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A mosque with a masterpiece entrance

Isfahan is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the country, which has many tourist, recreational, commercial and most importantly historical attractions. If we want to describe Isfahan in a short sentence, we must say that Isfahan is a museum where people live. Isfahan, which is located almost in the center of Iran, because it was the capital of the country during the Safavid period, various structures have been built in it that still show the greatness and glory of the country (for example, the Imam Mosque of Isfahan).

In every corner of the city you see things that may not be the same in the world; For example, the minaret of Janban, which is one of the most mysterious works of this city. Isfahan is also known as the half of the world and it is interesting to know that Andre Malraux, a French politician and writer, says about Isfahan that “the most beautiful cities in the world are Venice, Florence and Isfahan”.

According to the items mentioned in this article, we intend to introduce the Imam Mosque of Isfahan and introduce these historical and beautiful monuments to you and answer all your questions about it. Do not miss this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine .

Is there a painting in Isfahan Imam Mosque?

Yes; This place has a lot of designs and paintings, but because the mosques do not use people’s photos, all the paintings and engravings inside it have been painted in the form of beautiful flowers with a special order, which has a very high harmony and order.

Where exactly is Imam Mosque in Isfahan?

Imam Mosque of Isfahan is located exactly on the south side of Naghsh Jahan Square in Isfahan, the dome of which you can see well by entering Naghsh Jahan Square.

How much does it cost to enter the Imam Mosque of Isfahan?

For entering the Imam Mosque of Isfahan, the amount of 5000 Tomans is taken from each Iranian.

History of Imam Mosque of Isfahan

The Imam Mosque, also known as the Shah Mosque, the Soltani Mosque and the Abbasi Grand Mosque, is the most important historical mosque in Isfahan and one of the mosques in Naghsh Jahan Square. Important works of Islamic architecture of Iran are considered.

This building has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with Naghsh Jahan Square. This beautiful mosque is located on the south side of Naghsh Jahan Square and by entering this square you can see it. Shah Abbas I in 1020 AH, in the twenty-fourth year of his reign, ordered the construction of this mosque, the purpose of which was to build a monument to his grandfather Shah Tahmasb.

تاریخچه مسجد امام اصفهان From the architects of this mosque, you can go to the master Ali Akbar Isfahani and Mohebba Ali Bikollah and its calligraphers mentioned Alireza Abbasi, Abdolbaqi Tabrizi, Mohammad Reza Emami and Mohammad Saleh Emami who created this beautiful masterpiece at that time. One of the interesting points of this mosque is that during its construction, marble mines around Isfahan were discovered, which were also used in this building.

There is little to be said about this beautiful building and you have to watch it closely to understand the depth of art used in this amazing structure.

Architecture of Imam Mosque of Isfahan

As mentioned above, the architecture of Imam Mosque is one of the most special post-Islamic architectures. This beautiful building has a main dome with four minarets and two naves and the Imam Marble Altar, which is known as one of the beauties of this architecture of the Imam Mosque of Isfahan. During the Safavid period, two schools were established on both sides of this building, one of which was the school of Sulaymaniyah and the other was named the school of Nasiriyah due to the restoration that was carried out on it during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah.

معماری مسجد امام اصفهان A new seven-color method has been used for the tiles of Imam Mosque in Isfahan. Also, the stone carvings and artistic carvings show the beauties of this place. One of the strangest things you may not notice at first glance is that the background of the tiles and the mosque have so much unity and harmony that you think the whole building was built by one person alone.

General description of Imam Mosque of Isfahan

Imam Mosque of Isfahan is built with 18 million pieces of bricks and 474 thousand tiles and marble can be seen in abundance; Each of the minarets is approximately 33 meters high, while the minarets at the top of the nave are much taller.

Isfahan Imam Mosque The mosque has a dome and a main courtyard below which the main minaret of the mosque is in the direction of the qibla and the other minaret It is built in the direction of Naghsh Jahan Square. In this building, four porches can be seen and the east and west naves along with Nasiriyah and Sulaimaniyah schools are also quite clear.

