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18 of the most beautiful sights of Karaj

18 of the most beautiful sights of Karaj

Many people think that Karaj has a Kurd and they do not know all the other places of interest in Karaj. Today I want to prove to you that the sights of Karaj are so diverse that you can spend a whole day in it.

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Where is Atashgah village in Karaj?

This village is located 20 km northwest of Karaj and 10 km north of Gohardasht, which you can reach after a mountain road and a dead end. Also, from Karaj-Chalous road and Darvan and Barghan area, a passage has been built in mountainous meanders to go to this village.

How is the Pearl Palace?

It is one of the most beautiful and special tourist attractions of Karaj, which has a building in the shape of a fish table, which seems to be located in the heart of an oyster and is surrounded by lakes on three sides.

What are the villages around Karaj?

There are many scenic villages around Karaj, some of which are Barghan, Varian, Kalvan, Velayatrud, Sangarabad, Arangeh and Kundar.

Where is Sulaimaniyah Palace?

This palace is located in Alborz province, Karaj city, Karaj city, Mesbah region, Imamzadeh Hassan boulevard, Shahid Kianpour street and in Karaj Faculty of Agriculture.

Karaj Natural Attractions

Due to the geographical location of Karaj, its suitable climate and current rivers, many natural attractions such as waterfalls, rivers, caves and ski slopes have been created in this region, which has made this region considered by different ethnic groups from the past. To be placed. Some of these sights of Karaj are:

International Tennis Complex in the Heart of Fateh Garden in Karaj

Fateh Garden with its dense and towering trees is one of the attractions that fascinates everyone. This garden, which is one of the most beautiful sights of Karaj, is located in the green area of ​​Jahanshahr.

باغ فاتح کرج About half a century ago, a group of Yazdi people were looking for They entered Karaj to find a suitable environment for housing and investment. Among them was an investor named Haj Mohammad Sadegh Fateh Yazdi, who had a great impact on the pre-revolutionary economic prosperity of Karaj. Fateh Garden was also one of the services of this altruistic person.

In addition to its green space and old trees, the garden has a tennis court that attracts sports enthusiasts; That is why it is also known as a tennis park. As the sport of tennis flourished, the park became an international tennis complex with seven training grounds and a 1,200-capacity court.

International tennis complex in addition to playgrounds, including office building, sports shop, restaurant, special place for officials and referees, temporary resort for athletes, toilets, special place for journalists and space area Is green.

In the green space of this garden, you can also enjoy walking through the tree tunnels, which are composed of the branches of tall and old trees, pavilions and fountains. Also available are recreational facilities such as children’s play equipment and a set of sports equipment.

مجموعه بین المللی تنیس در دل باغ فاتح کرج With a small parking lot and a ramp for the disabled, the signs necessary to build a good and peaceful day for everyone in this garden are completed.

If you want to use the tennis complex of this garden, it is good to know that it is completely open from 7 am to 9 pm and the cost of using its courts is 1400 Tomans in the spring, 35000 Tomans during the day and 40,000 Tomans at night.

Location of Bagh Fateh Karaj on Google Map

باغ پرندگان چهارباغ But about Karaj Bird Garden, we must say that, contrary to expectations, there is no news of a large and beautiful garden and the presence and freedom of birds in the nature of the garden! This is a two-story building full of cages that keep different breeds of parrots, pigeons, pheasants and peacocks among these cages, and its title, Bird Garden, bears little resemblance to reality.

This complex is open for visitors from 9 am to 6 pm and the ticket price in the spring of 1400 is 15,000 Tomans. Of course, there is no need to pay for children under 6 years old.


Alborz Province, Karaj, Chaharbagh, Fifth Golestan, Chaharbagh Bird Garden

Chaharbagh Bird Garden location on Google Map

This beautiful village because of its beautiful gardens and farms And the green and roaring river has become a tourist place that has many fans. Among the tourist attractions of this village, the name of the old bath, the Grand Mosque, the historical bridge of Barghan and the hillside can be seen.

