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A garden the size of a forest; Bagh Fateh Karaj

A garden the size of a forest; Bagh Fateh Karaj

Does Karaj have a garden as fresh and beautiful as the northern forests and different from its other gardens? There is no doubt that many gardens have been built in Karaj, but Baghshahr, the tennis garden or the conqueror garden of Karaj in the Jahanshahr neighborhood with its famous baths, ponds, fountains, fountains, trees with green and orange leaves, is something else. In this article, follow Alibaba Tourism Magazine to get a place bigger than a garden or park for your weekends and holidays.

Where is the address of Bagh Fateh?

Iran, Alborz Province, Karaj, Jomhory Boulevard, Jahanshahr, Bagh Fateh Karaj.

What amenities are there in this garden?

The amenities of Fateh Garden in Karaj are innumerable; From tennis court, volleyball and basketball shop, buffet, book hut to restaurant, parking lot, pavilion, sidewalk and…

What are the sights of this garden?

When you enter the garden, you will see lush and lush trees, fresh air, celebrity showers, fountains, ponds and fountains.

When is the best time to visit Fateh Garden?

Choose spring days or summer nights for fun and exercise in Fateh Garden.

The first flower of the Conqueror garden

His past has become more and more interesting to me since I started writing the story of Bagh Fateh Karaj. I say this attraction from the place where one of the rich, factory owners, philanthropists and entrepreneurs of Yazdi named the late Mohammad Sadegh Fateh Yazdi comes to Karaj to escape the heat, unemployment, famine, drought and pre-revolutionary restrictions in Yazd. For entrepreneurship and investment, he builds gardens, neighborhoods, buildings and factories, whose investments have kept his name alive and spoken for decades.

باغ فاتح کرج

If from the North and South Employees’ Alley, World Soap, World Tea, World Engine Oil, World Oil Factories , Jahan Ice Creation, Jahan Abadani Company, Jahan Petobafi, several factories, schools and other buildings of the late Mohammad Sadegh, Bagh Fateh Karaj is another of his investments.

You may be interested to know why most of the structures of Mohammad Sadegh Fateh are tied to the name of the world? All these names come from the great love of Fateh for his wife, Roghayeh Khanum Ghazanfar. Haj Mohammad Sadegh calls his wife Jahanesh He knew and always called him the world.

Fateh immigrated to India to study agricultural engineering at a young age, and in the meantime his wife (of course, it seems that Ms. Roghayeh had not yet married Fateh at that time) contracted smallpox. He became infected and became completely blind with the same disease. The beauty of the bond between the two peaks when this illness and blindness can not diminish anything of the conqueror’s love for him, and the conqueror marries you. Mohammad Sadegh Fateh used to name every building he built after his wife to show his love and affection for his wife.

Garden of the Conqueror from the past to the present

This spectacular garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in Karaj, especially in spring and summer, and it still has its fans. In the past, the number of garden trees, especially fruit trees, was very high. Unfortunately, the size of the garden has been reduced from 130 to 300 hectares due to various constructions to such an extent that no one remembers the greatness of its early days.

But one of the architectural wonders of the garden is that 100 years ago, when the Conqueror Garden was built, the trees were planted in a way that envisioned today’s wide streets.

باغ فاتح کرج

What does the garden of the conqueror of Karaj have?

Nature of Karaj Fateh Garden smells north

Beyond what I have said about this garden and other amenities that I will address, the nature and green space of the Fateh Garden in Karaj has a lot to say that reminds everyone of the mood and aroma of the north with its smell and atmosphere. In general, there is little to say about the greenery of this garden.

دیدنی ها و طبیعت سبز کرج

Suppose it is from the pollution of Karaj or Other cities Enter the lush garden of the conqueror at once, that is when your day is made. If I ignore all the recreational facilities of Fateh Garden, I will not be able to pass by its nature, which has the freshness of the north. I say this because I, like you, before writing this article, thought that the garden of the conqueror of Karaj would have a maximum of one tree or a few flowers and plants, but I did not know that this garden is as attractive and good as a forest.

Various recreational facilities in Bagh Fateh Karaj

Bagh Fateh Karaj, by providing a suitable environment and of course various welfare and recreational facilities, has been able to warm the families, especially on weekends and holidays. /

1- Karaj Tennis Park

First of all, I must say that this garden is located next to the Jahanshahr International Tennis Complex with 8 sports fields and a competition field. Reading the previous sentence, you probably think that in addition to the amenities of Fateh Garden, you can also use the adjacent tennis court with a capacity of more than 1000 to 1200 people, which has been able to create a recreational and entertainment environment for the general public.

Jahanshahr International Tennis Complex or Karaj Tennis Park is one of the Iranian tennis complexes that, unlike all Iranian tennis courts, its playing fields are covered. The total area of ​​this complex is about 16,000 square meters and includes a variety of facilities and services such as office buildings, sports equipment store, restaurant, special place for officials and jury room, competition committee, athletes ‘rest area, journalists’ place, space area. There is green and a health track.

پارک تنیس کرج

2- Amenities

The garden is adorned with greenery, a buffet for food shopping, a coffee shop and a restaurant for sightseeing and… are some of the other amenities of this garden for nature and belly tourism.

3- Book hut

One of the most interesting features of Fateh Garden is its book hut. So you can enjoy reading books in the heart of the nature of the garden, in addition to having fun, walking, exercising and hanging out with friends.

4- Sports facilities

Other sports facilities of Bagh Fateh Karaj, I should mention the environment and equipment of basketball and volleyball. Diverse and of course quality sports facilities that such a park does not seem unlikely. In general, it should be said that Fateh Garden gives life for sports and walking.

باغ فاتح کرج

When is the best time to visit Fateh Garden?

Although I know you miss walking in the autumn air and romantic pursuits under its orange trees, there is no season in the victorious garden of Karaj, spring and summer. Think that in the spring breeze or in the summer nights of Fateh Garden in Karaj, you will both have fun and enjoy yourself. Winter also has its own beauty and atmosphere.

Address and Google Map Bagh Fateh

Text Address: Iran, Alborz Province, Karaj, Jomhory Boulevard, Jahanshahr, Fateh Garden, Karaj.

Karaj Conqueror Garden in Google Map

This is the garden of the conqueror of Karaj

If you live in Karaj, if you want a two-person atmosphere, if you prefer walking and group sports with ample amenities, if you want to go to a restaurant and drink coffee in a coffee shop, if you are looking for a family environment, Or, after all, if your heart feels like Gilan, my hometown and place of residence, Fateh Garden in Karaj is one of the gardens that, with its tall and lush trees, takes away the excuse of not going into the heart of nature.

نوشته های سردر باغ

In the end, may God have mercy on the soul of Mohammad Sadegh Fateh Yazdi, if it were not for such capitalists who want to care about nature Believe it or not, we no longer have green space. Since I live in the north of Iran and have experienced walking in the green space and its forests, I recommend that if you do not have the opportunity to come to the north, be sure to take a look at the Fateh Garden in Karaj.

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