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A busy era in tourism is ahead

A busy era in tourism is ahead

ISNA / According to the latest news and reports, a busy period in tourism is ahead.

Ali Asghar Shalbafian, Deputy Minister of Tourism, said in a webinar meeting of the Board of Directors, which was held in the presence of general managers and deputy directors of tourism in 31 provinces of the country, as well as general managers of the Deputy Minister of Tourism. Use the development of tourism in the country in the post-Corona days and also overcome the existing challenges. Therefore, using the capacity of senior management of provinces, including governors, can play an effective role in expanding the issues related to the tourism industry in the provincial executive layers. He said that in line with this goal, joint meetings have been arranged with the presence of the Minister, governors and general managers of the province, adding: “Similar action is being taken in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs following the appointment of ambassadors The country is created and the goals of the whole field are achieved. Addressing the general managers of the provinces and headquarters, Shalbafian emphasized that the busy period in the field of tourism is ahead, stating: “One of the main tasks of the government structure of tourism is to facilitate the process of people’s activities, in other words, the private sector in this field.” It is necessary to use any tool to achieve this goal.

He continued: “Integration of criteria, facilitation of the licensing process, expansion of delegations to the provinces, accurate needs assessment and monitoring of affairs are among the forthcoming measures in line with the said needs.” Shalbafian also called on the provincial general managers to investigate the damage done to the tourism industry in order to make constructive decisions, extensively study the consequences and remove the obstacles ahead, to put constructive measures in the post-Crown era on the agenda. Put.

In this meeting, each of the general managers of the deputy directorates of tourism, including the general directorate of marketing and development of foreign tourism, studies, training and planning, investment, infrastructure and sample areas, monitoring and evaluation of tourism services, domestic tourism development and The Central Headquarters of Travel Services Coordination, by presenting the work priorities and the most important topics of the day in this field, reached a conclusion and shared the executive opinion with the general managers of the province.

It was also decided to dedicate one of the main topics to the meeting of the Travel Services Coordination Headquarters, given the importance of re-traveling.

دوران پرکاری در گردشگری پیش رو است

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