducted whenever you use the ticket card.

It should be noted that metro fare is just paid electronically and cash payment is not accepted.

Remember that you can travel by metro to different stations with the same fare you have paid first until you exit the metro. In case you exit the gates at the stations you must pay the fare again.

  Tabriz City Way Card (Credit Ticket)

 How to buy a City Way Card

City Way cards are available in ticket booths around the city, bus terminals and also metro stations. Payments for charging the tickets can be made in cash to the clerk, or electronically by debit cards.

How to use a City Way Card

To use the card, you must buy a ticket that is valid for your journey. Actually, it must be validated by the readers on the operator’s equipment. If so, the gate will be opened for you.

One journey is deducted for each validation and the remaining journey balance appears on the screen of the validation equipment.

Among different modes of public transportation in Tabriz, this type of transport is easy-to-use.

Tabriz Taxi

Tabriz Taxi - Iran Travel - IranvivaIf you would like to explore the city of Tabriz easily, taking taxis could be one of the best options for you. Taxis traveling all around the city, taxis of bus terminals, airport, railway station, and online taxis will offer passengers the most rapid and convenient transport to all parts of the city.

It should be noted that all the taxi fares in Tabriz should be paid in Iranian rials.

Airport Taxis

Taxis in Tabriz Shahid Madani Airport offer passengers a 24/7 transfer service to and from the city of Tabriz.

Airport taxi services:

VIP taxis of Tashrifat Seir Aras transportation company for traveling within the cities

VIP taxis of Didar Sei Giti International Transport company for traveling between the cities

For more information please contact 04132606111.

Bus Terminal Taxis

These taxi services are provided in bus terminals to transfer passengers to different parts of the city.

City Taxi Line and Private Taxis

To catch a taxi in Tabriz, like other cities in Iran, you need to find a taxi stand and wait there for a taxi. You can also wait beside the street (where there is no taxi stand) and raise your arm (as shown in the picture above) for an oncoming taxi and then tell the driver your destination.

Up to 4 passengers can usually ride together in a taxi (3 passengers on the rear seat and one passenger on the front seat), but you can take a private taxi with no other passengers and pay a higher fare.

To hire a private car with its driver, you can use the term “Darbasti”.

Taxi fare in Tabriz is approximately 500 tomans (0.035 euros) for a direct route, and between 1,000 to 1,500 tomans (0.07 to 0.10 euros) for other routes.

Online and Private Taxis

Private taxis are of two kinds: One group are those traveling around the city and carrying passengers, and the other are those managed by big transport companies and meet the demands of passengers using their applications, exclusively dedicated to taxi services.

Using the first group is not recommended because they are not usually under an organized company, but the second category provides a convenient way to carry passengers from place to place.

Technology has affected transportation system all around the world and Tabriz taxi system is no exception. Recently, a taxi ordering app named Qonqa is providing taxi service in Tabriz. Using this application, you can order a taxi and pay the fare online.

You can also download other taxi ordering apps and request a taxi online. You can access the available taxis nearby and travel around the city easily (for the convenience of tourists who have chosen Iran as their travel destination, the links to download a few of these apps are brought below).

Using these applications is not difficult at all and you just need to choose your location and destination on the map. The ride price will be shown up and you will confirm your request. Your request will be accepted by drivers nearby within a very short time.

When your order is accepted, the car model, number and its location will be shown on the application. You will receive a message when the car arrives.

Since you are the only passenger in the car, the taxi fare will usually be 3 to 4 times more than the regular taxis’.

Tabriz Bus Service and BRT

BRT in Tabriz - Iran Travel - IranvivaNow BRT service is the cheapest and mostly-used public transport in the city by which passengers can travel to almost all parts of the city.

Only a few buses are run in the city of Tabriz and there are BRT buses operating on main routes. BRT lane was first created in Shahrivar, 1387, from Railway Square in west of Tabriz to Abresan Junction in east of Tabriz, and then it was extended to Tabriz International Exhibition Center (Basij Square).

Tabriz Bus and BRT Fares

Bus fare in Tabriz is approximately 500 tomans (0.035 euros). BRT fares for different routes are different. For example, it is almost 500 tomans (0.035 euros) for buses from Shariati Street Station to Abresan Station, and about 680 tomans (0.048 euros) for buses from Railway Square to Basij Square.