روستای برغان کرج But unfortunately, despite its pristine and beautiful nature, some of the ancient monuments of this village are left except a little ruined.

In addition to the tranquility and nature of this village, there are a variety of local food and delicious snacks that help to perpetuate the memories of traveling to this village. Barghani plum is one of the most delicious souvenirs of this place.


Alborz province, Savojbolagh city, Chandar section, Barghan district

Location of Barghan village in Google Map

Haft Cheshmeh waterfall is the first step to reach Adran waterfall

At 17 km of Karaj-Chalous road and near the village of Arangeh and upstream of the river Arange, there is beautiful nature with many waterfalls. But how do we get to these amazing waterfalls?

After entering the path of Arangeh village, park your car about 500 meters ahead and take the narrow path on the left side of the road to see these tourist attractions of Karaj to reach the entrance. In the entrance section, you will be charged as entering the area.

There is a clear path along the river that after about half an hour of walking will take you to the first attraction, which is the Haft Cheshmeh waterfall, which is a number of waterfalls about 5 meters high. . But this is not the end of the wonders of this region and it still continues.

Adran waterfall with a height of about 90 meters, which is one of the largest waterfalls in Iran, is waiting for you along the way. To cross the Haft Cheshmeh area and reach the large waterfall, you either have to enter the river water, which is not recommended in the spring when the water level is high, or you have to walk along the rocky edge along the path. This path is not very high, but you have to cross it carefully.

آبشار آدران After crossing this area and about ten minutes walk to a small waterfall and then to the beautiful Adran waterfall .

If you want to visit these tourist attractions in Karaj when you encounter waterfalls full of water, the best time is late April to late July, and usually after that the waterfall and the river become dehydrated.

Of course, if you are one of those people who like water sports and want to get to Adran waterfall from the river, the best time is mid-June when the river water level subsides.

It is suggested to visit this tourist attraction of Karaj with one-day tours; Because along the way you may encounter problems that are beyond your ability to solve on your own.

Charan waterfall is another place of interest in Karaj

In Asarai section of Karaj city, in an area called Arangehvar, which has 8 villages, there is a mountainous village with a temperate climate called Charan. Near this village and at the beginning of Khor village route and next to Jay village route, there is a beautiful waterfall called Charan waterfall.

آبشار سپهسالار در جاهای دیدنی کرج This beautiful waterfall is located in the middle of Charan valley and has a river full of water. To reach this 10-meter waterfall, you have to walk for about an hour; But you spend an hour on a green path that is full of gardens and fields, and the beauty of the path makes you feel less along the path and do not get tired.

Abshar Charan location in Google Map

Have fun with the least time at Kundar Falls

So far we have talked about waterfalls, to reach each of which you have to walk for at least an hour. But if for any reason this is not possible for you and you want to reach the waterfall very quickly and easily and enjoy its beautiful nature, among the sights of Karaj, we suggest frankincense waterfall.

آبشار چاران To reach this beautiful waterfall, it is enough to enter Chalous road from Karaj city, after about 8 km, you will reach a village called Purkan. Shortly after this village, you will encounter side roads that if you go about three and a half kilometers, you will see Kander waterfall and you will reach it with a short walk.

URL in Google Map

See all the attractions of Karaj together on the roof of Karaj

Let’s go to one of the most accessible places in Karaj. The roof of Karaj is one of those places that is available to you at any time of the day or night, and you can reach the great heights in the fastest time and watch the city from above.

If you are one of those people who like the feeling of liberation and peace in the heights, do not miss this pleasant feeling in the cozy hangout on the roof of Karaj. The roof of Karaj is located at the foot of Noor Azimiyeh Mountain at the northern end of Taleghani Street, which is surrounded by residential areas.

آبشار کندر

It is good to know in advance that, contrary to popular belief, the path to the summit is not green and is known as a dry and low-vegetation area, and there are only springs along the way that you can visit when descending the peak and enjoy the surrounding scenery. take.

