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Abuzid Abad Desert, Kashan; A desert you have heard less of

Abuzid Abad Desert, Kashan; A desert you have heard less of

The proximity of Abuzidabad desert to several important cities, tourist and historical attractions of this region and most importantly the beauty and grandeur of this desert are among the reasons that make Abuzidabad one of the key options in desert tourism and visiting Places of Kashan have been turned. In this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine I will introduce you to the twist of the Abuzidabad desert.

I will talk a little about the weather and access to it from different cities, and then I will come to the desert entertainments and the introduction of the sights of Abu Zidabad. Finally, I have made a list of equipment needed to travel to the desert to prepare your backpack more easily and quickly.

Where is Abuzidabad desert?

Abuzidabad desert is located in the northeast of Kashan.

What are the attractions of Abuzidabad desert?

Among the attractions of this area, we can mention Karshahi Castle, Safavid Caravanserai, Yakhab, Chah Arous area, etc.

What is the best time to visit Abuzidabad desert?

The best time to visit Abuzidabad desert is autumn and winter.

How far is Tehran from Abuzidabad desert?

The distance from Tehran to Abuzidabad desert is about 270 km and in terms of time is between 3 to 4 hours.

Introduction of Abuzid Abad Desert

Abuzidabad desert is a part of the great desert of Rig Dam, which is located in the north of Abuzidabad and northeast of Kashan at a distance of 38 km. This area is one of the sights of Kashan, which has become one of the most important tourist destinations due to its convenient access to important cities such as Tehran, Isfahan, Kashan and Arak. کویر ابوزید آباد Abu Zayd Abad Desert, known in the local dialect as BIZOVOY, d There are many historical monuments and sights. Among the sights of this desert, we can mention Karshahi Castle, Safavid Caravanserai and..

This desert has various accommodations for tourists, you can use the hotel, caravanserai and traditional houses in the surrounding villages. This cozy and calm desert is the origin of the ancient Iranian dialects that have been gathered together. In recent years, many tourists have targeted this desert after the Marnjab Desert and the Egyptian Desert. کویر ابوزید آباد

What is the flora and fauna of this desert area?

Abuzidabad desert, due to its position relative to the groundwater aquifer, has a vegetation and according to it, special animal species. Animals such as hawks, rabbits, eagles, sand foxes, jackals, wolves, hobras, pamswakis, agamas, snakes, etc. live here. پوشش گیاهی

Know the entertainments of Abuzid Abad desert well before traveling

At first glance, the entertainment I introduce to you may seem very simple, but the fact is that just a few seemingly simple entertainment in the heart of the desert is such an enjoyable experience that you will not experience anywhere else like it, trust me کردن! P> جاهای دیدنی کاشان The first time I went to the desert, when we got off the minibus, everyone immediately took off their shoes and ran to the sand dunes. I did not know why I did this, so you do not believe that you do not walk barefoot in the desert, but I can boldly say that walking barefoot in the desert is one of the best things I have ever experienced in my life. پا برهنه در کویر Pure silence, as far as the eye can see The blue sky and dunes… with any The foot sinks into the sand, and the coolness of the underlying layers of sand tickles the soles of your feet. Do not forget this fun in Abu Zid Abad desert and do not stick your shoes in it.

Photography in Abu Zid Abad Desert

Personally, I think over-travel photography makes us not look at live images carefully and satisfactorily, but naturally photography is an integral part of travel and nature tourism; The beauty of Abu Zeidabad desert is no exception to this rule. تفاوت آب و هوایی کویر

Offroad in the sand dunes

If you have an off-road vehicle with a long chassis or suitable, it is better to include off-road in the sand dunes of Abu Zid Abad desert in your travel plan. If you do not have a suitable car, there is no need to worry, near the Safavid caravanserai, there are usually people who take you off the car for a small amount of money and create very exciting moments for you. آفرود سواری

four wheels

Four-wheeled motorcycles are another pastime in the Abu Zidabad desert. You can sit behind the wheel of a large four-wheeled rental engine and climb the sand dunes as fast as you want. Riding a quad bike is not difficult, but it is naturally dangerous for amateurs and requires more care. کویر ابوزید آباد عکس از: سایت Mehrnews Desert morning on one side, desert nights on the other. Everyone describes the desert nights and the truth that is nothing but the truth. If you are traveling to Abuzid Abad desert, it is better to plan your time in such a way that you spend at least one night in the desert and watching the starry sky. آتش در کویر ابوزید آباد At night, unlike during the day, the air cools and turns on Fire and sitting together open your heart. Combining absolute silence and the sky with twinkling stars is something you will see in your dreams for a long time after returning from a trip. آسمان شب کویر

camel riding

Locals in the Abu Zaydabad desert rent their camels to tourists. If you have the heart and courage, you can also try camel riding on this trip. Riding is not a difficult task and the locals will fully guide you and accompany you so that no problem arises. شترسواری