Tabriz BRT Stations

Stations on Line 1:

Railway Terminal, Koye Ghods (Hotel Darya) – Khatib Junction – Ashkan (Nesf Rah) – Oil Company (Setareh Baran Shopping Center) – Silo (Mahallati Hospital) – Qatran Junction (Koureh Bashi) – Milad Bazaar (Sarcheshmeh) – Golestan garden (Qonqa Square) – Ferdowsi high school – Shariati crossroads (Shahnaz) – Tarbiat (Saat Square) – Museum (Azerbaijan Museum – Blue Mosque) – Shahid Beheshti (Mansour crossroads) – Haj Ahmed Mosque (Mansour crossroads) – Qotb Square – Tape Li Baq – Kalantar Koocheh- Abresan Junction – Tabriz University – Jaam Jam – Howzeh – 29 Bahman Hospital – Rahnamaii (interchange station towards El Goli) – Azeri (the gate of Tehran) – Valiasr junction – Ostad Shahriyar (Marmar Hotel – Ostad Shahriyar Square) – Tehran Road – Basij Terminal (Tabriz International Exhibition)

Stations on Line 1:

Abresan Junction Terminal- Kalantar Koocheh – Tape Li Baq – Qotb Square – Haji Ahmad mosque (Mansour crossroads) – Shahid Beheshti (Mansour crossroads) – Museum (Azerbaijan Museum – Blue Mosque) – Tarbiat (Saat Square) – Shahid Mohaqeqi (Amin Junction) – Shariati crossroads (Shahnaz)

Using buses and BRT in the city of Tabriz is quite convenient.

Car Rental for Tourists

Car Rental - Iran Travel - IranvivaAnother way of traveling for tourists who have traveled to Iran is renting a car. Tourists in Iran will be able to rent a vehicle with or without an experienced driver. Iranviva Group suggests you rent a car with a driver, so there will be no problems or concerns related to finding routes, car parks around tourist sites, and traffic regulations, and you will easily access to all the city landmarks and tourist sites.

As you know, there are some car rental conditions and qualifications required that Iranviva Group has brought here as a list for tourists who travel to Iran.

Car Rental Requirements, Terms and Conditions

Age-related Requirements: A minimum age of 20 years

Driving license: A driver’s license valid for a minimum of 6 months

You can drive in Iran for 6 months from the time you enter Iran, with a valid driver’s license from your home country.

ID Requirements:

  • A copy of passport
  • Paying the rent and cash deposit
  • Paying an amount of money as deposit that will be paid back to the client when the vehicle is returned.

For your convenience, some websites offering car rental for tourists have been brought here.

You can visit the following websites and book your desired vehicle for your required date:



This type of transportation is absolutely convenient, too.

Tabriz Inter-city Transportation

Tabriz Inter-city Transportation - Iran Travel - IranvivaTabriz is one of the cities that offer different types of transportation, i.e. land, rail and air transportation. Since Tabriz is a major city that attracts hordes of tourists every year, it is one of the most in-demand destinations in Iran. Thus, for the convenience of tourists and travelers, here we are going to discuss the city’s inter-city transportation, specifically routes and schedules of public transportation, fares, how to book tickets, airport, bus terminals, train station, how to access them, time and distance between different routes, the most economical modes of transport and how convenient they are.

Tabriz Train

Tabriz Train - Iran Travel - IranvivaTabriz railway is the symbol of Azerbaijan transportation, and the first streetcar in Iran was established in Tabriz. However, Tabriz railway station is not only historically important, it is also highly important because of transportation of goods to Turkey and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, through Tabriz-Razi and Tabriz-Julfa routes.

In the following part of the article, we are going to discuss Tabriz railway station access routes, the services and facilities provided in this station, rail routes, etc.

If you are planning to use Tabriz railway, make sure to visit Raja website and other booking tickets websites, and check train schedules, trains’ images, features and facilities, and then book your desired tickets before traveling to Iran, so you won’t have problems on your trip to Iran.

It depends on the type of train how convenient this type of transportation is.

Tabriz Railway Information and Train Schedules

To see the schedule of all the trains you can visit the official website of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railway Company.


Tabriz Railway Station address: end of Bahman 22 Blvd., Tabriz

Railway Information phone: 04134440052, 04134440054, 04134444479

Tabriz Train Ticket Booking

To book train tickets in Iran, you need to have an account on the train ticket booking sites. Once you have logged in, you can select the source and destination of your journey, time, number of passengers, type of train (ordinary, for women, etc.), and transportation companies, then you will have a list of options available from which you can choose and enjoy an affordable and convenient journey. For entering personal information and booking ticket you need to choose the option of foreign nationals or purchasing by passport. The required information for foreign nationals to buy tickets includes first name, last name, date of birth, and passport number. It should be noted that the cost of train tickets for children between 2 to 12 years of age will be given a half-price discount. Moreover, you need to be at the station about 45 minutes before the departure time.

