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A brief introduction to the world’s deadliest lighthouse

A brief introduction to the world’s deadliest lighthouse

Lighthouses are cylindrical structures that alert various vessels to the presence of land and rocks, as well as rocks at the end of shorelines, and their function is primarily to prevent large vessels from approaching too close. Deep in the water and they bloom. Join us in the article of the deadliest lighthouse in the world to introduce you to the most dangerous lighthouse in the world. It will definitely be interesting for you to get acquainted with the deadliest lighthouse in the world.

کشنده ترین فانوس دریایی در دنیا

Introducing the Gulf Jarvis

Jervis Bay is a climate enclosed by New South Wales in Australia The state capital is Sydney . The bay has a dangerous cape called St. George, which due to the unfamiliarity of sailors or their inexperience, caused many vessels to hit rocks and rocks on the bottom of the water area of ​​this area. Therefore, in the middle of the nineteenth century, a decision was made to build a lighthouse to inform large and small vessels not to approach the promontory of the Gulf of Jarvis; A lantern that he later proved could be the source of many sinking and destruction of passing

History of this lighthouse

If we want to tell you exactly about the time of construction of the world’s deadliest lighthouse, we have to go back to 1857; The year that an architect named Dawson and his assistant Millington set out to find a great place to build their structure, and finally, they determined a place for this purpose that seems ideal only in terms of the process of transporting materials to build the structure. Receipt. However, it was not at all a good place to guide, guide and also inform other vessels passing by the Gulf of Jarvis.

From the construction of the world’s most dangerous lighthouse until it became clear to everyone that the main reason for the sinking of a large number of vessels and the sinking of numerous navies in this blue climate is the incorrect location of the lighthouse, which is not Near the north, not the south of the Gulf, was visible to sailors for nearly 40 years, and finally, in 1899, Australian naval officials decided to replace the world’s deadliest lighthouse with another one that would stand vertically. , Change.

Despite this relocation, the original lighthouse was still sacrificed, and with the wrong guidance, many ships collided with the rocks and boulders on the bottom of Jervis Bay, as Dawson had built its hull with shiny sand to Shine like a jewel at night. Unfortunately, the same glow caused even sailors to be deceived by building another lighthouse and dragging their ships into the abyss of destruction by receiving false information from the lighthouse.

In the early twentieth century, an order was issued to demolish the structure of this lighthouse. It is interesting to know that this lighthouse did not only cause danger and trouble for ships and boats passing by it, and according to history, it also posed dangers for the crew working in its cylindrical building; It was reported that one of the lighthouse crew was fishing when he drowned or another died after being hit in the head by a horse. The worst thing that happened in the building of this lighthouse was related to the game of two teenage girls with firearms, when suddenly the gun came out of the guarantor and one of the two girls died on the spot. This lighthouse has become one of the Australian tourist attractions are protected.

معرفی خلیج جرویس

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