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Adventure in the luxury entertainment of the resort to the roof of Tehran

Adventure in the luxury entertainment of the resort to the roof of Tehran

Tehran’s weekend entertainment and sightseeing hangout can not be anywhere other than Tehran Resort. The resort is a paradise with various entertainments and is considered to be equipped with recreation and welfare centers in Iran. As far as we can remember, the resort always surprises its guests with its entertainment. This collection has dreams for every year and records memorable times for resort tourists.

Using Tochal cable car, you can climb Tochal peak and watch Tehran from the peak by inhaling clean air. Exciting resort games such as sledding, zip line, escape room, etc. are all fun to hear, no matter where you are. Join the Alibaba Tourism Magazine for an adventure in the luxury entertainment of the resort.

What entertainment is available at the resort?

Snowmobile, cable car, ski slope, ski lift, cube club, archery club, sled, virtual reality Via Resort, zip line, bag jump club, health park, roof Tehran, mountaineering and hiking, billiards cafe and tennis club are among the recreational and natural facilities of the resort.

What time does the resort suite open?

This complex is open 24 hours a day in the absence of mandatory holidays, but some leisure and welfare services are limited by the hour. Before referring to Tehran Resort Complex, please call 021-24875000.

Where is the exact address of the resort?

Tehran- Shahid Chamran Highway- Yemen Street- End of Velenjak Street- Tehran Resort Complex

Resort from Past to Present

Our memories of the resort go back many years. Better to say, most Tehranians have happy memories with Tochal. Tochal is one of the most popular entertainment complexes in Tehran and usually there is no place to throw needles on holidays. You can see the nights of Tehran and its stars in complete peace from the roof of Tehran, and here is one of the Tehran sights at night counts.

تاریخچه توچال

From ancient times to the present day, a resort in the middle of Alborz mountain range He goes on with his life. Of course, the resort has made good use of all this pristine beauty and scenery and has created extraordinary and unique entertainment for its guests.

Resort entertainment for all tastes

Let’s not forget, we must assign the title of the most recreational spot in Iran to the resort area of ​​Tehran. This complex contains a wide range of exciting entertainment to be a unique destination for the excitement and relaxation of visitors. In the resort complex you can experience sledding, cable cars, cable cars, tennis clubs, cube clubs and more in this area.

Resort Sled

We have no doubt that no sound will come out of your throat after screaming and rejoicing after riding the resort sled. Sled lovers can ride the longest sledge in Iran only in this region. This sledge is 1420 meters long and has a certificate of approval from the most reputable European inspection and standard company, German Tuv.

سورتمه توچال

Points you should know

  • Sled ticket price 45 thousand Tomans (August 1400)
  • Working hours of sledding on weekdays: Saturday to Wednesday from 10 am to midnight

Thursdays, Fridays and public holidays from 9am to midnight

  • Children under 4 years old are not allowed to enter and children over 4 to 8 years old along with adults are not allowed to pay 15 thousand Tomans.

Tehran Tochal Complex cable car

With Tehran Resort cable car, you can move between the earth and the sky for more than 30 minutes. The cable car of Tehran Resort complex is considered as one of the best roofing entertainments in Tehran. With the movement of these metal chambers, excitement fills your being and by watching the spectacular nature of the resort, peace will come to you.

تله کابین

This cable car is one of the longest cable car lines in the world. The resort cable car has a total of 6 stations at different heights and the total length of this line reaches 7500 meters.

Things you need to know

  • Ticket price for station 1 to 2 (round trip) 20 thousand tomans / station 1 to 5 (round trip) 40 thousand tomans / station 1 to 7 (round trip) 60 thousand tomans / station 1 to 2 (single route) 10 thousand Tomans / station 1 to 5 (single route) 25 thousand Tomans / station 1 to 7 (single route) 35 thousand Tomans. Note that prices may be accompanied by price increases.
  • Working hours of the resort cable car on weekdays: We recommend that you know that it is open before booking or visiting the resort cable car. Contact number 24875000-021
  • Free for children under 6 years old.

Resort Ski Resort

Tehran’s ear is one of the highest ski slopes in Iran so that Tehranians have a hot option on the table to watch the snow and enjoy skiing. This ski slope is located in the seventh station of the cable car and is ready to provide services to Iranian and foreign skiers. Due to its high altitude, the resort ski resort is the first snow slope in Iran . Whenever winter and snow come, stay away from snow and skiing.

پیست اسکی توچال

Tips you should know

  • Working hours of the resort ski slope on weekdays: We recommend that you find out if the slope is open before visiting.

Bam Tehran

Faraz Tehran Where our small to large Iranians call it We know each other and we have been there most of the time. The roof of Tehran is located at the highest point of Velenjak Street and is an irreplaceable place to watch the nights of the capital. This area is surrounded by a number of seats to provide better times for tourists.

Tochal Entertainment Complex has arranged cozy and clean restaurants and cafes on the roof of Tehran for the complete well-being of its guests. The roof facilities of Tehran include a children’s playground, a cowboy photo studio, a grocery buffet and a resort food court.

