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Tehran Jurassic Park; A journey to millions of years ago

If you want to know more about the history of the earth millions of years ago, you should definitely include Jurassic Park in the list of places you should visit at least once in Tehran. Tehran Jurassic Park is one of the most spectacular Tehran sights that tell you about the life of dinosaurs and Defines rare animals that once lived on Earth.

Jurassic Park has prepared a trip for you millions of years ago, when giant creatures called dinosaurs lived on Earth. The dinosaurs were essentially cold-blooded vertebrates, but their survival on Earth was such that even with their large bodies, they could not survive and became extinct.

Where is Tehran Jurassic Park?

Tehran, Saadatabad, Behroud Square (end of Pakenjad Boulevard), Shaghayegh Boulevard, after the flight park.

What tourist attractions are there in this park?

In addition to the Spider Park section, which is for insects and reptiles, Jurassic Studio, 8D cinema, Jurashop and children’s toy store are some of the attractions of Jurassic Park in Tehran.

How is Jurassic Park by Metro?

You can easily reach Saadatabad with a car course via Maidan Sanat station, at the end of Tehran Metro Line 7, which is purple.

There may be few people in the world who are not curious about the secret of their existence and do not want to know more about them. Tehran Jurassic Park is also an attractive and scientific place to visit and spend leisure time with the acquisition of knowledge. Where you can imagine dinosaurs are not extinct yet and you can see them up close and realize their awesomeness. Our intention in this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine is to introduce Jurassic Park to park lovers and learn more about it.

پارک ژوراسیک تهران

Jurassic; Tehran Theme Park

Tehran Jurassic Park, also known as the Park of the Moving Dinosaurs, is an educational, tourist and recreational park located in Saadatabad, Tehran. Jurassic Park is among the Tehran Parks , the first theme park in the Middle East to be visited. Types of dinosaur sculptures are available to the public in different species as well as in their actual dimensions and size.

پارک ژوراسیک تهران

Even these sculptures have the ability to move And they also have sound and have their own special effects, and this is one of the attractions of Jurassic Park, which makes the visitor experience look more real and even more scary.

When exactly was Tehran Jurassic Park built? In the early nineties, in 1392, Jurassic Park was opened and resumed its work. The park covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters and has a moving statue of 28 dinosaurs with their exact characteristics, lifestyle and food they eat.

جذابیت های پارک برای کودکان

There is also a dinosaur egg in Tehran’s Jurassic Park from which a baby dinosaur emerges and returns to the egg, and this sculpture is designed to show how dinosaurs were born. Has been.

Tehran Jurassic Park became part of a so-called twin complex in the late 1990s, located next to Spider Park in Tehran. Spider Park was opened in 1398 AD and the theme of this park is about giant and famous insects and reptiles, their life and their sculptures on a very large scale.

مجسمه های مختلف پارک

Why Jurassic?

The name of this park seems to remind you of the famous Jurassic Park movie series, which is quite true, as the term Jurassic Park was first coined by the American physician and author Mankel Cricketon in his 1990 novel. In 1993, the famous film director Steven Spielberg made a film based on this novel of the same name.

چرا ژوراسیک؟

Tourist Attractions of Tehran Jurassic Park

In addition to dinosaur sculptures, sculptures of animals such as elephants, crocodiles, polar bears, etc. are also collected in this collection and provide visitors with information about their unique life. Other facilities of Jurassic Park in Tehran include educational and film workshops, Jurassic studio, eight-dimensional cinema, Jurashop (coffee shop for Jurassic Park).

جاذبه‌های گردشگری پارک ژوراسیک تهران

After visiting the dinosaurs with your family or friends, you can complete your day at the park’s eight-dimensional cinema or Jurassic Park photography studio and shop. Other facilities such as private parking, buffet, toilet and space for families to spend time with their children and teenagers to get acquainted with the world of prehistoric animals are also available in this park.

Dinosaur and animal sculpture

In Tehran Jurassic Park, you can see many giant sculptures up close, sculptures of animals such as hippos, gorillas, elephants, King Kong, pandas, mammoths, bears, etc. There are also a variety of herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs such as Europassure, Tall Europassure, Stegosaurus, Tyrex, Tarogosaurus, etc. in this spectacular complex of Tehran Jurassic Park.

مجسمه دایناسورها و حیوانات

One of the features of these sculptures is that each sculpture has its own sound and this brings them closer to reality. Next to them is a detailed description of the dinosaur species and can guide you more accurately. Also, only children are allowed to touch these statues and take pictures next to them, which may not be easy in Jurassic Park in other parts of the world!

مجسمه دایناسورها و حیوانات

Jurassic Studio

Suppose you, after a thorough tour of the prehistoric period and the huge animals of that time, can take this memory home to the Jurassic Park Photography Atelier and take a souvenir and professional photo with your loved ones with an instant print. Who wouldn’t love to take pictures with dinosaurs among giant trees? Or imagine itself millions of years ago? Tehran Jurassic Park Photography Atelier has made this possible for everyone.

