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A joint municipal and cultural heritage room will be established to preserve the texture and monuments

ISNA / According to the latest news, a joint chamber of the municipality and cultural heritage will be formed to preserve the texture and historical monuments.

Seyed Massoud Hosseini, the mayor of Hamedan in the courtyard of the Islamic Council of Hamedan, stating that the best work was done in recent weeks by the media and those concerned in this area, regarding the destruction of historical monuments, added: “This was while the relevant agencies They acted like a passive municipality and cultural heritage, blaming each other, and that was the worst thing that ever happened.

He continued: “Currently, there are 167 valuable houses in the city that the cultural heritage and the municipality are not able to maintain, and we do not have a guard for each house, so it seems that the missing link is honesty on this issue, and if At that time, we talked to the people and the owners and asked for their cooperation and management so that they would be aware of the value of the property and become sensitive to it. Better things would happen.

Hosseini added: “This building is valuable for us, but it is not valuable for the owner at the moment, so we should make the property valuable for the owners as well, and if this becomes our concern, maybe the owner will accompany us.” In addition, the owners have problems that need to be addressed. He pointed out that currently 20 valuable buildings are in the hands of government buildings, for example, housing and urban development has five buildings, and if this building is maintained and used, it will be modeled, he said: Values ​​are a single product and we will not find them in the future, so we must work in the field of informing and informing the owners and clarify the real price for them. The mayor of Hamedan stated: “Cultural heritage, as the custodian of the preservation and maintenance of historical monuments, should take command of the protection of historical monuments, and other agencies and people should help this organization, on the other hand, from NGOs and public institutions.” We also asked for help to come to the square to maintain this building. Hosseini, pointing out that we should also ask for help from donors in the field of cultural heritage, continued: “In the field of implementation, there is no dispute and we should all save the city together and we will consider incentive packages, so the municipality is ready.” It is working in the field of preserving cultural heritage and doing something that benefits the people.

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