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15 of the most attractive sights of Qeshm and the surrounding islands

It’s time to discover the sights of Qeshm! If you have never been to Qeshm, do not waste any more time. The island, which has become free logic for several years, has many tourist and natural opportunities. Qeshm tourist attractions such as pristine nature, historical monuments, entertainment facilities and shopping centers are waiting for you in this trip. But before you start your trip to Qeshm , It is better to get acquainted with the sights of this island. Also keep in mind that most of the sights of Qeshm are unique natural phenomena of the island, which we know more about in this article of Alibaba magazine. Articles that do not take more than 15 minutes.

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What are the most important sights of Qeshm?

Star Valley, Naz Island, Chahkuh Strait, Mangrove Forest, Namakdan Cave, Goran Dam, Tandis Valley, Kharbs Cave and 2 are the sights of Qeshm.

What are some of the sights of Hormoz?

The earthen carpet, the red clay mine, the Portuguese forts, the valley of silence and the valley of sculptures are some of the interesting sights of Hormoz, some of which are in Qeshm.

What are the attractions of Qeshm mangrove forest?

Mangrove trees grow in the salty waters of the sea. The intertwined roots of mangrove trees are resistant to water salinity and remove salt from their leaves.

How is Qeshm Cute Island?

These islands are actually three cliffs located in the middle of the sea. When the sea recedes, a path opens up from the shore to these cliffs, and you can walk to these cliffs.

Qeshm Sights

As mentioned, most of the sights of Qeshm are natural phenomena. Qeshm’s nature is rich and different from many other parts of the country. When you travel to Qeshm, you will probably visit the neighboring islands. island of Hormuz and Hengam Island has many sights for you. In the following, the most important sights of Qeshm will be introduced to you with photos and addresses.

Sights of Qeshm; Qeshm’s own

Qeshm Island is one of the largest islands in the country. If we want to say it more easily, you may be interested to know that the area of ​​Qeshm is 10 times larger than Kish. Therefore, in Qeshm, you see a lot of vast spaces and vast plains. This large area has caused the distance between the scenic areas of Qeshm to be large.

But the most important sights of Qeshm with photos and address:

1- Qeshm Star Valley, one of the most unique places in Qeshm

One of the most unique sights of Qeshm is Star Valley . Star Valley is a collection of mountains, valleys and cliffs. Over time, these mountains and cliffs have changed due to rain, wind, and so on. This change has created different shapes between mountains and cliffs. Shapes that sometimes look like weird creatures and animals with a little imagination.

But why is this place called the Valley of the Stars? Indigenous people believe that these shapes were caused by a star hitting a rock in the area, which is why it is called the Valley of the Stars.

Valley of the Stars on Google Map

2- Naz Qeshm Island

Naz Island or Naz Islands is one of the most beautiful places in Qeshm. These islands are actually three rocks that are located in the middle of the sea. When the sea level goes down, a path opens from the shore to these rocks and you can go to these rocks on foot. It is really enjoyable to stand on the rocks and watch the sea wave hit the rock. Also, if you look a little closer, you can see crabs from the top that go to and fro at the bottom of the cliff.

But not all the charms of Cute Island end here. When the sea level is high, indigenous people gather around Basat beach. The sale of handicrafts, tropical fruits and henna designs on the hand are among the activities of the natives on the shores of Naz Island.

In addition, on weekends, in the evenings, indigenous people come to the beach with their luxury and expensive cars and ride cars. The natives, who buy these expensive cars cheaper than other parts of the country due to their presence in the free zone, call this entertainment drifting game. By the way, if you can find a car rental article in car rental guide in Kish in Alibaba magazine Read.

Naz Island in Google Map

3- Chahkooh Qeshm Strait

Chahkuh Strait is another place of interest on Qeshm Island. This natural phenomenon, as its name implies, is a collection of mountains and cliffs between which there are numerous wells. Wells that differ in depth. Apart from the wells, the rocks themselves and passing through them are also attractive. Mountains and cliffs, the farther we go, the shorter the distance.

Chahkuh Strait in Google Map

4- Qeshm Mangrove Forest

One of the most special natural phenomena not only in Qeshm but also in Iran is the mangrove forest. Since the mangrove forest is one of the most popular sights in Qeshm, be sure to visit these forests during your trip. Mangrove trees grow in the salty waters of the sea. The intertwined roots of mangrove trees are resistant to water salinity and remove salt from their leaves.

When the sea water is high, the mangrove trees go under water and when the sea water is low, the trees stick their heads out from under the water. If you are interested in bird watching, do not miss this opportunity. The forest coming out of the water is a place where all kinds of birds travel. You will find birds such as herons, flamingos, pelicans, fish-eating chickens and more in this place.

You must take a boat to explore the mangrove forest when the sea water is high. You can rent a boat with other people to split the cost between you. But if you want to spend a lot of time watching the forest and the birds and of course photographing them, it is better to rent a closed boat.

Mangrove forest in Google Map

5- Ghar Khrbs Qeshm

Due to the geographical location of Qeshm, the island has several caves. Each of these caves has its own characteristics. One of these caves is Kharbas Cave. Khurbas Cave is a collection of small holes in the heart of a mountain. These cavities were shaped by people over a period of time. In fact, Kharbs Cave became a safe haven for people to live in for a period of time.

The area of ​​Kharbs Cave is an open space without vegetation, so try to go to this place in the early morning or evening when the sun is not strong. Of course, we had already offered a winter trip to Qeshm. A trip away from the scorching heat can be very rewarding.

