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A poem in the tomb of Saadi Shiraz

The good thing is that the color of its dome is turquoise among all colors, the color of its columns is brown and the tiles of its pool are blue. As soon as you smell the vases in the courtyard of Saadi’s tomb, or go to the pool to wash your hands or face, or even when you enter Saadi’s tomb to look at his tomb, your gaze constantly falls on the spectacular color of his dome.

In my opinion, the turquoise of the dome of Saadi’s tomb is beautiful and the most glazed turquoise in the world; Poetic gem on Saadieh ring in the heart of Shiraz. I know Hafezieh and Saadieh are rich Iranian architectures, but which one do you consider more romantic? Or between Tabriz and Shiraz, which are the cities of Iranian poetry, which do you see as more poetic?

I choose both for tourism purposes. For a minute though Bagh Eram , Delgosha Garden , Narenjestan Ghavam, Jahan Nama Garden, Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Bath, Nasir Al-Molk Mosque or even Hafeziyeh and leave it at Alibaba Tourism Magazine Read about Saadi Shirazi calming down, talk about this king, talk about this Sheikh Saadi, talk about Musharraf al-Din, talk about this master.

Where is Saadi’s tomb?

Iran, Fars Province, Shiraz, Saadiyeh

What time is it to visit the tomb?

8:00 AM to 8:00 PM or 9:00 PM

Who built Saadi’s tomb?

Architect Mohsen Foroughi with the help of Ali Akbar Sadegh

What are the different parts of the tomb?

Courtyard with two ponds, fish pond and coin pond, porch and library, the main building looks like a cube, but has an octagonal interior.

Know Sheikh Shiraz

Ferdowsi, Hafez, Attar, Rumi and Shahriyar each have a place, but Saadi Shirazi reminds us of poems that we have repeated over and over again. Yes, Abu Muhammad Musharraf al-Din Mosleh ibn Abdullah, whom it is better to call Saadi by the same familiar name, is one of the Persian orators, poets and writers, the scribes and dignitaries of Shiraz and Shiraz, and Iran and Iranians.

شیخ شیراز را بشناسید Be aware of when Saadi lived. It is exactly the seventh century AH and the Atabakan dynasties of Persia, Abbasids, Khwarezmshahis, Ilkhanids are the rulers of this century. The most prominent event that occurs in this century and reminds us all of the destruction of science and the burning of libraries is the Mongol invasion of Iran.

Birth and youth of Saadi Shirazi

Although there are differences in the date of Saadi’s birth and the time of his birth is estimated between 585 or 600 to 615 AH and the date of his death between the years 690 to 695 AH, but the mother of nature has made such a masterpiece with the birth of Saadi. That Iranians and the world have not forgotten his memory so far. He tasted the first bitter taste as a child with the loss of his father. On the other hand, the situation of Sultan Mohammad Khwarezmshahian, which is coming to an end, makes him angry that he wants to continue his education in Shiraz and travel abroad.

آرامگاه سعدی No one could stop him from the beginning of his youth. He spent 30 years of his life watching the world and went to the military in Baghdad to acquire literature, commentary, jurisprudence, theology and knowledge. After that, he traveled to Hejaz and Syria and finally chose Shiraz for eternal peace. But he saw the time to return there under the rule of Atabak Abu Bakr bin.

Imagine that Sa’di wrote his garden in 655 AH and Golestan in 656 AH when he was not stoned, and dedicated them to Atabak and Abu Bakr ibn Sa’d Zangi. How amazing that he devoted two years of his life to writing in the great book, and his memory is still alive. Now, for the rest of his life, what he had not done. The books of lyric poems and his satires have their place.

تولد و جوانی سعدی شیرازی A man who spent his youth watching the beauties of the world and was not tied together, now his hair After 88 years in the world of art and poetry, he has turned white and you have to welcome old age in a corner of the monastery so that you may relax. I would like to say here that I may be more interested in the poems of Rumi and Shahriyar than Saadi’s poems, but it cannot be denied that we do not use the poems of this poet in our daily life and we do not learn life lessons.

Saadi’s romance

O your love in the hearts, your love on your lips, your passion in your heads, your head in your souls

Until I make a covenant with you, I will break everyone’s covenant.

History of Saadi Tomb

Only a poet as great as Saadi could turn a monastery into a tomb like Saadi’s. Sheikh Shiraz lived in this place until the end of his life until he was finally buried. Now it is the turn of her lovers not to leave her alone. Shamsuddin Mohammad, one of the kings of the Ilkhanate period, built the first tomb of Saadi and his tomb to keep alive the greatness of Sheikh Shiraz, so that people would continue to remember him well. Although the ruler of Persia after a long time began to destroy the tomb, but Karim Khan Zand spends manhood and restores it.

تاریخچه آرامگاه سعدی The Qajars were defeated. It is also the turn of Ali Akbar Khan Ghavam-ol-Molk Shirazi to lay a tombstone for the tomb of Sheikh Ajal. The destruction and revival of Saadia continued until the Pahlavi era. Years passed and passed until Mohsen Foroughi from the Faculty of Fine Arts, together with Ali Akbar Sadeghi, designed a cubic tomb with a celestial dome in 1324 and built and inaugurated it from 1329 to 1331. Saadieh was finally registered nationally in 1353 or 1354.

