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16 recreational places in Karaj for a day trip

16 recreational places in Karaj for a day trip

Did you know that Karaj is known as Little Iran? why now? Before I talk about Karaj entertainment places, know that Karaj is the center of Alborz Province And is known for its beautiful parks and greener and fresher space. Secondly, Karaj also has unique museums and historical sites that make this city a memorable destination for your trip. In addition, the climate and the heights of Alborz and the beautiful gardens of this city will surprise you a lot.

If until now you only passed Karaj to reach Tehran and did not stop in this city, this time spend more time and invite yourself to a memorable sightseeing. If you decide to choose Karaj for your next vacation, follow this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine to make Karaj recreational places better Know.

Where is the address of Karaj amusement park?

Karaj, Mallard Road, end of Keshavarz Boulevard

What are the most important recreational places in Karaj?

Karaj Fateh Garden, Chalous Road, Bungee Jumping, Blue Village

Where is the address of Dizin Karaj ski resort?

Karaj, Chalous Road, Dizin Road, Dizin International Ski Resort

It is not really possible to see all the entertainment places in Karaj in one day. That’s why you need to know exactly how you want to spend your day. Do you want to be in the lap of nature and enjoy the great weather and the beautiful view of the river and the mountains? Or do you prefer to stay in the city and see the recreational places of Karaj and the historical places of this city? In the continuation of this article, you will know the entertainment of Karaj better.

1- Karaj River

Karaj River is one of the recreational places of Karaj which has a spectacular nature and a wonderful climate. This river comes from the heart of the southern mountains of Alborz and after merging with the river of Velayat-e-Rud, it reaches the eastern margin of Karaj. The city of Karaj owes much of its greenery to this river and the trees along it will be a good shelter to spend the day.

جاهای تفریحی کرج

Amir Kabir Dam or Karaj Dam are also located on this river, which can be interesting places to spend the day. The river has a variety of fish and those who are interested in fishing can go fishing in the warm seasons. You can enjoy the coolness of the water, cross the rivers and record your trip with beautiful photos of the scenery.

So just prepare a small basket of your favorite snacks and head to the heart of the road. You can also prepare lunch from fish caught in the river.

Address of Karaj River: 42 km northeast of Karaj

Karaj River on Google Map

2- Khor waterfall

Khor waterfall, which flows from Gandmochal peak, is one of the purest Karaj sights . This 50-meter waterfall has created a beautiful nature around it and has brought a unique view in front of your eyes. Khor waterfall is located near Khor village and about 17 km from Chalous road in Karaj. To reach this waterfall, you can drive part of the way. Climb the forest the rest of the way to reach the waterfall. Be sure that after walking in the forest, watering in the river water will be a lot of fun and then Chalous sights > In the app.

آبشار خور

In winter, the cold weather freezes this waterfall and it is an extraordinary view that should not be missed. In hot seasons, you can pass fruit trees such as apricots, cherries and sour cherries and enjoy the greenery of this area. Khor Waterfall is a great place to spend your vacation, walk from the village to the waterfall and take memorable photos.

Address of Khor waterfall: 17 km of Karaj-Chalous road, Khor village

Waterfall on Google Map

3- Honey Tourist Complex

In Karaj, you can spend your holidays in Asal tourist recreation complex, which is one of the best recreational places in Karaj. In this complex, you will be entertained every moment with its unique entertainment and facilities and you will spend happy moments. In addition to several suites and villas for accommodation, this complex has its own private lake, fishing and boating and a hall for various celebrations.

مجتمع تفریحی توریستی عسل

In the honey complex you can spend your time karting or enjoy the food of the coffee shop and restaurant. Your child also has a variety of hobbies on the children’s playground, such as an electric motor. Your vacation in this complex can be spent at the peak of well-being and enjoying the beautiful nature and extraordinary facilities.

