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Why should we spend our holiday in Iran?

Iran is a country, located in the Middle East, which can meet the various needs of tourists and satisfy their different tastes, due to its rich civilization, historical sites, geographic location, nature of the four seasons and diverse tourist attractions. Therefore, considering the high security and low cost of travel to the country, it is introduced as one of the major tourist destinations to spend holidays in.

Is Iran a safe travel destination?

One of the wrong assumptions about the country of Iran is in terms of its security. Despite its location in Asia and the Middle East, and neighboring countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iran is considered as one of the safest countries in the region. According to the international data, security in Iran is much more than a touristic country such as Turkey.

To confirm the statements made above, refer to websites like www.travelriskmap.com.

What does “the rich civilization” mean, as mentioned about Iran?

According to documentation in some of the world history references, Persian civilizations is one of the top ten greatest civilizations in the world.

One of the main well-known manifestations of the Persian civilization is the Achaemenid Empire, established in 550 BC, as the largest empire in the world’s history. Some kinds of art such as carving, masonry, metalwork and painting are also attributed to this civilization.

Visiting which historical sites in Iran expresses the importance of the visit to this country?

In terms of some civilizations, everything is said based on written documentation, and no tangible or physical evidence have been remained.

However, the surprising thing about the country of Iran is the tangible or physical evidence remained from the great civilization of this land; remains like Pasargadae and Persepolis.

Plus, the wide range of the monuments attributed to different periods in the past in Iran is another reason for traveling to this country.

Tourists, interested in culture and civilization, can travel to cities like Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Tehran and Qazvin to visit beautiful remnants of civilizations of different periods in this country.

How is Iran’s geographical location and nature of the four seasons?

Iran is bordered by the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea to the south and the Caspian Sea (the largest lake in the world) to the north. It is also surrounded by Alborz and Zagros mountains in North, South and West. This has caused that the weather in different parts of the country do not affect other parts and one can enjoy a variety of climates at the same time. So that you can see four seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter at the same time by traveling to every corner of the country.

Why should we choose Iran among the countries surrounding Persian Gulf to travel to?

Iran is geographically located in two major regions of the world, firstly in the ancient continent of Asia and secondly in the Middle East.

The typical image of the Middle East in mind of most of the tourists we have had the honor of hosting, before traveling to Iran, was a hot and arid region with vast, scorching deserts. This is true, but only for part of the Middle East. As opposed to its neighbors which have dry and hot weather, Iran is known as the paradise of the region with a different climate.

How much does it cost to travel to Iran?

Perhaps the most significant question before deciding to travel is about travel cost, which might discourage or encourage us to travel.

If you are told that you can experience one of the most beautiful, most memorable and most amazing trips of your life during a period of more than ten days, with only $ 2,000, what would you say?

True, it might be difficult to believe but just visit Iranviva tours webpages to make sure.

Why Iranviva?

One of the most valuable assets of each corporation is its experience particularly in the tourism industry. Iranviva Group, with many years of experience in the field of providing culture and adventure tour packages in Iran, is proud to host tourists by providing appropriate packages and tours in this exciting journey.