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Using Public Transportation on Your Trip to Iran

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As a clever way to avoid traffic congestion, and reduce time, energy and money consumption, public transportation can be more convenient and environment-friendly. Different types of public transportation services in major cities of Iran are available at a low price for everyone. For example, it’s really convenient to travel by subway around the city of Tehran, the capital city of Iran. In fact, using public transportation in Iran is not difficult at all. Here is all about public transportation in Iran that you may find useful as a tourist on your visit to Iran.

Iran Inter-City Transportation

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Travelling around the country of Iran, using public transportation is as easy as pie for tourists who travel to Iran on their own. Everybody can easily access long-distance transportation system in any of the cities in Iran.

There is railway and bus transportation service between the cities all around Iran. There are different options from trains to buses. Intercity bus services are highly appreciated by travelers around Iran. In fact, “VIP” buses are extremely comfortable, flexible, inexpensive and safe! There are always buses available carrying passengers along long-distance routes into and out of the cities especially in main cities. The tickets are easy to book online, too.

There are also long-distance passenger train services available in Iran that is more comfortable and safer during the day and night, even if not faster. You can take a train to the destination city and just enjoy the landscape.

Another option is flying, although the service is limited to some main cities in Iran.

Getting a Local SIM Card in Iran

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Nowadays, we are not alone anymore with our smartphones, especially on our trips. They are everywhere with us. We use our cell phones for navigation, banking, shopping, social media and so on.

Tourists, in order to have a more comfortable trip, and to get zero roaming fees, inexpensive internet service and cheap phone calls, are recommended to buy a local SIM card in every country they visit, especially if they intend to stay for a while.

Iran, as a tourist destination, allows foreigners to buy local SIM cards, too. It’s easy for tourists in Iran to buy and use a local SIM card. If you are considering buying and using an Iranian local SIM card while in Iran, here is some information you need to know.

Greetings in Iran

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When you’re on vacation, the first thing you want to encounter is warm and friendly people. If you’re looking for a destination where you can expect lots of pleasant interactions, head to Iran that is home to the friendliest and most hospitable people in the world.

During your visit in Iran, you will expect friendly locals offering a warm welcome and even inviting you over for a tea or a home-made dinner. As a tourist to Iran, you need to be familiar with greeting etiquettes and phrases in Iran, too make better interactions with people around you.

To avoid mistakes, read this article to learn how to greet people in Iran.

Best Amazing and Technical Caves in Kermanshah, Iran


How Are Caves formed?
First, we would like to acquaint you with the caves in general. A cave is a natural void in the ground, a hillside or cliff, specifically a natural opening in the earth which is large enough for a human to enter through the cave’s mouth. There is no certain dimension for the mouth of caves; the entrance might be very small, so that one needs to crawl into the cave through the mouth, or it might be an opening of several meters.
Caves are formed either naturally or artificially.

Artificial caves
Artificial caves are created by humans, in the form of holes, ditches or cracks in rocks or in the ground. Artificial caves are created for various purposes including protection of humans against animals, natural disasters, wars and so on.
Natural caves
The reasons of formation of different natural caves are as follows:
1. Acidic water (carbonic acid) flowing down through the cracks in the limestone
2. Sea wave erosion
3. Earthquakes and folding in rock layers
4. Volcano
5. Wind
6. Ice Caves

Top 10 tourist caves in Iran Part1

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Iran is a country full of diversity and home to numerous amazing tourist attractions, similar to which, one can hardly find any other places.
One of the tourist attractions in Iran is its amazing caves. Thanks to the numerous caves in Iran, it is the paradise for caving lovers, and, every year, a large number of nature and adventure lovers travel to Iran to explore deep into the earth at the beautiful caves in this country.
In addition to places like Mount Paraw (Parau), which is full of technical deep caves, Iran has some caves that are good destinations for tourists interested in nature.

Top 10 tourist caves in Iran Part2

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Stalactite/ Stalagmite
There are numerous cylindrical sediments or cone-shaped rock formations known as stalactite and stalagmite in many caves. These sediments are of two types: some of them hang from the ceiling of the cave, named Stalactite, while the others rise from the floor of a cave due to the accumulation of material deposited on the floor from ceiling drippings, known as Stalagmite. Sometimes stalactite and stalagmites come together and form an integrated column.
Limestone rock is mostly composed of calcium carbonate. When rain penetrates through limestone, it dissolves some of the calcium carbonate. So, the water dripping from the cave ceiling contain a large a Mount of calcium carbonate.

Visa-Free Traveling to Iran

Visa to Iran

Tourism in Iran has blossomed in the recent years and the number of tourists who are eager to explore Iran, a land full of beauties, has increased. There are a variety of attractions in Iran that seduce tourists with any interest, from historical places, beautiful mosques and stunning palaces for architecture lovers, to ancient sites, monuments and museums for history lovers, holy shrines, Sufi monasteries, Armenian churches for those who see beauty in spirituality, lush, green forests and mountains and deserts for eco-tourists and nature lovers, and lots of other attractions that appeal to any visitor to this land.

Everything about Clothing in Iran

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Wherever you travel to, you need to respect the norms in the country. Before traveling to Iran you need to know what to wear that contributes to your comfort and also it is not contrary to the norms of society in Iran. Indeed, dress code in Iran is far from the misconception among people from other countries. On the contrary to the misconceptions, Iranians are among the most fashionable people in the world.