Address of Asal tourist recreation complex: Karaj, Atashgah, end of Baghistan, 5 km of Barghan road

5- Bazino Playground

Bazino Amusement Park is an 8-storey recreation center that is one of the most attractive recreational places in Karaj. This complex, which is one of the most advanced indoor amusement parks in the country, offers a day full of fun and excitement to children, teenagers and adults. You can go to this amusement park with the whole family and each of you can do your favorite activities. 5 floors of the complex include an amusement park and on the other floors you will find a restaurant and a shopping center.

شهربازی بازینو

In the amusement park facilities There is a bowling alley, paintball, an adult car track, a pool table, a computer game and a make-up hut. Bazino Amusement Park is open to visitors every day from 10 am to 11 pm.

Bazino Amusement Park Address: Karaj, Mallard Road, end of Keshavarz Boulevard

Play games on Google Map

7- Jahan Nama Forest Park

One of the attractions of Karaj is Jahan Nama Forest Park. With an area of ​​400 hectares, this park offers one of the most diverse collections of plants and trees. In addition to beautiful trees, Jahan Nama Park has charming lakes and an artificial island with an interesting design.

جاهای تفریحی کرج

You can use the flowers Take photos of the park’s colorful and ancient trees, enjoy the scenery on foot, and take the stairs to the island in the middle of the park. Jahan Nama Park is a beautiful display of rare trees from all over the world and can be a great way to spend your holiday.

Jahannama Forest Park Address: Karaj, Tehran-Karaj Freeway

Jahan Nama Forest Park on Google Map

8- Chamran Park

One of the best recreational attractions of Karaj and its most beautiful natural places, we can mention Chamran Park. The design of the flowers and shrubs of the park has made the beautiful scenery waiting for you and the ancient trees and the river Basfa are a good place to spend your day. This 40-hectare park has other amenities.

پارک چمران

Shahrbazi Park Chamran Khali It is not without grace and the bird garden is also located in this park. You can cross the nested hedges, reach the open-air amphitheater or the waterfall, or even dine in one of the park’s restaurants or cafes. The Bird Garden is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and the amusement park is open from 5 p.m. to midnight.

Address of Chamran Park: Karaj, Imam Hossein Square

10- Korchan peak in Karaj recreation places

Among the recreational places of Karaj, we can mention the peak of Korchan, which is located near the village of Kiasar. This peak is about 3,850 meters high and there are other mountains and peaks around it. Mountaineering and hiking on the gentle slope around the peak of Karchan is a wonderful sport and will make you lively and fresh.

قله کرچان در جاهای تفریحی کرج

Along the way you will see trees such as pine and cypress, thorn bushes, rhubarb and peppermint, and you may even encounter animals such as partridges, rabbits, antelopes and boars.

Address of Korchan peak: Karaj, Chalous road, Asara section, Hameja village

Kerchan Peak on Google Map

11- Chalous Road

Chalous Road is one of the recreational places of Karaj that takes you to extraordinary views of nature. At the beginning of the route, the southern Alborz mountain puts the Karaj River in your path, which reaches the Jajrud River. If you follow this route, you will reach Karaj Dam, which has a breathtaking view.

جاده چالوس

Crossing Chalous Road, you can go to the villages of Nojan and Khawars, which have unique nature and beautiful waterfalls. There are many restaurants, cafes and stops along the way that allow you to stop and enjoy the scenery and take photos after crossing the winding road.

Chalous Road Address: Karaj, Chalous Road

Chalous Road on Google Map

12- Karaj Dam

Amirkabir Dam, also known as Karaj Dam, is one of the most popular recreational places in Karaj. The dam has many natural attractions that make it an ideal place to spend a holiday with its amenities. The lake behind the dam is a place for fishing and is also used to raise rainbow trout and red-spotted trout.

سد کرج

Karaj Dam, which is located 25 km from Karaj to Chalous road, reflects the beautiful scenery of the road, mountains and trees. You can go to this dam in summer and spring when the weather is mild and cool and enjoy photography and spending time in its semi-jungle nature.