بام کرج

One of the important points to pay attention to is to choose sunny days for hiking to maintain your safety and health, because the smooth and polished rocks of Noor Azimiyeh Mountain become very slippery and dangerous due to snow and rain, which may be dangerous. Have a fall.


Alborz province, Karaj, at the end of North Taleghani street

Karaj roof location in Google Map

Small village of Disney ski slope in Karaj

Experience the fun and excitement with us! This is a phrase that you may have heard in many different situations, but Disney Ski Resort is one of those rare things that we must suggest you to try it to see that it is really worthwhile and you experience real pleasure and excitement.

جاهای دیدنی کرج

Recreational facilities such as cable cars, cable cars, ski lifts and various slopes, as well as suitable amenities such as hotels, cottages, restaurants and summer and winter weather have created a unique tourist and recreational village in this area.

We have to say that it does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional; Because in this place there are facilities commensurate with the skill level of different people. From a beginner’s track where safe training and entertainment is provided for beginners of any age to a track prepared for professionals who can enjoy their activities to the fullest.

پیست اسکی دیزین در جاهای دیدنی کرج

Although all the necessary facilities are provided in this area, but keep in mind that you may face high costs for receiving services.

The best time to ski on this piste is from the beginning of December to the end of May, which provides the most time for skiers.

The point to be made is that there is also a grass piste in the area where grass skiing competitions are held every year.

پیست اسکی دیزین در جاهای دیدنی کرج

This possibility is available for everyone in summer. There is also the possibility of mountain biking, archery, kite riding, etc. in this area, and you can also visit the flower garden and rare species of summer plants in this area.

The choice is yours. With all this exciting fun, are you interested in visiting this tourist attraction in Karaj?


Alborz province, Karaj, Chalous road, Dizin road, Dizin international ski slope

Disney Ski Resort location on Google Map

Chalous Road, the most amazing road in Iran

Perhaps there are few people in Iran who have never heard of the amazing fame and beauty of Chalous Road. Road 59, which is known as Chalous Road, is one of the sights of Karaj that most people fall in love with!


Chalous road starts from Karaj and finally connects to Chalous city on the Caspian Sea coast. This beautiful road was built during the reign of Reza Shah in 1312, among which there are many long tunnels and stairs.

This dream road is beautiful in all seasons and shows a variety of colors, each of which has its own surprise.

Another attraction of Chalous Road is the deliciousness of this route. Noodle soup, doogh soup, firewood soup and lentil soup are some of the foods that are sold by restaurants and vendors, especially near the Kandovan tunnel.

جاده چالوس

As we have said, this road is one of the most unique, pristine and natural landscapes and one of the most popular routes leading to the north of the country. This causes heavy traffic on this road during the holidays, and since this road was designed in the past, it is not suitable for high speeds and is one of the most accident-prone roads in Iran.

Chalous Road location in Google Map

Learn more about Karaj Dam

If you want to see the main source of water supply of the capital up close, just go to 25 km of Karaj-Chalous road and be amazed by the grandeur of the dam, the sparkling water of the river, the beautiful sky and the high mountains in the heart of the beautiful Chalous road. You guessed it, you see all these wonders in Amirkabir Dam, which is known as Karaj Dam, which is also one of the sights of Karaj.

اپیزود هفت رادیو دور دنیا – سفر جاده‌ای

This multi-purpose dam is built on the Karaj River, which in addition to supplying water to Tehran, its lake is used for breeding salmon, whitefish and black fish, as well as generating hydropower. In addition, the beautiful nature of this region has made it one of the sights of Karaj.

سد کرج

Boating, jet skiing and swimming were some of the pastimes that were practiced in the dam lake, but were banned due to the spread of pollution and many dangers. However, this place is still visited as a tourist area due to its beautiful nature.