Crab Cave in Google Map

6- Qeshm salt cave

Another place of interest in Qeshm is Namkadan Cave. This cave is very beautiful and amazing. Upon entering the cave, you will encounter beautiful and extraordinary salt lamps. In addition, layers of salt together create eye-catching scenes. Layers that indicate the very long history of this cave. Namakdan Cave is located in the southwest of Qeshm, 90 km from the city center.

To reach the salt cave you have to walk; So put on the right shoes before you start.

غار خربس قشم مناطق دیدنی قشم

Crab Cave in Google Map

7- Goran Qeshm document

Goran village is another scenic area of ​​Qeshm. Located in the west of the island, this village is one of the best places to see the life of the local people up close. It seems that in the past, this village was the residence of Zoroastrians and therefore it is known as Gabran and later Goran.

One of the most important sights of Goran village is Goran Dam. One of the most interesting features of this dam is its construction time. The construction of this dam started from the Achaemenid period and continued during the Sassanid period. And in the Pahlavi period, its construction work was completely completed.

Goran village in Google Map

8- Valley of Qeshm statues

Stargah Valley is one of the spectacular sights of Qeshm. If you enjoy seeing the Valley of the Stars, be sure to visit the Valley of Statues in Qeshm. This valley, which is very similar to the Valley of the Stars, is a collection of mountains and cliffs.

Mountains and rocks that have been eroded over time by wind, rain and other natural factors. One of the attractions of this valley is the presence of oysters, which at first glance may seem a little strange. But if you know that this area was located in the heart of the sea millions of years ago, the existence of oysters will no longer be strange.

Sights of Hormoz

After sightseeing in Qeshm, it is Hormoz’s turn. Get to this spectacular island by buying Hormoz tours. Hormoz tours or patrols are waiting for you at the entrance of Qeshm hotels early in the morning and will take you to the pier. From the pier, you can go to Hormoz by big boats.

As for the sights of Hormoz:

9- Valley of sculptures in the sights of Qeshm

One of the most popular places of interest in Qeshm and Hormoz is the Valley of Sculptures. To reach this valley, you have to walk a path. The trail is full of rocks that have changed a lot in appearance over time. These changes have caused the rocks to take on strange shapes. If you use your imagination a little, you can see the image of different creatures and animals on these rocks. That is why this valley is called the Valley of Sculptures.

When you reach the end point of the cliffs, you will find yourself at a high altitude above the sea. You can stand here and take pictures with the beautiful beach that is under your feet.

پارک زیتون قشم؛ ترکیب هیجان و آرامش

Valley of Sculptures on Google Maps

10- Valley of Silence in the sights of Qeshm

To reach the silent valley of Hormoz, you have to walk a few hundred meters. On your way you can enjoy a variety of colored soils and salt rocks. This valley is surrounded by beautiful salt rocks and crystal valleys.

The presence of rocks has prevented sound from entering the valley from all around. If you and your companions are silent, you will feel completely at ease.

Valley of Silence on Google Maps

11- Portuguese fort in the sights of Qeshm

Portuguese Castle on Google Map

12- Hormoz earth carpet in the sights of Qeshm

If you are a little lucky, you will see the earthen carpet of this island on your trip to Hormoz. This carpet is made in the second half of the year on the beach. (If it rains, the carpet will be damaged and you will not be able to see its beauty). About 50 people are responsible for designing and preparing this carpet with all kinds of colored soils of the island.

In this 1300 square meter carpet, about 12 colors have been used. This carpet is claimed to be the largest earthen carpet in the world.

Hormoz beach carpet in Google Map

13- Red soil mine in the sights of Qeshm

Hormoz Red Soil Mine has one of the best red soils in the world. This soil is used in various industries such as paint, glass and صنایع industries. But apart from the Khak-e-Sorkh mine, the Red Coast of Hormuz is very spectacular and beautiful. On this beach, the soil and rocks are all red. Of course, be careful not to sit on this beach, because your clothes will be very colorful. Go a little further from the Red Coast to the Silver Coast. The soil of this beach is silver and shiny.

Red soil mine on Google Map

Hengam Island Sights

At other times, the island is close to Qeshm. Perhaps the most fascinating part of Hengam is the path to reach it. You have to take motor boats to go on time. This way the dolphins come up and you can see them up close.

معدن خاک سرخ هرمز جاذبه های گردشگری قشم

14- Hengam Silver Beach in the sights of Qeshm

Apart from Hormoz, Hengam Island also has a very beautiful silver beach. The presence of lead on this beach has made it shiny. The beautiful photos you take on this beach will be beautiful memories of the time.

جزیره هنگام مکان های دیدنی قشم

Silver beach when

14. Local market when

There is a local market where you can buy the most beautiful handicrafts. It is better to buy their handicrafts from the natives of the whole island (and not just when). Goods that will be both original souvenirs of your trip and help the economic conditions of the local people.

ساحل نقره ای هنگام جاهای دیدنی جزیره قشم

Qeshm, a combination of nature, entertainment and shopping in the sights of Qeshm

In Qeshm, apart from these places of interest, you can also enjoy activities such as diving, gliding, boating, safari tours and more. In addition, with numerous shopping malls, you can have detailed shopping in Qeshm. Among the most famous shopping centers in Qeshm, we can mention City Centers 1 and 2, Dargahan and Qeshm Old Bazaar.

بازارهای محلی هنگام دیدنیهای قشم

If you want to reduce the cost of your trip to Qeshm, you can go to Bandar Abbas by train and from there to Qeshm by boat. For this route, Bandar Abbas train has provided very suitable amenities for you.

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