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The way you choose to travel will affect your experiences you will have on your trip and will depend on what you want to accomplish. Iran public transportation is cheap, efficient and also very easy to use, so you will find it easy to travel around the country using public transportation.

There are different means of transportation you can use on your trip to Iran. Each city has its own network of public transportation, including bus and subway in some cities. Taking taxis is also common in Iran that is really convenient, although a little bit more expensive.

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Following is an overview of different types of transportation in Iran.

This article is provided for you to have an unforgettable visit to Iran.

Taxis in Iran

Iran Taxi - Iran Tours & Travel - IranvivaThe most convenient way of traveling around the country of Iran is taking a taxi. It is not much expensive, especially when you share a taxi with someone else who is traveling the same direction as you. Sharing taxis is common in Iran. Taxis are convenient and can be found everywhere in every city, at any time of the day or night.

You can use private or shared taxis everywhere on the street. You can even order online taxis that is much more convenient. Taxi fares in Tehran are higher than anywhere else in Iran.

Buses and Subways in Iran

Iran Subway -Iran Tours & Travel - IranvivaUsing buses and subway (in some big cities), as a convenient and environment-friendly way of traveling around the cities of Iran, is such a smart way to avoid traffic congestion and reduce time, energy and money consumption.

It is not difficult to use public transportation like buses and subway in Iran. Each city has its own bus network, from the old systems to the more modern ones, in bigger cities.

There are subway networks in five big cities in Iran. There are five metro lines in Tehran’s subway that makes it really convenient and easy to go around the city.

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Traveling between Cities in Iran

Iran Bus - Iran Tours & Travel - IranvivaTraveling around the country of Iran, using public transportation is as easy as pie for tourists who travel to Iran on their own! There is railway and bus transportation service between the cities all around Iran.

To travel between the cities in Iran, one can use either trains or buses, with the latter one more appreciated by travelers. In fact, “VIP” buses are so convenient, safe, inexpensive, and flexible to use! There are numerous buses between main cities every day at any time.

Train is another option for traveling between the cities and enjoying the landscape around Iran. Although they are not much faster than buses, they usually offer a more comfortable trip during the day and night.

Bus and train tickets can be booked online easily.

Renting a car or taking a taxi is another form of traveling between the cities around Iran for rides up to three hours.

This kind of traveling is much faster and more flexible, although it is a little bit less comfortable.

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Domestic Flights in Iran

Domestic Flights in Iran - Iran Tours & Travel - IranvivaIf you are going to stay in Iran just for a few days, travelling around Iran by plane might be the most convenient option for you. Iran is a big country, the second largest country in the Middle East and the 17th largest in the world. Its territory spans 1,648,195 km2.

Flying will save a lot of your travel time on you trip to Iran. It’s a fast and rather inexpensive way of traveling. It is also easy to book a flight ticket in advance for any destination in Iran at any time.

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