To get information about ticket cancellation and refund, you can visit the following website:


Examples of active train ticket booking sites:




Train Information for Trips from Tabriz to Other

630 kmAbout 13 hoursTehran – Tabriz

Tabriz – Tehran

Stations along the route: Karaj, Hashtgerd, Qazvin, Siah Cheshmeh, Takestan, Khorramdarreh, Soltanieh, Zanjan, Sarcham, Azarpi, Mianeh, Khorasanak, Maragheh, Ajabshir, Azar Shahr, Zarei
774 kmAbout 10.5 to 12 hours, depending on the trainIsfahan – Tabriz

Tabriz – Isfahan

Stations along the route: Marvdasht, Sivand, Pasargadae, Qaderabad, Safashahr, Khorrambid, Eqlid, Abadeh, Izad Khast, Aminabad, Shahreza, Mahyar, Seyyedābad
1104 kmAbout 15 to 16 hoursTabriz – Shiraz

Shiraz – Tabriz

Stations along the route: Marvdasht, Sivand, Pasargadae, Eqlid, Abadeh, Izad Khast,  Shahreza,  Sistan, Espidan, Badroud, Kashan, Karaj, Hashtgerd, Qazvin, Soltanieh, Pol Dokhtar, Mianeh, Ajabshir, and Azarshahr

Tabriz Railway Facilities

Some of the facilities available in this big station include waiting hall, souvenir shops, food shops, drinking fountain, convenient and separate men and women toilets, digital systems showing trains’ departure times and status, and various guide signs. There are also taxis and other vehicles at the station to transfer passengers.

Features and Facilities of Tabriz Trains

Facilities of the compartments: Bed, video systems, audio systems, food packages, air conditioning, food in restaurants, reading lamp

General facilities of Train: library, wheelchair, toilet seats

 Tabriz Air Service

Tabriz Air Service - Iran Travel - IranvivaShahid Madani international airport of Tabriz is the biggest airport in North West of Iran and the third busiest airport of the country by passenger number (after Tehran Imam Khomeini airport and Mashhad airport). Shahid Madani Airport in Tabriz one of the four airports in Iran with an open sky service that is of great importance for being located on the border, and the air corridor to Europe and Central Asia.

Domestic Flights Destinations

Domestic flights from Tabriz airport include flights to Isfahan, Ahvaz, Bandar Abbas, Mashhad, Tehran, Rasht, Shiraz, Asaluyeh, Kish, and Mahshahr.

International Flights Destinations

International flights from Tabriz airport include flights to Erzurum, Izmir, Isparta, Istanbul, Hamburg, Baku, Baghdad, Tbilisi, Jeddah, Dubai, Damascus and Medina.

Tabriz Airport Facilities

Tabriz Airport - Iran Travel - IranvivaTabriz airport has a terminal for domestic flights, international flights, and pilgrimage flights, with amenities as follows:

Various booths and stands of prestigious stores, selling food, souvenirs and crafts from Tabriz, in the airport area

Stands, selling clothing and cloth, as well as cultural products related to Hajj pilgrimage, in pilgrimage terminal

Melli and Mellat Banks branches, as well as ATMs of Melli, Tejarat, Mellat, Mehr Eqtesad, Ansar banks and Mehr Finance and Credit Institute

Airport’s cafe and restaurant with various kinds of food, and the airport’s coffee shop offering breakfast, a variety of fast food and drinks

Juice stands in domestic lounge and ​​ pilgrimage terminal

Other facilities provided in Tabriz airport terminals include Smoking Rooms, Lost and Found, Luggage Wrapping, Mom and Baby Room, Customs Facilities, VIP Lounge, Medical Emergencies, and services for disabled people.

Flight Information of Shahid Madani Airport

Telephone Center: 041-35260405

Flight information: 199 (24/7) and https://fids.airport.ir/?public_airport_id=103

Website: https://tabriz.airport.ir/

Access Routes to Tabriz Airport

How much time it takes to get to the airport depends on the type of vehicle, the route you choose and driving speed. For more convenience, wherever you are, you can use the Google Maps app and, choosing your location and destination, find the best route, means of transport, the distance and time of your journey.

Address: Shahid Madani Airport, Shahid Babai Blvd., Azerbaijan Square, Tabriz


Access Routes from Tabriz Airport to different parts of the city

Along with taxis and airline companies’ cars, passengers can use airport bus line (airport-bazaar) to get to Tabriz Airport. Airport taxis offer passengers a 24/7 transfer service.

How to Book Tickets

To buy an airline ticket, you need to have an account in the following sites. Once you have logged in, you can select the source and destination of your journey, date, and the number of passengers. You will then see the list of flights in that specific date and you can choose the right flight with its facilities. It should be noted that for entering personal information and booking ticket, you need to activate the option of purchasing by passport first.



