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Accompanying reptiles in Qeshm Crocodile Park

Accompanying reptiles in Qeshm Crocodile Park

Although most people remember the word “park” when they hear the word “park”, this word is not only used for their gardens and orchards. Flower and plant park, water park and. Are some of the most interesting parks that you can visit when traveling to any city. But one of the most exciting parks in Iran in Qeshm is Crocodile Park. Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. A park where you can visit crocodiles and get to know their lives.

If you are very curious to know what the story is about and what this park has to say, with this article from Alibaba Tourism Magazine Be with you.

Where is Crocodile Park?

Crocodile Park is located on Qeshm Island at km 7 of Qeshm-Dargahan Highway.

When is the best time to visit the park?

To go to Qeshm, it is better to choose the cooler months of the year. The best time to go to Qeshm is from late autumn to early spring.

What animals are kept in this park?

First of all, Nopak Qeshm Crocodile Park is the home of crocodiles. But in addition, a variety of birds, hedgehogs, monkeys, and tali goats live in the park.

Crocodile Park

Visiting Qeshm Crocodile Park and getting acquainted with the life of these reptiles is an experience that you will not forget soon. To be honest, what is life? ‌ Life is the moments we create for ourselves. So if you go to Qeshm, one of the sights of Qeshm that you should not miss in any way, is the Nopak Crocodile Park in Qeshm.

پارک کروکودیل قشم

In this park you will have the chance to get acquainted with the strangest and rarest animal species in the south of the country, touch them, or take a souvenir photo with crocodiles. Of course, this is not the only reason you should visit this park. Qeshm Crocodile Park is a place where animal species grow and you can witness these activities up close.

Establishment of Qeshm Crocodile Park

It may be interesting for you to know that the founder of Qeshm Crocodile Park is Ms. Mojgan, a villager who started serious activities on this park in 2010. A year later, the park opened. At that time, a rural woman and her husband managed to import eight crocodiles from Central Asia to Iran.

تاسیس پارک کروکودیل قشم Now, after all these years, the number of crocodiles has reached more than a hundred. They all grow up and live in this park in good conditions. Of course, Nopak Qeshm Park has been exporting crocodiles for several years, and this is the source of income for the park and has provided the budget for its growth and development.

Park Animal Species

Well, it turns out that the first species you expect to see in this park are crocodiles. Crocodiles of different heights and weights lie in the sun by the water and warm their cold bodies.

Crocodiles usually live to be 70 to 80 years old. The crocodiles of Nopak Park in Qeshm are from 1 to 27 years old. When small crocodiles hatch, they remain incubated for several months at a controlled temperature until they are large enough to survive outdoors.

گونه‌های جانوری پارک But crocodiles only The animal species in the park are not crocodiles. In the following, we will get acquainted with the other species of Qeshm Crocodile Park:

African Gray Neck ostrich

The African Gray Neck or Blue Neck ostrich is the best ostrich breed. These birds, like crocodiles, are descended from dinosaurs. The male ostrich has black feathers, while the female’s feathers are brown. The gray-necked African ostrich has the best age to harvest meat and feathers in the second year of life. Of course, these ostriches lay eggs once a year.

Tali goat

Beztali lives in southern Iranian cities such as Qeshm, Minab, Hormozgan, and Bandar Lengeh. One of the main characteristics of Tali goat is its slender and horny hands and feet. These goats have brown hair and weigh up to 30 kg.

بز تالی


Quebecs are known as delicious and colorful birds in all cities of the country. These birds are good prey in the wild, even if they are domesticated, they are decorative birds whose beauty purifies any garden. One of the most interesting things about Quebec is that they live like monogamy.


Peacocks are known as the queen of birds. These animals reach maturity at the age of 4 and their tails are in their most beautiful and glorious state. Of course, the beautiful and large peacock tail belongs only to the male of this bird and its female type has ordinary gray feathers. Of course, it is not bad to know that the peacocks of Qeshm Crocodile Park come from India.

طاووس monkeys

Beautiful, small African monkeys climb through cage doors and trees and roam this way and that. This is perhaps the most interesting part of the park; Because they are always hungry and always ask for food from visitors. Of course, monkeys come in all shapes and sizes, and you probably won’t get enough of them.


Hedgehogs and hedgehogs are not really the same. The biggest difference between the two species is their size. Shiites living in Qeshm Crocodile Park weigh up to 30 kg; While hedgehogs reach a maximum of one kilogram. It is a rodent species and has the ability to destroy farmers’ farms. In some cases, the razor blades are black and white, and the animal skewers them when it senses danger and shows its larger size. This interesting defense system helps the animal to get rid of bigger and more dangerous animals.