Hiking and mountaineering in the resort

People who dream of climbing in the snowy mountains near Tehran, where better than the resort. With a height of 3596 meters, Tochal Peak is the tallest peak in the capital . At the end of the mountaineering trail, there is a rest shelter that serves tourists. Really! Do not neglect to have proper mountaineering equipment so that, God forbid, your mouth does not become bitter.

بام تهران

virtual reality resort

The resort has a great option for every taste and age; Virtual reality has exciting games for you. Here you can spend memorable moments and enjoy the latest world-class games on foot.

Things you need to know

  • Laser tag game costs 30 thousand tomans
  • The cost of Web R Club games from 25 thousand tomans up

Telesij Cheshmeh

Tele Cage or Sage is one of the most popular entertainments in Tehran Resort. Every time you go to the resort, you will not see the telescopic seats empty, unless it is winter. The cable car takes a short journey from the first cable car station to the Cheshmeh restaurant. You have to ride a cable car to see the beauty of Tehran with a pristine landscape.

تله سی یژ چشمه

Points you should know

  • Ticket resort ticket price 30 thousand tomans (August 1400)
  • Admission for children under 5 is free.
  • Tele Cage working hours on weekdays: Every day of the week from 9 am to 11 pm

Resort style snowmobile

It can be nothing but a snowmobile from the most luxurious games of Tehran Resort. Sit on snowmobiles and raise your adrenaline rush at the same time as the engine throttle. Experience a challenging route in a snowmobile at a distance of one and a half kilometers. The snowmobile is available as long as the resort is covered in snow.

اسنوموبیل توچال

Tips you should know

  • In the snowy season from Saturday to Thursday from 8 am to 2 pm
  • Motorcycling is free for children under 7 years old.

Zip Line of Tehran Resort Collection

Tochal Tir got rid of it by opening the largest zip line in Iran in this entertainment complex so that no one would miss the pleasure of hiking in the valleys of Tochal. Zipline is one of the most popular and scary entertainments in this collection. The zip line of the resort is located in Park No. 2, along the health road. We have no doubt that this fear is worth a flight 60 meters high and 200 meters long.

زیپ لاین توچال تهران

Points you should know

  • Use of zip line for women is unrestricted.
  • Gambling is prohibited for people under 12 years of age and people over 200 kg.
  • Zipline working hours on weekdays: Saturday to Thursday from 15:00 to 23:00
  • Fridays and holidays from 10 am to 10 pm
  • For information on prices, call 26764698-021.

Cube Club

The famous Cube Club, whose main reputation is for its escape room game, is one of the resort’s most important entertainment venues. In the escape room, the flow is that you have to save yourself as much as possible from the dangers and troubles ahead. Many times when you watch horror movies, you think, a person who is stuck in death, if I were him in that situation, I would have thought better. Now this is the sphere and this is the field; The escape room is the place where your soul comes to life from the horror.

کیوب کلاب

Of course Tehran escape rooms are so diverse that we have explained them all well.

Things you need to know

  • Cub Club Resort opening hours on weekdays: daily from 10 am to midnight
  • Games are free for both men and women.
  • Escape rooms are prohibited for children, pregnant women and people with heart disease and high blood pressure.
  • For information about the opening of Cube Club and ticket prices, please call 267080015-021.

Resort Billiards Cafe

Group entertainment can be experienced with Billiards Resort. In this cafe, you gather around the green tables and experience the excitement of the game with the atmosphere of the resort with colored billiard balls. This cafe is one of the youth-friendly hangouts on the roof of Tehran, which is mostly crowded. After billiards, play football with your friends.

کافه بیلیارد توچال

Tips you should know

  • There are no restrictions on gender, age or number of people in this game.
  • Basic billiards training is free.
  • The cost of one hour of playing snooker billiards is 70 thousand tomans (August 1400)
  • The cost of half an hour of handball is 60 thousand tomans

Health Park

Start your morning with a walk in the health resort park. The health park, as its name suggests, has provided good sports and welfare services to the dear tourists so that the fatigue of the bending path does not bring anyone eyebrows. The park attracts the viewers with its beautiful lighting. After passing the park, you will reach one of the beauties of Tehran resort complex, waterfall area and cave. Access to this area is possible safely using stone stairs.

Bag Jump Club of Tehran Resort

Close your eyes, 1, 2, 3 fire! In less than ten seconds, you will experience the joy of free fall like a flying bird from a height of 28 meters. Do not worry, you are not going to spread out on the floor, but you will fall on a big air mattress (mattress with international standard). Bag Jump Resort is the first bag jump club in Iran, which is a great entertainment for young people.

Things you need to know

  • This game is allowed for people 5 to 60 years old and maximum weight 110 kg.
  • Bag jumps are prohibited for pregnant women and people suffering from heart disease, lumbar disc herniation and high blood pressure.