Abuzid Abad Desert Attractions

Abuzidabad desert has become one of the most important sights of Kashan due to its many tourist attractions. This desert is not just a simple desert and has a sea of ​​thousands of years of Iranian history in its heart. Therefore, instead of talking about the desert, I would like to briefly introduce the attractions of Abu Zayd Abad desert to you: آفرود سواری

Siazgeh, the famous sand dunes

Siazgeh is a desert in the north of Abu Zidabad. This desert is famous for its beautiful sand dunes with spectacular views. Sometimes camel riding competitions are held in the sand dunes. Siazgeh desert is less known than other parts of the desert, so it is a cozy and quiet environment for nature lovers. This desert can be seen from afar in black, which is why it is called Siazgeh, which means black sand. تپه شنی کویر ابوزید آباد This area has its own vegetation and its beautiful sands are an opportunity for desert overnight stays, barefoot hiking and friendly chats.

Karshahi Castle, the second largest brick building in Iran

Karshahi Castle has a strange name. Maybe I should talk about its name first. In the past, this castle was known as “Gohar Shahi” or “Castle of Thieves” and among the locals as “Castle of the Deaf”. There is no exact information about the reason for its registration, but one of the reasons can be considered as Sardar Hossein Kashi. قلعه کرشاهی In ancient times, this castle belonged to Sardar Hossein Kashi, one of the bandits and insurgents of Reza Shah’s time. On the other hand, the name (royal karez) was used to refer to this castle, which means the aqueduct attributed to the king.

Leaving aside the adventurous name of the castle, we come to the native and defensive architecture of this castle in the heart of the desert. Karshahi Castle is a 4000 square meter castle that was built in pre-Islamic times and is the second largest brick building in Iran after Bam Citadel.کویر ابوزید آباد The castle has a very large courtyard in the middle of which there was a large pool of water; The constant access of the castle to the aquifer caused this basin to be always full of water; The indigenous architecture he was talking about is the constant access to water in the heart of the desert.

Every 10 meters, high towers have been erected around the castle to maintain the security of the building in case of insecurity. Karshahi Castle has a total of 17 rooms, of which 4 were winter rooms, 10 were summer rooms and the rest were slaves.تپه های شنی It is interesting to know that around the Karshahi castle, high walls and between the wall and the castle, a trench 5 meters deep has been dug to stop the enemies who were going to attack. If you visit this castle now, you will see the traces of the ball left on its walls.

Mount Yakhab

Yakhab Mountain is a mountain with a height of 1800 meters in the north of Karshahi Castle, which is one of the spectacular attractions of Abu Zid Abad Desert. The name Yakhab is chosen from the name of a spring in the heights of this mountain. This mountain is a good place for mountaineers to climb.کوه یخاب In addition to Yakhab Mountain, this area has a section called Yakhab Wildlife Sanctuary, which has become a no-hunting area since 1392 AH. This area is a combination of plains, deserts, deserts, hills with special vegetation and abundant water resources where rare animals such as cheetahs, lynxes, wild cats, sand cats, birds of prey and زندگی live.دیدنی های کویر ابوزید آباد

Chah Arous area in Abu Zayd Abad desert

Chah-e-Arous region is one of the most pristine parts of Abuzidabad desert. This area is beautiful and has become more beautiful with a collection of sand dunes. The structure of the bride’s well area is such that you can easily reach the fresh water by digging a pit. We always think of desert areas without water and drought, but groundwater changes the game; In the heart of the desert you can see groves or watermelon fields that have been planted without irrigation and in the dry season!منطقه چاه عروس The reason for choosing this name for the region is an interesting story. In the past, one of the Bakhtiari tribes had a beautiful bride, who had two lovers of propaganda. One of the suitors stipulates that every suitor should dig a water well and whoever reaches fresh water, the bride should marry him; This became the name of this area, Chah Arous!

