Traveling to Iran as a Couple

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Iran is a lovely place for couples to travel to. There are many travelers who travel to Iran with their partners every year. If you are interested in making romantic moments for each other on your trip, Iran is the right option for you. But how about traveling to Iran as an unmarried couple. Actually, it doesn’t seem to be a big issue, in general.

Staying at a Hotel in Iran

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Unmarried Iranian couples are not allowed to stay together in hotels. It means that Iranian Muslims cannot live or stay in a hotel room together with their partner before marriage. However, there is no law that prohibits non-Iranian and non-Muslim unmarried couples from staying together in hotels. Even though the law doesn’t make a distinction between Iranians and foreigners, in reality, most hotels do not care about it. It’s no surprising that you are asked for your marrital status and marriage document while booking a shared room with your partner at a hotel. If you are married, you can take a marriage document with you just in case. If you’re not, the worst thing is that you won’t be able to share a room with your partner! But don’t worry, most of the time it doesn’t happen.

Behaving in Public in Iran

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Iranians can be quite physically intimate with same-sex friends, even in public. However, physical contact with someone of the opposite sex is forbidden in public places in Iran. This rule is stricter in smaller cities. Holding hands is fine for couples, but kissing or hugging and dancing in public are not acceptable. You will see lots of young couples in public holding hands and walking close to each other in cities like Tehran. However, it is generally forbidden to hold hands if you are not married. You can hang out and be seen with your partner, though.

Using Public Transportation in Iran

Using Public Transportation in Iran - Iran Tours & Travel

For the sake of women’s safety and to provide a comfortable environment for them, public transportation in Iran is gender segregated, in some cases. Women will, sometimes, feel more comfortable being separated from men on public transportation. There are women-only carriages in subways in different countries, including Iran. These women-only compartments are typically located at the end of the train, the first and the last ones. It doesn’t mean, however, that women cannot ride in the other compartments. Couples can use the subways together. The train, like the subway, offers the possibility of women-only compartments. Otherwise, men and women can travel in the same carriage. There is no gender-specific rules on the plane in Iran. Iran, also, separates men and women entirely in city commuter buses, which means even married couples should sit or stand apart from each other on the bus. However, the long-distance buses between cities don’t have the women-specific sections. A woman can get a seat reservation online. If a man has a ticket for the seat next to you, the driver will rearrange the passengers so no woman sits next to an unknown man! But couples can take seats next to each other. There are even some taxies exclusively provided for women which offer female drivers for female passengers, although there not many of them. Women-only online taxis are getting extensively used nowadays, too. This is really nothing new, however. A number of countries around the world already have women-only transport. As a couple, whether you are married or not, use Iranviva group tour packages and enjoy your stay in the land of wonders!

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