Karaj Dam location in Google Map

Historical attractions of Karaj

Due to the geographical situation, of course, the climate of Karaj and the location of this city on the Silk Road, this region has been considered by various people and even rulers for permanent or temporary residence since ancient times, which is evidenced by the remnants. Is. There are many historical monuments left from the Seljuk and Safavid eras, some of which are introduced below:

The Pearl Palace or the Palace of the Sun?

One of the most unique palaces in Iran can be found among the tourist attractions of Karaj. The Pearl Palace, known as the Palace of the Sun, is located in Mehrshahr, Karaj, at the end of Eram Street. This magnificent palace was built between 1345 and 1347 AH for the life of Reza Shah’s son, Shams Pahlavi, who suffered from asthma, and was later included in the list of national monuments of Iran.

سد کرج

The main structure and design of the palace is like a fish table surrounded by a shell and a lake in the outer courtyard of the palace surrounds it on three sides. This palace is one of the most aristocratic buildings of the Pahlavi period, whose style, plan and structure are completely western and part of the history of modern architecture.

کاخ مروارید یا کاخ شمس

According to the Director General of Cultural Heritage of Alborz Province, this palace is one of the most valuable historical palaces in Iran; But the point is that this palace was handed over to the Foundation for the Underprivileged, the Cooperative Foundation and finally the Municipality for many years, during which time this national monument was not properly cared for and over time it suffered serious and irreparable damage.

It is currently closed due to the corona and reconstruction by the Cultural Heritage Organization.

Pearl Palace location on Google Maps

Dr. Mossadegh’s house or Dr. Mossadegh prison?

When we turn the pages of Iranian history, a leaf of it takes us to a fortress called Ahmadabad Fortress, or Mossadegh House. Few people have not heard the story of the nationalization of the oil industry by Dr. Mossadegh and the subsequent coup d’état of 28 August, the imprisonment and eventual deportation of Dr. Mossadegh.

Dr. Mossadegh was exiled to Ahmadabad Castle in one of the villages of Nazarabad city in Alborz province after three years of solitary confinement by Mohammad Reza Shah. He lived in this castle under the supervision of SAVAK agents until the end of his life and eventually became his eternal home.

کاخ مروارید یا کاخ شمس

The house consists of a residential area and a courtyard and has a simple architecture. It is a brick house with very simple decorations that has four rooms with wooden doors and windows and a gabled roof.

خانه دکتر مصدق

Later, a new building was built next to it, which was used as a museum and library for Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh. Unfortunately, despite the fact that this house is also part of the national monuments of Iran, due to the lack of compassion of the relevant authorities, it has been severely damaged and needs to be repaired.


Iran, Alborz province, Nazarabad city, Ahmadabad district

Location of Dr. Mossadegh’s house in Google Map

Sulaimaniyah Palace is a birthday present for the 34th child!

By order of the world’s most record-breaking ruler, Fath Ali Shah Qajar, on the occasion of the 34th birthday of his 34th son, Suleiman Mirza, a palace named Sulaimaniyah Palace was built for summer residence. The palace, with its beautiful garden in front of it and the buildings built for the servants, created a small and very beautiful residential and command complex.

خانه دکتر مصدق

This complex follows the architectural style of the Qajar period and has a brick building that, while simple, has turned it into one of the most beautiful buildings of its time; But unfortunately, like most archeological sites in Alborz province, this building needs more attention.

Sulaimaniyah Palace has been built in the central part of Karaj city, between Shahid Chamran and Imamzadeh Hassan boulevards, in the current location of the Faculty of Agriculture.

Visiting this place in the spring of 1400 is free and there is no cost.


Alborz Province, Karaj County, Karaj City, Mesbah District, Imamzadeh Hassan Blvd., Shahid Kianpour St., Faculty of Agriculture, Sulaimaniyah Palace

Sulaimaniyah Palace location in Google Map

Tahmineh Tower is a tower with many ambiguities in the sights of Karaj

At 60 km of Karaj-Chalous road near Gachsar, there is an octagonal building with a conical dome made of stone and mortar, which has a strange appearance and resembles Mongolian buildings. This building, known as Midanak Tower, is known as Tahmineh Tower among the locals, and despite the ambiguities about it, it has become one of the sights of Karaj.

