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musician of Iranian music

Ali Ghamsari, a composer and musician of Iranian music, has started a journey and intends to travel around Iran with a compromise.

According to ISNA, the “Iranian Tar” project was formed by Ali Ghamsari and intends to travel around Iran. This project is designed with the focus on web music. During these trips, Ghamsari goes to different provinces of our country to play in one of the historical places of that province in each province.

This Iranian composer and musician intends to record each performance in a visual way and provide the result to music lovers.

Ali Ghamsari went to Qazvin in the first step of his artistic journey “Tar Irani”. He performed in “Saad Al-Saltanah Palace” in Qazvin and published the result in a video. In Qazvin, this composer played a song sung by Shoushtari from his compositions.

Ghamsari chose Tehran for the second step of the “Iranian Tar” project. He played the song “Tears” in “Moghaddam House”. In performing this satirical piece, Asadollahi accompanied Ghamsari with viola and Massoud Firoozinejad with cello.

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