Tomb Architectural Attractions

Saadia’s attractions may not be as impressive when viewed from a distance. But Saadi’s tomb is beyond all tombs with its tiling, Iranian architecture and inscriptions. Its beautiful dome of the sky, its courtyard the size of paradise, its pools the size of the sea, its porch the width of forty stones, its library of literature and its garden the fragrance of life, show only the more beauties of this tomb. Want to tell me about her other beauty? Shurideh Shirazi is buried in Saadi neighborhood.

Sections of Saadi Tomb

Saadi’s tomb has different parts.


You know that you can not go to see a building with Iranian and Islamic architecture and not see the courtyard and pool. It is impossible. In previous articles, I mentioned that courtyards and pools are inseparable elements of Iranian and Islamic architecture, whether in mosques, tombs or even some houses. As soon as you enter the lush paradise of Saadiya, flowers, plants, trees and grass caress your hands and the breeze of the pool caresses your face.

حیاط Coin Pond

Obviously you know why this pool is called the coin pool. Just as the Italians toss coins in the Troy Falls in Italy to make their wishes come true, the people of Shiraz toss coins in the Saadiyeh coin dock because of their traditions and wishes.

حوض سکه Pond Fish

If most tombs and mosques have only one pond, know that Saadi’s tomb will not be diminished. Two large rectangular ponds in the yard and a small octagonal fish pond are located under the Saadiyeh foundation, in which the water of the tomb aqueduct is poured.

The fish pond is so important to the people of Shiraz that no one wants to look left. I said left, I did not forget to say that this 30 square meter fish pond is located on the left side of Saadiyeh and according to some Shirazis, it has healing properties. That is enough for the people to touch the water on Wednesday night. His tiles are also from the master shooter in 1993.

حوض ماهی Main Building

The exterior of Saadieh with a travertine white color and red granite columns and the inside of the building with an octagon of marble show the Iranian architecture. A tomb where the soul is trapped in the chest. The exterior of Saadi’s tomb should not be damaged. You have to enter to see its beauties. This is where the glow of Saadi’s poems is engraved on the walls on your heart.

ساختمان اصلی Porch

As soon as you enter Saadi, your eyes light up on the beauty of the porch of Saadi’s tomb with its 8 brown stone columns. These columns remind you of forty columns. A red granite porch that I fell in love with, along with inscriptions from Sheikh Ajal’s poems, surrounded Saadi’s tomb.

ایوان Library

But Saadieh Library, which is located in the western part of Saadi Tomb in white, is one of the advantages of the tomb. The original books of this library reach 18378 copies and 15101 titles. Saadieh Library was established in 1351 so that lovers and fans of Saadi and his tomb can read a few pages of the books of this library.

Poems of Saadi Tomb

Poems with the following information on the west side

Happy is life, unfortunately it is not eternal, so trusting in these few days is not mortal

A bit from the park with the following information on the northeast side

Unless you cross our soil to the soil of loved ones to remind

An inscription from Golestan in the southeast

I remember going with the caravan all night…

A lyric with the following information on the southwest side

O wandering Sufi, in Nekounami ward to Niashami pain, Nayrami saddle pain

Twelve verses with information below the northwest side

My land and yours that the north wind blows to the right and north

A lyric from Taybat with information below the northwest side

I love the world because the world of the sanctuary belongs to him I love the whole world that the whole world belongs to him

Twelve verses of the ode with the following information in the Eastern verse

The world has done a lot, and this is the face of forgiveness

A poem from the garden on Saadi’s tombstone

Karim Al-Sajaya, Jamil Al-Shim Nabi Al-Baraya, Shafi Al-Ummah

دانستنی‌های جالب درباره آرامگاه سعدی Interesting facts about Saadi’s tomb

  • Saadi’s tomb, despite its courtyard, porch, pond, flowers and plants, has a valuable library of Persian books.
  • Saadi’s tomb has 4 pools; Two rectangular ponds in the courtyard, two fish ponds and a coin pond inside the tomb.
  • It is interesting to know that at first glance he may see Saadia as a cube, but as soon as you enter Saadi’s tomb, you will enjoy its octagonal shape.
  • If you look at the back of the ten thousand toman banknote, you will see the role of Saadi’s tomb on it. Of course, Saadieh’s face was engraved on five hundred Rial bronze coins in 2008.

دانستنی‌های جالب درباره آرامگاه سعدی Hours of visiting Saadi Tomb

Saadi’s tomb is beautiful not only in the green of spring, but also in the warmth of summer and the red of autumn and the whiteness of winter. On the first day of May, there is a commotion there. Rest assured that the doors of Saadiyeh Shiraz are open to you and foreign tourists from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm or 9:00 pm throughout the year.

Where is Saadi’s tomb?

Access address: Very well, as soon as you reach Fars province by vehicles, go to Shiraz from the northeast at the first opportunity. Buses and taxis are also available to take you to Saadia.

Address: Saadi Tomb (Saadieh), Bustan Blvd., next to Delgosha Garden, Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran

Phone number: 071-37302300

آرامگاه سعدی کجاست؟

“Shirazeh who is called Saadieh”

A tomb with two pools in its courtyard, a fish pond and a coin pond under it, a library around it can not be seen in a minute and back. He wants patience. It takes a long time to read and enjoy the poems of Sheikh Ajal in Saadi’s tomb. But the hands of Iranian artists are dwindling.

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