کاخ سلیمانیه

This tower is one of the tomb buildings in which there is no exact information about the buried character. Some believe that the tomb of one of the forts or members of the Paduspan family, related to the years 975-1014 AH, is one of the local rulers of the Royan region.

This building was registered in 1978 as one of the national monuments of Iran.


Alborz province, Karaj, 60 km of Karaj-Chalous road, Asara, Midanak village

Lukin Tahmineh Tower on Google Map

Shah Abbasi Bridge is one of the oldest places of interest in Karaj

Let’s go to one of the sights of Karaj, which, despite its long history and history, while becoming a hangout for addicts in the city, screams the story of the lack of respect of the relevant authorities.

The history of Shah Abbasi Bridge, also known as Dokhtar Bridge, Sulaimaniyah Bridge and Khatun Bridge, dates back to the Seljuk period, the fifth and sixth centuries. This bridge, which was built on the way to Qazvin, was rebuilt once during the Safavid period. Until about 1388 due to erosion and floods and heavy rains, it is considered again and is fundamentally rebuilt.

برج تهمینه

In the final reconstruction of this bridge, the passage will be paved and two gutters and a gate staircase will be added to it.

This historical bridge, which was built on the Karaj River, is today one of the national monuments of Iran. But unfortunately, it has become a gathering place for addicts and thugs, and despite its beautiful nature, few people feel safe and secure there; Therefore, it is less noticed by visitors.

Location of Shah Abbasi Bridge in Google Map

Shah Abbasi Caravanserai and its strange and contradictory uses

Another tourist attraction of Karaj is the caravan of Shah Abbasi with a brick stone building that was built during the Safavid period and in the middle of the Silk Road and has sheltered many people from all walks of life.

پل شاه عباسی از قدیمی ترین جاهای دیدنی کرج

This caravanserai was originally a resting place for caravans and their inks during the Safavid period, but in the early Qajar period it became a military barracks or fortress, and finally in the late Qajar period it became a school and a place of learning.

If you cross the center of Karaj, you will see this old building. We suggest you take the time to see the intimate and spectacular atmosphere of this building.


Alborz Province, Karaj, Ghods Boulevard, Ghods Square, Shah Abbasi Caravanserai

Location of Shah Abbasi Caravanserai in Google Map

A leaf from the contemporary history of Iran in the house of Ahmad Shamloo and from the sights of Karaj

So far we have talked about the tourist attractions of Karaj, in which the place of cultural and literary attractions was empty; Which is completed with the house of the contemporary Iranian poet Ahmad Shamloo.

Ahmad Shamloo is one of the greatest contemporary poets of Iran and one of the prominent and influential figures of Persian literature. He was a lofty and thoughtful figure whose commitment to sublime human concepts is exemplary throughout his life.

کاروانسرای شاه عباسی

If you are a poet and writer or you value love, humanity and high concepts, visit Ferdis Karaj to get acquainted with the life and thoughts of this contemporary Iranian poet. This place has become a museum that preserves the tools and objects left over from Shamloo.

Shamloo house location in Google Map

Everything we said about the sights of Karaj at a glance

In this article, we got acquainted with the sights of Karaj. We started with natural attractions; From the freshness of many waterfalls, the tranquility of the roof of Karaj, the wonders of Chalous Road and the excitement of the ski slope to the surprise in Chaharbagh Bird Garden.

Then we got acquainted with historical attractions; From the strange tower of Tahmineh, which belongs to the seventh century AH to the bridge and caravanserai of Shah Abbasi, Sulaimaniyah Palace and the Pearl Palace, we talked until we reached Mossadegh House and Shamloo House in the contemporary era.

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