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Train in Iran - Iran Tours & Travel - IranvivaTravelling around the country of Iran, using public transportation is as easy as pie for tourists who travel to Iran on their own. Everybody can easily access long-distance transportation system in any of the cities in Iran.

There is railway and bus transportation service between the cities all around Iran. There are different options from trains to buses. Intercity bus services are highly appreciated by travelers around Iran. In fact, “VIP” buses are extremely comfortable, flexible, inexpensive and safe! There are always buses available carrying passengers along long-distance routes into and out of the cities especially in main cities. The tickets are easy to book online, too.

There are also long-distance passenger train services available in Iran that is more comfortable and safer during the day and night, even if not faster. You can take a train to the destination city and just enjoy the landscape.

Another option is flying, although the service is limited to some main cities in Iran.

Iran Inter-city Bus Services

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Intercity bus service is an often economical and efficient way to travel between cities in Iran. You can easily travel around Iran by bus. Long-distance bus services are available in all cities, towns and even rural areas.

There are different bus companies in Iran, some of which only operate regionally, while others cover the whole country with their bus lines. The companies have different names. The best companies are Seiro Safar, Ham Safar, and Royal Safar. However, they might still direct you to, something like ‘ta’avoni hasht’ (cooperative number 8) in terminal.

Most of the companies provide modern vehicles. “VIP buses” are the most recommended ones because the seats are really comfortable and clean. They have snacks and drinks, and sometimes TV screens and USB plugs. For a longer trip of more than six hours, taking an overnight VIP bus can be the best choice.

Travelling by bus is really safe in Iran, even for solo women, and the drivers stop frequently during the journey to have some break in the resting areas.

Bus Tickets

There are many long-distance buses traveling between different cities in Iran frequently. For example, there are more than ten buses every day traveling between Tehran and Shiraz. For such a route, you can simply buy a ticket at the bus station or the terminals right before departure, which could be in one or two hours.

As a tourist visiting Iran, you can even do that on your own at the bus station. You can find several counters representing different companies. The names of the destination cities are usually written in Persian, but some men are constantly shouting them too. You can simply ask one of those people at the counters to lead you to the right counter.

It is also possible for you to book the bus tickets online in advance. You can ask at the hotel to book the ticket for you or you can do it on your phone. You’d better do that especially during the weekends or holidays.

There are different websites available for booking intercity bus tickets online.

There are four bus terminals in Tehran:

  1. The Western Bus Terminal (Terminal-e Gharb): which is the biggest and the busiest one, and is near Azadi Square. As the name suggests, this bus station serves for bus services going to the Caspian Sea region and western part of Iran, and international buses to Turkey and Azerbaijan.
  2. The Eastern Terminal (Terminal-e Shargh): which mostly serves for bus services to and from the Khorassan province and some parts to the North.
  3. The Southern Terminal (Terminal-e Jonoob): which is near Tehran’s main train station, and serves for bus services heading toward the south and southeast part of Iran.
  4. The Beihaghi terminal (Terminal-e Beihaghi or Terminal-e Arzhantin): which offers rides to and from the cities in central Iran, like Shiraz and Yazd.

Iran Train Services

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Trains in Iran offer safe, comfortable and lovely connections to almost all major destinations in the country. Although a little bit more expensive, traveling by trains around Iran is among the best ways of traveling.

Tehran, the capital of Iran, along with most of the other cities in Iran, has a train station. There are daily trains coming or leaving Tehran from or to different destinations, such as Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz, Bandar Abbas and Kerman.

You can choose to travel by overnight trains for long-distance rides. They are much safer and more comfortable than the buses. Plus, they provide beds and shared bathrooms, serve snacks and drinks, and sell foods on board. There is an option for solo women to choose women-only cars in train.

Train Tickets

You’d better book your train ticket in advance, especially during weekends and holidays. As a traveler you may need to ask for help at the hotel when you want to book your train ticket or you can do it online by yourself. Otherwise, you can buy your ticket at the train stations.

We will provide you with all the services like this at Iranviva, for your convenience.

There are different types of trains in Iran. Prices vary from 250.000 to 700.000 rials. “Simorgh” is probably the most luxurious type of train in Iran.

Iran Inter-city Taxi Services

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Renting a car or taking a taxi is another form of traveling between the cities around the country of Iran for rides up to three hours. This kind of traveling is much faster and more flexible, although it is far less comfortable.

You can take a shared taxi and wait for the taxi to be full with passengers or you can rent a private car for any destination you want to travel to. Hiring a private car may cost between 50 to 150 dollars for a day, mainly depending on your destination and the ability of the driver to speak English. You can ask your hotel to help you find a reliable driver.

Among the different options for traveling between the cities in Iran, trains and buses are the most popular ones. Indeed, they are safe, comfortable and inexpensive, and you can also book them at the last minute.

Iranviva Group will book any transfer service for you when you travel to Iran.

(Please contact us for further updates on fees and information)

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