To check flight status and ticket inquiries, visit the following website:


The Best Time to Book Domestic and International Flights Tickets

In fact, the airfare depends on different factors such as flight class, airline, ticket type (systemic or charter) and travel time. As demand rises, airfares will rise too. For example, on holidays like Nowruz (New Year) holiday, the flight price is higher. So the time you travel to Iran plays an important role in the ticket price you request.

Remember that flights on weekdays are usually cheaper than those on weekends. Mondays and Tuesdays are the best time to book your flight ticket in Iran, and flights on Wednesdays to Saturday are the most expensive ones.

Low season in Iran is usually the months of April, October, November and January that are likely the cheapest months to fly and travel by other means of transportation.

Iran’s Best Airline Companies

Iran’s Best Airline - Iran Travel - IranvivaRanking of airlines based on age may not be fair, so, considering the largeness, technology used, quality of aircrafts, service and passenger satisfaction, we have provided a list of airlines in Iran, sorted based on standard ranking for verifying the companies.

The airlines in the following list are among the biggest and best Iranian airlines:

  1. Mahan Air
  2. Iran Air (Homa)
  3. ATA Airline
  4. Kish Air
  5. Qeshm Air
  6. Meraj Airline
  7. Aseman Airline
  • Airfares from Tabriz to Some Major Cities
Tabriz toPrice (tomans)Price (euros)
Tehran220000 to 40000016 to 30
Isfahan380000 to 81500027 to 58
Mashhad300000 to 41000021 to 29
Bandar Abbas300000 to 41000021 to 29
Yazd380000 to 42000027 to 30
Shiraz311000 to 93000022 to 66
Kish350000 to 50000025 to 36
Rasht250000 to 32600018 to 23

This type of transportation is convenient and in most of the time very convenient to use.

Tabriz Inter-city Bus Service

Tabriz Inter-city Bus Service - Iran Travel - IranvivaTo book bus tickets, you just need to visit ticket booking websites and, choosing the source and destination and travel date, you will see the list of buses available so you can book the ticket according to the services that the bus offers.

Bus Fares from Tabriz to Some Major Cities of Iran

Tabriz toPrice (tomans)Price (euros)
TehranAbout 80000About 6
IsfahanAbout 140000About 7.5

This type of transportation is convenient to use.

Tabriz Bus Terminals

    • Tabriz Central Bus Terminal

This terminal is the biggest terminal in west of the country with the most number of trips to the other cities. Numerous travelers travel around the country by modern buses provided by several passenger transport companies in Tabriz terminal, including Javan Seir Isar, Royal Safar, Peyk Saba and Seir-o-Safar.

Facilities: For passengers’ convenience, free Wi-Fi is set up and provided in the waiting hall of this terminal, and travelers can use the Internet for up to two hours during the day. Other facilities in Tabriz terminal Include stalls selling crafts and souvenirs, waiting halls, car park, restaurant, coffee shop, library, Mom and Baby room, and bank branches.

Destinations: Tehran (West Terminal (Azadi) and Beyhaqi Terminal (Arjantin)) – Eslamshahr – Qarchak – Istanbul – Van – Trabzon – Qom terminal – Baku – Tbilisi – Qazvin terminal – Yerevan – Kapan – Sari terminal – Amol – Babol – Noshahr – Karaj terminal – Isfahan – Azarshahr – Ahar – Maragheh – Mianeh – Bonab – Tasuj – Kaleybar – Ajabshir – Mashhad – Ahvaz terminal – Andimeshk – Shiraz – Arak terminal – Rasht – Astara – Rudsar – Langarud – Urmia terminal – Bukan – Piranshahr – Khoy – Sardasht – Salmas – Shahin Dej – Mahabad – Maku – Miandoab – Naqadeh – Qarahziyaeddin – Zanjan terminal – Kermanshah terminal – Sanandaj – Baneh – Saqqez – Hamedan terminal – Malayer – Boroujerd – Mehran – Ardabil terminal – Parsabad – Meshgin Shahr – Yazd – Gorgan – Gonbad Kavus

Address: Tabriz Central Bus Terminal, end of Manzariyeh Street, Abu Rayhan Square, Tabriz

Phone: 04134796091, 04134791177

Tabriz Northwestern Bus Terminal

This terminal is located near Tabriz international airport, Azerbaijan Square, and have offer bus services to the northern cities of East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan provinces.

Facilities: Car park, public telephone, green space, service stations, ATM, public taxis, passenger luggage storage

Address: Tabriz Central Bus Terminal, Azerbaijan Square, Tabriz

Phone: 041-32611735

This type of transportation is rather difficult to use.

In this article, we have tried to give you, as tourists to Iran, more details of how to travel to or from the city of Tabriz, so you will enjoy your trip in Iran.

If you have any questions after reading this article and other articles provided by Iranviva group, do not hesitate to contact us.

You are very welcome in advance for visiting Iran.

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