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Action campaign for the global registration of Toos and Ferdowsi Tomb

Action campaign for the global registration of Toos and Ferdowsi Tomb

Following the launch of the campaign for the global registration of Toos, the director of Ferdowsi Scientific Center and Shahnameh at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad also stressed the need for global registration of this collection.

A group of cultural activists launched a campaign to collect signatures calling for the global registration of Toos, which also houses the tomb of Hakim Abolghasem Ferdowsi, the famous Iranian poet and creator of the Shahnameh. /

In the text of this scan, which has been signed by two thousand people so far, it is addressed to the Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts and the Governor of Khorasan Razavi:

Socially and politically, Toos is an important city. It is known that in the past centuries, it was the birthplace of some important figures of Iranian culture and thought, including Jaber ibn Hayyan, Daqiqi, Ferdowsi, Sheikh Tusi, Asadi Tusi, Mohammad Ghazali, Khajeh Nizam al-Mulk Tusi and Khajeh Nasir al-Din Tusi. Also near Ferdowsi Tomb is the Tomb of the Poets, which is the tomb of poets such as Ahmad Golchin Maani, Emad Khorasani, Zabihullah Sahebkar, Mohammad Ghahraman and Gholamreza Shokouhi. Mehdi Akhavan Sales and Mohammad Reza Shajarian are also buried in Toos.

During the past years, many efforts have been made to develop and improve the area of ​​Ferdowsi Tomb and other historical monuments in this city, including the opening of the Jolkhan site. He mentioned the tomb of Ferdowsi and the installation of statues of Shahnameh characters. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tus will double the attention to this historic city and Ferdowsi’s tomb and will make it more in the spotlight of the world.

We, the signatories of this campaign, call for preparations and action for world registration We are the city of Toos, as the always beating heart of Iranshahr, and we pay special attention to its protection, development and prosperity. The development of the city of Tus as a cultural complex and the birthplace of many valuable literary figures needs to be answered today.

Please follow up this issue with the relevant authorities and follow it until the world registration of the city of Tus .

محمدجعفر یاحقی

Photo from Shahrara newspaper website

On the other hand, following the launch of this cultural and tourism campaign, Mohammad Jafar Yahaghi, Shahnameh researcher and director of Ferdowsi Scientific Center and Shahnameh at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, in a note entitled “What has happened to us! » He stressed the need to register the city of Tus in the UNESCO World Heritage List and wrote:

What has happened to us that we do not hear the voice of history? Do we no longer hear the cries of our fathers? Have we forgotten ourselves? Or else, we are ashamed of the deeds of the fathers and we do not know that: “Whoever is ashamed of the fathers is wrong”!

Listen to this land of Tus. What do you hear? The commotion of enemies and aggressors at the forefront of atheist desert raids? When did the caravans of goods and knowledge leave? Or not, the whispers of lessons, discussions, science, literature, thought, interaction, and the coming and going of scholars, scholars, and the Taliban of thought, knowledge, and consciousness? The sound of Al-Ghazali moaning that his pound of knowledge was looted? The voice of Ibn Sina’s displacement in the mountains of Hezar Masjid? Or not, the tumultuous movement of a group of companions and followers of Boseid, who with a mountain from a mystical point of view on the way to Neishabour in the mountains and in the shelters and villages and its villages with low and insignificant people equal and equal and raise the flag of freedom and freedom? Ferdowsi sings Bijan and Manijeh behind its meadows on a night “washed with bitumen” on the candle course taken by his kind friend, Nizam al-Mulkesh grows beyond the radans of the military, Sheikh Abu Ja’far (al-Tusi) with his fierce devotion to the man The waist is closed. Nasir al-Din has conquered the heavens and humiliated the Mongol bloodthirsty khans on the threshold of his observatory! The mystics of Abreh and Farmadh have created schools for the disciples on the other side of Jeyhun!

They have been issued and have spread the rays of knowledge of this land to all parts of the world from Kandahar to Qairvan. If it is not enough, the same Imam Reza’s God who brought him here from Medina, or not Ferdowsi and the creator of his Shahnameh, suffice it to say, or not Say: Tus must become universal. Tus is universal must be recognized. Who and what institution should issue a fatwa to recognize it? In the tradition of the world today, UNESCO.

And I, who have been on the threshold of Tus since fifty years ago and have not been unaware of it, and today or tomorrow I will lay on its good soil forever, from the very first days of this I have concerns and I have such a temptation: if I spoke with Ferdowsi at Ferdowsi University, if my first writings were about Ferdowsi fifty years ago, if I published the first issue of Page book called Ferdowsi in 1990, if a little later My friends have written a booklet to introduce Tus and Ferdowsi and I have given the 13th and 14th pages of Tus exclusively to Tus. I have brought the scientific hub of Khorasan and Ferdowsi literature to Ferdowsi University. If I have been transferred from Ferdowsi Cultural Center to Ferdowsi Micro-House now and from Page Book to Page Quarterly, The turbulent towers of Ferdowsi Mausoleum Company were dismantled I have cried out in the press and in the media, and for decades, if anything, it has all been for Tus to become global.

Now of all the sufferers of history, culture, originality, honor, freedom, gratitude, and gratitude. I want the people of Iran and the world to shout with one voice: #Tus must be #registered_in_the_world. Not a small letter, not a large word!

Photos from Webergool website, Iran visit, Heritage Voice

Culture and tourism enthusiasts and activists will also be able to visit the website at www.karzar.net/tus Sign a letter requesting action for the global registration of Toos.

Cover photo from Shahnameh Pajuhan website

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