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Traveling to Iran as a Solo Female

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Tower Azadi - Iran Tours & Travel Contrary to what is said in some media, Iran is known as one of the safest destinations among travelers around the world. It is the same for women and men. Even women who have traveled to Iran on their own say that Iran is the best option in the Middle East for women who like trying solo travel. They all speak highly of their experience in Iran. When women who have traveled to Iran independently share their experience with people around the world, on their blogs, they just say how secured they were feeling on their stay in Iran, and that how this feeling of safety was more than they expected before traveling to Iran. To them, Iran is one of the best solo female travel destinations. The independent women choose Iran as their holiday destination, despite the stereotype that Iran is a dangerous place to visit, and despite whatever others tell them concerning about them and asking them to think over their chosen destination. For example, as mentioned in ‘annaeverywhere.com’ by the famous travel blogger, Anna, about the ill-reputation and misconception about Iran, caused by the media, “In the media, Iran seemed like a place where no one would ever want to visit.. I never once felt physically threatened, unsafe, or at risk, even when I was wandering the streets of Iran. I felt safer in Iran than if I was walking around in NYC. Even the tap water was safe in Iran!” According to Travel Risk Map that provides a comprehensive overview of health and security risks by destination, Iran is rated as safe as Sweden, Germany, Australia, and most Europeans countries. Unlike other countries that are top tourist destinations but can be challenging for solo women, Iran is completely safe! Just have a look at a list of the safest cities in the world and not surprisingly you will see Tehran there.

Iranians Love Foreign Tourists

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There are obviously security risks while traveling to new places but that doesn’t mean we will stop traveling. Foreign visitors should be familiar with the culture and at least the most basic rules of the destination country, wherever it is, and try to be cautious when meeting new places.

To be familiar with the restrictions and rules in Iran read Iranviva article “Everything about Rules Clothing in Iran” .

Tourists in Iran are respected and Iranians have a tendency to protect and help tourists specially woman. People in Iran are incredibly generous and hospitable and don’t have any bad intentions! It is not difficult for a visitor, to find their destination for example. There are always some people there for you, to help you find your destination and they even don’t mind spending some time to help you!

Safe Transportation in Iran

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Having some basic knowledge about public transportation in Iran is becoming crucial with the increasing number of individual tourists flowing. Women would feel safe in Iran, since most of the public transportation is gender-segregated, and most of the physical contacts between men and women are prohibited in public. Therefore, public transportation is safe and comfortable enough for solo women. There are also some women specific taxis, especially online taxis. The buses between the cities don’t have the women-specific sections but when buying a ticket you get a seat reservation too. If a guy has a ticket for the seat next to you, the driver rearranges the passengers so no woman sits next to an unknown man!

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