Abyaneh village

Abyaneh village is a green and temperate village of Natanz functions of Isfahan, which is located near Abuzidabad desert. If you have more time on your trip, I suggest you do not miss visiting this historic village. This village, with its native architecture and various historical monuments, has gained a great reputation among tourists and has been registered as a national monument of the country.روستای ابیانه The history of Abyaneh village is estimated to be 1500 years ago, because the historical monuments of this village belong to different historical periods of Sassanids, Seljuks, Safavids and Qajars. Among the sights of Abyaneh village, we can mention the famous fire temple of Abyaneh, Qala-e-Pal, Qaleh-e-Hardeh, Qala-e-Paleh, the shrine of Hinza, the shrine of Shah Yahya and Prince Isa, the mosques, Pazerla, Yosmon, the anthropological museum, the old cemetery of Abyaneh and so on.

Noshabad underground city (Ovi)

The underground city of Noshabad is one of the spectacular attractions of Abu Zid Abad desert, which many people know as the underground city of Oi or Oi. This underground city is a historical treasure from the last 1500 years, which was built deep in the earth.شهر زیرزمینی The city is a complex of nested and dense corridors with small and large rooms and canals that are built on three floors. Wait a moment here and think deeply; Its three-storey complex at a depth of 18 meters!

The underground city of Ovi is in fact the largest collection of underground handicrafts that was built as a shelter with the aim of protecting the lives and property of the people in times of insecurity and had the same use from the Sassanid to Safavid periods. This strange city was discovered in 2006 by a person who wanted to dig a well in his house and due to the complex architecture and wonders in his pocket, he was immediately included in the list of national monuments.شهر زیرزمینی اویی The entrance to the underground city is not very accessible due to its defensive and military nature, but when you enter the city corridors, the height of all parts except the entrance is the same as a normal human (about 170 to 180 cm).

There are platforms for sitting on the sides of the walls and niches can be seen in the rooms. Throughout the walls of the city there is a burning place for lighting. The general structure of the city is such that invaders and enemies do not have easy access to the city and its people.جاهای دیدنی کاشان You probably also wonder how all those people breathed when they were so deep in the ground! The unique ventilation of this underground city is another strange feature; Channels on the first floor have access to the ground level, which provide suitable conditions for air circulation in all floors.کویر ابوزید آباد Visiting this historical city is possible every day except for days of mourning for Iranian and foreign tourists, and there is always guidance to explain the stories that have been told in this city.

Spectacular Safavid caravanserai

This caravanserai has different names for itself, some call it Safavid caravanserai, some call it Abbasi Abuzidabad caravanserai; Even recently, after renovations and renovations, it has opened its doors to tourists under the name of Abruz Hotel. This caravanserai is a 400-year-old building that was built during the Safavid period and has been included in the list of national monuments of Iran due to its unique architecture and features.کاروانسرای دیدنی صفوی This caravanserai was built as a place for caravans and people to rest; Many people from Yazd, Isfahan and the surrounding cities passed through the Abu Zid Abad desert on their way and migrated to this place with their camels and donkeys.

Abuzidabad Abbasi Caravanserai has been and will be a refuge for many travelers for many years; I use the verb (will be) because this monument still has the same function as before and welcomes its guests.کویر ابوزید آباد

What is the shape of Safavid Caravanserai in Abuzidabad desert?

Safavid caravanserai is an old building in the middle of Abu Zayd Abad desert, the center of which is a very large courtyard with an azure pool. All around is the courtyard of the caravanserai; The building has 29 rooms with different capacities, all of which have been renovated in recent years.

During the renovation process, the restorers tried their best to preserve the originality of the caravanserai, so the rooms were completed with colorful kilims and hand-woven carpets and traditional beds with natural fibers, and there was no internet, radio or television!آب انبار صفوی The wooden windows with the stained glass of the rooms are so beautiful that they cannot be overlooked. If you combine the sound of laughter and passengers talking with the sound of the water of the small fountain of the pond, you will hear the melody of a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Around the courtyard, wooden boards are arranged around the pool for the comfort and relaxation of travelers. The nights of the caravanserai are very spectacular with its beautiful lighting, making it a cozy and safe place to have fun.جاهای دیدنی کویر ابوزید آباد Next to the accommodation space, Safavid Caravanserai has a traditional restaurant with a capacity of 500 people, which welcomes foreign and Iranian tourists every day with a variety of home-cooked food, local doogh, and firewood bread in pottery. For information on room reservation prices and more details, you can visit the official website of the inn.کویر ابوزید آباد If you do not intend to stay in the caravanserai, you can see it only as a historical monument; To do this, you must obtain an entrance ticket. It is possible to visit the Abbasi Caravanserai in the heart of Abu Zayd Abad Desert every day except 11 to 3 pm on Thursdays and Fridays.اقامت در کویر ابوزید آباد

When is the best time to visit the desert?