Sangabs of Imam Mosque of Isfahan

Imam Mosque of Isfahan has seven Sangabs, which are:

  • Sangab entrance door made of jade stone
  • Sangab Chehelston West, which is made of jade stone and has protection.
  • Eastern Chengston Sangab made of lime
  • Western dome Sangab made of marble
  • Sangab Eastern dome made of marble
  • There are two other Sangabs in the eastern part of the main entrance.

Nurseries and domes of Imam Mosque of Isfahan

Wherever you are in Isfahan’s Naghsh Jahan Square, the beautiful dome of Imam Mosque can be seen and you can see its role and art. Especially at night when there is a lot of beautiful light in this place, it makes the dome much more beautiful.

مسجد عباسی اصفهان On the other hand, when you enter the naves, the greatness and glory of the mosque You can understand it well and it gives you the feeling of a time machine and it is as if you have really traveled to the past. We owe this feeling to those who have left us this historical place with art and science in the past centuries.

Ways to access Imam Mosque

This square is located in the center of the city and you can get to Imam Hussein Station by subway, taxi and public buses and get to Naqsh Jahan Square. Due to the great popularity of this place in Isfahan, you can easily find it on the boards or ask the locals.

Address of Imam Mosque on Google Map

You can also use the map below to find out the exact location of this place.

Suggested cost and time of visiting the mosque

According to the points mentioned above, there are few people who do not want to see this beautiful place. Keep in mind that you do not need to pay any fees to enter Naghsh Jahan Square, but for entering the Imam Mosque of Isfahan, the amount of 5000 Tomans will be taken from each Iranian.

بازدید از مسجد عباسی اصفهان Every day except the days of I’tikaf It hosts the tourists to visit this complex from 9:30 am to 11:30 am and from 1 pm to 4:30 pm.

Spectacular attractions around Imam Mosque of Isfahan

Isfahan is one of the places that is not wrong to visit the attractions wherever you go, but to see the attractions around the mosque, you can visit Aliaqapo Palace, Constitutional House, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Chaharbagh Abbasi, Chehel Soton, Ashraf Hall, Sheikh Baha’i Bath, See Khajoo Bridge, Thirty-Three Bridges and که, all of which have their own special effects and features.

Hotels near Imam Mosque

The hotels around this place have a very good quality and amenities because this place is one of the best places in Isfahan. Hotels are:

  • Abbasi Hotel
  • Aali Qapo Hotel
  • Poison Hotel
  • Victory Hotel
  • Sepahan Hotel
  • Hotel Espadana
  • Hotel of Nations
  • Freedom Hotel
  • Isfahan Kaveh Terminal
  • Isfahan Sefeh Terminal
  • Isfahan train ticket
  • Hotel Parsian Kowsar Isfahan
  • Hot Hotel Qapo Isfahan
  • Isfahan Sky Hotel

هتل های نزدیک مسجد Restaurants near Imam Mosque

It is definitely recommended to try Biryani in Isfahan because you can not eat this delicious food anywhere in Iran! The restaurants around Imam Mosque of Isfahan are:

  • Shahrzad Restaurant
  • Azadegan Coffee House and Dizzie
  • Ancient Inn
  • Abbasi Hotel Restaurant

Of course, you can read the full list of the best restaurants in Isfahan here.


It is interesting to know that by entering Naghsh Jahan Square, you will be surrounded by markets that have quality goods at reasonable prices, and you can also see and buy Isfahani handicraft art in engraving there.


In general, if we want to talk about going to the Imam Mosque of Isfahan, we must say that by going and seeing this place, you can mark with a few arrows. You can visit the Imam Mosque of Isfahan, add several beautiful photos to your album, use Isfahan food and quality restaurants, and finally shop in the market. So be sure not to miss this place in Isfahan.

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