استودیو ژوراسیک

Cinema 8 Next

One of the desirable attractions of Tehran Park for children and adults, this 8-dimensional cinema is that it can give visitors all kinds of virtual reality experience of living among dinosaurs and escaping carnivorous wild animals with high excitement and adrenaline, those who always Experience new things are welcome.

سینما 8 بعدی

Gift & Toy Store

When you walk in Tehran’s Jurassic Park, you can have a variety of fun. One of these activities is to browse the gift and toy store. In a way, shopping and playing are together in this part, and you can get a big dinosaur as a gift by buying a ticket and playing like throwing a ball to small dinosaurs!

فروشگاه هدیه و اسباب‌بازی

Pottery Workshop

One of the special and spectacular attractions of Jurassic Park is the Jurassic Pottery Workshop, where children can try and nurture their creativity in making dinosaur and animal sculptures, regardless of any restrictions on playing with mud and soil, and be deeply immersed in the park. Enjoy Tehran Jurassic and communication with animals.

Spider Park Tehran in Jurassic Park

Spider Park also opened next to it after the Jurassic Park project, and this time the theme of the park is specifically about insects and reptiles. In Spider Park, Tehran, more than 20 types of sculptures of insects and vertebrates such as spiders, bees, ants, ladybugs and snails, as well as sculptures of reptiles such as crocodiles, turtles, iguanas, etc. are on display for visitors.

اسپایدر پارک تهران در پارک ژوراسیک

Also better Thanks to the efforts of a prominent entomologist who has collected and compiled the information and specifications of each of these insects and reptiles called “Dr. Alireza Zamani”, along with all the special attractions of this theme park in Tehran.

The world from the point of view of insects

In Spider Park, Tehran, you are supposed to have a lasting experience that may change your view of your surroundings! In this park, in addition to facilities such as cafes and booths to get acquainted with bees and buy quality honey, you can use the VR booth to see the world through the eyes of insects.

Using multidimensional features, you do not want to know how insects like this see the world? This seems to be a very attractive idea for visitors to Spider! Park!

جهان از دید حشرات

Microscopy of insects

Also, the other part of Tehran Park, which is located in Spider-Park, allows you to see taxidermy insects and their types with their exact specifications. The interesting and exciting part is that you can see insects under a microscope in these booths and this time know what a big world there is in the body of insects!

Park amenities and recreation facilities

As the name implies, we are faced with a large park with various and appropriate experiences and facilities. Is it possible that a park of this size does not think of a place to sit and eat and drink after a long and exciting tour of the dinosaur world? Yes, Jurashop Park will help you in this part. Jurashop is a coffee shop for Jurassic Park in Tehran, which serves a variety of drinks and snacks.

امکانات رفاهی و تفریحی پارک ژوراسیک

There are also pavilions And the children’s play equipment and clean and proper toilets will easily help you more and more in this park, and you can go to the park with your children in peace and do not worry about the time you spend.

Where is Jurassic Park?

Now whatever it is, it’s time to specify the park sketch. Here we want to explain the various ways to access Tehran Jurassic Park for your convenience.

Where is the exact address of Jurassic Park now? Saadat Abad area of Tehran, Behroud Square (end of Pakenjad Boulevard), Shaghayegh Boulevard, after Parvaz Park.

پارک ژوراسیک کجاست؟

By personal car

So, if you want to go to this park by personal vehicle, depending on the origin from which you are moving, you can reach Saadatabad through one of the highways of prayer, Yadegar Imam or Chamran. Then continue the address to reach Jurassic Park in Tehran and park your vehicle in its private parking lot.

By bus and taxi

Getting to Jurassic Park by bus is a cheap and very convenient way. All you have to do is take a bus or a “BRT” line to or from Sanat Square, wherever you are in Tehran. You get off Sanat Square and with a car course you can reach Saadatabad area.

You can also get to Saadatabad from anywhere in Tehran by line taxis.

By subway

Another cheap way to get easy and traffic-free access to the park is by subway. All you have to do is go to Sanat Square station via Tehran Metro Line 7, get off there and reach Saadatabad by a car course from there.

Also keep in mind that Jurassic Park is open to the public on Saturdays to Wednesdays from 9am to 7pm and on Thursdays, Fridays and public holidays from 10am to 9pm.

Tehran Jurassic Park on Google Map

It is also better to remember that this attractive and scientific park has an entrance ticket that you can enter the park by purchasing a ticket and use the services of the Jurassic Park. The entrance fee of Jurassic Park in Tehran was 25 thousand tomans per person until February 2016.

پارک ژوراسیک کجاست؟

Living with dinosaurs in the middle of Tehran!

Perhaps in recent years, the construction of theme parks in Iran has been considered and attracts more people every year. Suppose you want to spend your free time in one of the parks of Tehran, but many parks have nothing but nature and benches and pavilions; Instead, imagine going to a park where, in addition to having all these possibilities, you can learn something new, get acquainted with a new world, and improve your knowledge of the world and the nature in which you live!

In fact, you shoot two marks with one arrow, and in both marks you are going to have a lot of fun!

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