All deserts are known for their hot days and cold nights, but the amount of daily cold and heat also depends on the season; Abu Zeidabad desert is no exception to this rule. The best time to travel to Abuzidabad desert is autumn, winter and finally early spring. In the cold seasons of the year, the temperature and dryness will be less and it will be easier for tourists to stay in the desert.کویر ابوزید آباد The best time of day for desert trekking is from the beginning of the day until sunset. It is better to go to the caravanserai or camp after sunset, wear warm clothes to be safe from the cold of the desert at night. Most tourist tours are held in the cold half of the year and Abu Zidabad desert is busier at these times than other seasons of the year.

Where is the Abuzid Abad Desert?

Isfahan province, 30 km east of Kashan, Abuzidabad desert

Abuzidabad desert on Google Map

Access route to Abu Zid Abad desert

One of the important features of Abuzidabad desert is its good and easy access to the important cities around it. The relatively close distance of this desert to the four cities of Tehran, Arak, Isfahan and Kashan, has provided suitable conditions for tourists to have the opportunity to explore the beautiful sand dunes of Abu Zidabad in a short time. کویر ابوزید آباد In this section, I will give a brief explanation about the distance between each of these cities and the desert so that you can choose the appropriate route for you:

Distance from Tehran to Abuzidabad desert: The distance between Tehran and Abuzidabad desert is about 270 km, which is a 3-4 hour journey. To reach the desert, you must use the Tehran-Qom highway and reach Kashan, then take the rest of the route to the desert. For more convenience, be sure to get help from the signboards and location of Abuzid Abad desert on the map.

Distance from Arak to Abuzidabad Desert: Travel from Arak to Abuzidabad Desert is possible from three different routes, but in general, the average travel time by car and by choosing any of the routes is between 3 to 4 hours. کوه‌های کوچک و بزرگ شنی Distance from Isfahan to Abuzidabad desert: The distance from Isfahan to Abuzidabad desert is between 2 to 3 and there are three different ways to reach the desert.

Distance from Kashan to Abuzidabad desert: The route from Kashan to Abuzidabad desert is about 38 km, which takes about 40 minutes by car.

What to take with us on a trip to Abu Zidabad desert?

Traveling to the desert has its own way and tradition. If you are an adventurer, you know that to camp in the heart of nature, you must have special equipment to avoid problems. Here is a complete list of essentials for traveling to the desert and camp to prepare your backpack painlessly.

Suitable walking shoes (preferably a long leg that does not twist your foot)Sun hatsunglassestrue and accurate sunscreen
CompassSuit backpackwindbreakerفندک </ td>
First Aid SuppliesPower BankTravel Blanketssleeping bag
CameraPersonal and essential medicinesFood and snacksDrinking water
Insect repellent creamCashTent in case of campwarm clothes for the evening

املت کویری In addition to the above checklist, it is important to consider a few key points during your trip to the Abu Zidabad Desert:

  • Travel to Abu Zidabad desert does not require any permit.
  • Be sure to bring a guide for your trip so you do not get lost along the way. (Please take this advice seriously!)
  • Bring a garbage bag with you to protect nature.
  • If you use a personal car for travel, show it to a repairman in advance so that it does not get in the way.

چای ذغالی کویری

The true birth of the soul and the heart

Eric Emmanuel Schmidt is a French writer who got lost in an accident in the desert and the Hogar Desert, about 300 kilometers from the nearest settlement. He always says about this experience that I was born in 1960, my body and my heart and soul were born in the Hogar Desert.

تولد روح و حقیقت Regardless of Schmidt’s condition or whatever has happened to him, I think that the desert is truly a place for the rebirth of soul and heart. That is why I invite you to include Abu Zayd Abad Desert in your travel plan, be sure that this tour will be so sweet for you that you will renew your covenant with it every year.

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