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30-hour wandering of Iranian passengers at the Russian airport

30-hour wandering of Iranian passengers at the Russian airport

The president of the Iranian Association of Travel Services announced that about 2 Iranian passengers were lost at one of the Russian airports. The Iranian embassy cited a discrepancy in the reasons for the trip as the cause of the problem.

38 Iranian passengers after three days of uncertainty and wandering in Russia airport to the country Returned.

Updated: Monday, June 31, 1400 at 8:32

The Russian Embassy in Iran has issued a statement regarding the visa problem of a group of Iranian citizens at Moscow airports, which reads as follows:

The embassy draws attention to the fact that these documents do not entitle the entry into the Russian Federation. If foreign nationals fly to Russia, these forged documents will prevent them from crossing the border and will be deported.

We also note that the real purpose of Iranian nationals’ travel to Russia often coincides with the purpose of their request. does not have. We also note the attempt to travel to Russia to cross the border illegally following European countries, which is a violation of the law and carries with it criminal liability.

We note that due to the spread of coronavirus infection, Iranian nationals travel according to government regulations The Russian Federation is limited to No. 635-р as before. In case of change of the current system, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Islamic Republic of Iran will inform.

Update: Sunday, June 20, 1400 at 12:53 #

Hormatullah Rafiei, President of the Iranian Association of Travel Services, announced that 37 Iranian passengers have been in a Russian airport for more than 30 hours. They are confused and are not allowed to leave the airport, claiming that their permit to enter Russia was forged. He explained about this incident:

Yesterday morning, there were two flights from Tehran to Russia, one of which belonged to the Russian company Airflot, which had 5 passengers. They were Iranians and left Tehran for Russia’s Shermitova Airport at around 4:55 AM on Thursday, June 29th. Foreign airlines will never allow a passenger if they are not sure about the passenger visa.

Rafiei pointed out that around 7:30 AM on the same day, an Iranian flight with more than 3 passengers to the same destination Has been done, he added:

Passengers on both flights had problems leaving the airport. However, following the Iranian embassy, ​​all the passengers of the Iranian flight were allowed to leave the airport after a few hours of delay, but the two Iranian passengers of the Russian flight have been stranded and delayed at the airport for more than 2 hours and have been transferred to a section with no facilities. They do not have access, while there are two infants and the elderly among them.

The president of the Association of Travel Services Offices, noting that all these travelers with Fan ID and tickets for the European Cup games to Russia has stressed that no illegal acts have been committed by passengers and acknowledged that no reports have been made in this regard. He added:

If Russia treats travelers harshly, and even if allegations are made, the Iranian embassy in Russia should monitor the situation of Iranian citizens, while responding to The agency’s pursuit of the passengers said it was involved in the election, and finally, after sending one of its employees to the airport, said the passengers had come with fake permits and blamed the agencies for selling tours and tickets and sending passengers.

Harmatullah Rafi’i stressed that the embassy is required to follow up if it sees any illegal treatment by Russian officials:

Our question to the Iranian embassy is what rights it supports for Iranian citizens abroad that allow them to live in unfavorable conditions at the airport. Among the travelers are couples who have traveled for their honeymoon, family and the elderly are present and have not had access to any facilities for 30 hours.

President of the Iranian Association of Travel Services Offices in response Stressing that the Iranian travelers’ travel permits were fake, he stressed the closure of the Russian border due to the corona to Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Iran, saying:

All passengers with Fan Russia’s ID is going to be questionable and not illegal. If there is a possibility of illegal immigration of these people from Russia with Fan ID, the question arises that it is not possible with a visa. Isn’t this a rumor about Turkey or any other country that needs a visa? Russia itself has made this Fan Id and tickets for the European Cup games available and any passenger can get it, why this Iranian citizen has been treated like this. They all traveled in accordance with regulations authorized by Russia, and the Iranian embassy must defend their rights.

Rafiei is also one of the agencies through which travelers traveled to Russia. He called the most reputable agencies in the Russian market and said:

This agency is operating continuously and never tarnishes its reputation. Those who travel do not have names and addresses.

مسافران ایرانی سرگردان در فرودگاه روسیه

Photo source: Qatreh news site #

On the other hand, Kazem Jalali, the Iranian ambassador to Russia, mentioned the reason for the confusion of Iranian passengers at the airport for reasons other than watching football matches as The reason for the trip is stated. He explained:

Travelers obtaining technical visas should not give any reasons other than football matches when asked by the border guards about the reason for their trip to Russia.

Jalali acknowledged that the travel companies had not properly guided and justified them, and that 38 passengers who had not been allowed to enter were asked to do so in response to a question from the Russian border guards as to why they were traveling. Football matches are mentioned. According to the evidence, these reasons include honeymoon, tourism or visiting relatives, and some were children or elderly people who normally could not have gone to Russia for football matches.

Kazem Jalali, referring to the deployment of the deputy The ambassador to the airport for follow-up and reassurance to passengers said that despite contacting the Russian Foreign Ministry to follow up on the matter, the agency described the problem in the area of ​​border authority.

The Iranian ambassador to Russia, while noting On the history of inappropriate treatment of Iranian passengers by Iranian border guards, he warned Russian officials about the need to treat Iranian passengers with respect and said:

We do not tolerate these and honor Iranians must definitely be preserved.

It is worth mentioning that 37 Iranian passengers who flew on Friday, June 19 with flight

The Iranian embassy in Russia issued a statement. Regarding this issue, he stated:

The embassy, ​​as soon as it became aware of this problem, sent a representative to the airport and held extensive consultations with the responsible security and law enforcement officials to solve the problem. Travelers who intend to travel to Russia, while ensuring the credibility and experience of the travel agency and the necessary documents for travel, are fully aware of the rules and regulations of entry into Russia and are justified in terms of the type of visa and the purpose of their trip.

Cover Photo Source: Business News

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