Address of Karaj Dam: Karaj, 25 km of Chalous Road

Karaj Dam on Google Map

13- Karaj roof in Karaj recreational places

If you go to the foot of Noor Mountain in Azimiyeh area, you will reach the roof of Karaj. This place is one of the recreational places of Karaj, which has gained a lot of popularity due to its beautiful scenery. A unique view will be waiting for you at any time of the year, and the higher you go, the more you can see the vastness of the city of Karaj. The roof of Karaj is located at an altitude of 2220 meters and to reach it you have to walk on a steep path.

بام کرج در جاهای تفریحی کرج

In this route, in addition to the view that gradually appears in front of your eyes, you can also see the spring of this mountain. Built-in trails allow you to easily reach the top of the mountain; So even if you do not have mountaineering experience, you do not need to worry. After reaching the top of the roof of Karaj, you can use any of the available restaurants and cafes while enjoying the view and relax after your mountaineering.

Roof address Karaj: Karaj, at the end of North Taleghani Boulevard

Karaj roof on Google Map

14- Karaj escape room

Karaj Escape Room has been able to be one of the popular entertainment destinations in this city with its complex and interesting atmosphere and riddles. In this escape room, you first get acquainted with a story that has a secret. To find out the secret of the story, you need to solve the puzzles and find your way out. This escape room set includes games of paranoia, asceticism, coma, Death Village, Madman and Limia. Each room has a completely different puzzle and space, and their age group is usually between 16 and 90 years old.

جاهای تفریحی کرج

By visiting the Karaj Escape Room website, you can get acquainted with the hours of each game, the level of difficulty, the number of people and the story of the game. After your adventure in each of the escape room games and experience incredible excitement, you can go to any of the surrounding cafes and restaurants with your friends or family and entertain yourself.

Address of Karaj Escape Room: No. 60, Corner of the Seventh Dead End, No. 60, Abu Ali Sina St., Maulana Blvd., Jahanshahr, Karaj

Karaj escape room on Google Map

15- Karaji bungee jumping

Paul Bilqan Bungee Jumping is an exciting and memorable experience not to be missed. Bilqan Bridge is located on Chalous River and jumps from it at a height of 35 meters.

بانجی جامپینگ کرج

After reaching the top of the bridge and seeing the beautiful view of the river and the trees, you will be ready to jump. Although the fall does not take more than a few seconds, its excitement will last you for hours and you will remember this memory for years.

Karaj Bungee Jumping Address: Karaj, at the beginning of Chalous Road

Karaj bungee jumping on Google Map

16- Disney ski slope in Karaj recreational places

One of the best recreational places in Karaj is Disneyland, which will create a different experience for you. This piste is the first ski slope in Iran that has won the international title and has been approved by the World Ski Federation. Disney track is located in Alborz mountains and can be reached from Karaj to Chalous. Excellent amenities make this place worth visiting at any time of the year.

پیست اسکی

If you have never been to skiing before, you can use the beginner’s slopes to learn this fun sport. If you have experience in skiing, prepared career paths will help you to improve your skills. To reach the top of the piste, 3 gondola lifts, 2 sail lifts, 7 plate ski lifts and a hammer ski lift are waiting for you. To stay in this place, you can use two hotels, 19 cottages and 5 restaurants of the Disney Ski Resort.

Disney Ski Resort Address: ج Karaj, Chalous Road, Disney Road, Disneyland International Ski Resort

Disney Ski Resort on Google Map

We do not know Karaj as a recreational place, why? Well, maybe because Alborz province has recently separated from Tehran province and most Iranians still know it as part of Tehran. But if we want to look more closely, we see that the sights of Karaj are much more than we think. From the recreational places of Karaj to the natural sights of this city are all attractions that are worth seeing. The good thing about the story is that Karaj is not far away and by spending a short time you can make a memorable day for yourself and your family.

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