Did you know what an iguana is? This animal is so beautiful and colorful that its photos and videos are usually used to show the quality of all kinds of TVs and monitors. The iguana is a species of marjoram that lives in the tropics of South and Central America.

ایگوانا iguanas are not very dangerous and They usually feed on small insects. These animals are so calm and obedient that in some cases they are even chosen as pets. Do you think you would like to take a iguana home as a pet?

Other types of birds

Qeshm Crocodile Park has other species of birds, including the Emerald Chicken. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about an emerald bird, a bird that can imitate the human voice well and learn every sound they hear with a little practice. Nupak Park also has wise men and parrots. In addition, you can see vultures, starlings, and horned chickens in this park.

Iran’s largest crocodile in Qeshm

Do you know Khan Baba? He is the largest crocodile in Iran and is 27 years old. When you go to Qeshm, you can see Khan Baba up close, lying in the sun with his two wives and resting. This giant crocodile is 4 meters long.

You will have the chance to take a photo with him in Qeshm Crocodile Park. Of course, you should know that Khan Baba is still young and lives to be 70 to 80 years old, and if you continue like this, he will probably weigh 350 kilos.

بزرگترین کروکودیل ایران در قشم Crocodile Care

A crocodile is a laying creature. It takes three months for the eggs to break and the baby crocodiles to be born. Once the ambient temperature is reached, the water and food quality of the crocodiles must be fully controlled for up to a year. After one year, the crocodiles reach maturity. Adult crocodiles are usually available for sale. They are even exported to other countries.

Park rules when visiting

When visiting this park, you should respect and follow various rules.

1- Be calm

Crocodile Park is home to a variety of animals, and their tranquility must be maintained at all times. For this reason, one of the first rules of Qeshm Crocodile Park is that you should not make much noise when visiting it. Animals such as lizards and crocodiles get very upset when they feel threatened, and this is not good for them at all.

پارک کروکودیل 2- Do not eat

The diet of animals kept in Crocodile Park is strictly controlled. Usually, the foods that visitors have in their hands have no place in this particular diet. When you give monkeys and birds eggs, puffs or chips, you will waste months of the effort of the experts and doctors of the collection.

If you really like to interact with animals and feed them, do not worry. Parts of the collection are designed for this purpose. Favorite animal food is prepared in these sections and the staff of your collection will guide you on how to feed the animals.

به جانوران غذا ندهید 3- Do not smoke

Smoking in different parts of the complex can be dangerous to animals. Some animals live indoors, and if you smoke near them, they can get all kinds of diseases. These animals are accustomed to the clean air of the park, so you should not pollute their air by smoking.

4- Be careful of animals

If you notice one of the animals not behaving normally while visiting Qeshm Crocodile Park and it looks sick, be sure to inform the park officials. Of course, park experts and doctors are always on the lookout for animals, but it is not bad that visitors feel responsible for this and pay attention to the animals in the park.

Best time to visit the park

Qeshm has a very hot and sultry climate. That is why going to this island in the first six months of the year may make you upset and even sick. If you are not used to the hot and humid climate, it is better to choose the winter months to visit the sights of Qeshm. In these months, you do not need coats, shawls and hats in Qeshm, and it is better to have light and summer clothes with you.

بهترین زمان برای بازدید از پارک Park Amenities

There are no significant amenities for visitors in this park. If you are waiting for a shop, cafe, restaurant, buffet, a good place to sit and relax, ،, you will probably find yourself closed in this park.

Qeshm Crocodile Park is just an environment for keeping reptiles and several other species of animals. Therefore, it is better to visit the cafe, restaurant and other attractions around it after your visit for sightseeing.

Where is Crocodile Park?

Address of Qeshm Crocodile Park: Hormozgan Province, Qeshm Island, seven kilometers from Qeshm-Dargahan Highway (Persian Gulf Highway), Qeshm Crocodile Park

Qeshm Crocodile Park Phone Number: 07691026017

What is the access route to Crocodile Park?

To reach Qeshm Crocodile Park, you must first enter Qeshm Island. It is possible to enter the island by air and sea. If you enter the island by plane, take a taxi to the island first. If you travel by sea, you will reach the port of Laft on Qeshm Island.

Find the Qeshm-Dargahan highway after entering the island. Walk seven kilometers on this highway to reach Qeshm Crocodile Park. The park is open on weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm, but on holidays it reaches 10 pm. You must pay an entrance fee to enter the park.

مسیر دسترسی به پارک کروکودیل کدام است؟ This cost in the fall of 1400 for adults is 15 thousand tomans and 10 thousand tomans has been set for children.

The Last Word

Visiting Qeshm Crocodile Park is a bit like going to the zoo. But there are some major differences. First, in addition to visiting animals, you can get acquainted with the activities of collection experts for breeding and keeping animals. Even if you are interested, you can take crocodile breeding classes.

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