Resort Tennis Club

If we have given the title of the best entertainment complex to Tehran Resort, be sure that we have not said it in vain. There are so many fun games in the resort that it is not possible to experience all the fun games in the resort at once. If you are interested in the sport of tennis, go to the Resort Tennis Club and sign up for a tennis game.

باشگاه تنیس

In this academy, there is a store for tennis equipment that you can buy from. Enjoy the warm, clean air of the resort while rolling round balls with tennis clubs.

Things you need to know

  • Games are free for men and women.
  • Has 6 earthen floors and changing rooms
  • Holding private or multi-person classes.
  • Working hours on weekdays: daily by prior arrangement

Archery Club

You can measure your targeting power at the Tochal Complex in Tehran. The shooting club is located on the Health Road, in front of Health Park 1. This is one of the healthiest games you can play with children. If you want to challenge yourself with your markings, this club has a fun and professional competition that you can participate in.

باشگاه تیراندازی با کمان

Tochal Shooting Club is not only for archery, but you can also improve your skills by shooting bullets and throwing darts. Draw the faces of other participants.

Things you need to know

  • The cost of archery is 30,000 Tomans for every 10 arrows and 60,000 Tomans for 20 arrows.
  • The cost of shooting with a bullet is 30 thousand tomans for 10 bullets
  • The cost of table tennis is 40 thousand tomans per hour
  • The cost of throwing a dart is calculated at 10 thousand tomans every quarter hour. (Prices may fluctuate)
  • Working hours of Tochal Archery Club on weekdays: 9 to 1 every day of the week
  • The game is free for all ages, men and women.

Get to know the welfare facilities of Tehran Resort

Tehran Resort is a complete collection not only in Tehran but also in Iran. From tummy tuck stations to resort cafes, they are one of the best and have a high level of quality. There is a pavilion and food buffets on the sidewalk so as not to offend the dear tourists.

There are three toilets in the resort complex, parking, electronic ticket counters, ATMs in different sections and a children’s playground are among the amenities of the resort.

Hotels near the resort

A comfortable stay after the resort is the first word of the trip. If you are a traveler, we recommend that you book one of the hotels near the resort before entering the resort area. If you like, open your eyes to the beautiful world of the resort first thing in the morning, only in the resort hotel you can see the pleasure of such a dream with your own eyes. Hotels near Tochal are among the most luxurious hotels in Tehran, where you can experience carefree and luxurious accommodation.

Esteghlal Parsian Hotel, Tehran

The largest 5-star hotel in Iran is located at the intersection of Shahid Chamran Highway and Vali-Asr Street. You can experience a dreamy and luxurious stay at Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran. The unique location of the hotel has made most travelers stay in this hotel for easy access to the resort, Milad Tower, Tehran International Fair and shopping malls.

هتل های نزدیک توچال

Location of Parsian Esteghlal Hotel in Tehran on Google Map

Osun Darband Hotel

Whenever you go to the pleasant climate of Darband, to stay in one of the most special hotels in Tehran, you can use Darband traps half way to reach Osun Hotel. Then climb the remaining route. Undoubtedly, after booking this hotel, Safa Osun Hotel will be your safe haven and tranquility. This hotel is one of the economic hotels in the resort area and has many fans.

هتل اوسون دربند

Location of Oson Darband Hotel on Google Map

Azadi Hotel, Tehran

To escape the air pollution and noise of Tehran, stay in one of the beauties of Tehran, Azadi Hotel. This 5-star hotel is not inferior to the international standards and the microwave equipment can be seen in the rooms and suites of Azadi Hotel. We have no doubt that the unique view of Azadi Hotel in Tehran alone is enough to describe the goodness of this hotel.

هتل آزادی تهران در توچال

Location of Azadi Hotel on Google Map

Parsian Evin Hotel Tehran

One of the 4 star hotels in Tehran, which is near the resort, is Parsian Evin Hotel. This hotel is a member of Parsian chain hotels known as Parsian Evin. This hotel is famous for its proximity to international exhibitions and the Revolution Sports Complex. Parsian Evin four-star hotel, like other hotels around the resort, has a good location and clean air.

هتل پارسیان اوین تهران

Location of Parsian Evin Hotel on Google Map

Restaurants around the resort

To tell the truth, no one is at war with their stomachs. So what better destination to rejuvenate and get rid of the fatigue of the resort than the delicious food of Tehran! Having said that, we have made things easy for you and introduced a number of restaurants around the resort. Go there to eat a hearty meal.

Mr. Line Resort Fast Food

On the morning walk, head to the cafeteria of the Master Line restaurant to rejuvenate after eating. The friendly and modern atmosphere of the restaurant provides happy times for the guests. In the fast food menu, there are a variety of foods, each of which is worth tasting.

فست فود مستر لاین توچال

Master Line fast food location on Google Map

Ruble Velenjek Restaurant

The Ruble luxury restaurant serves a variety of seafood, sandwiches, main course, appetizers, hot and cold drinks. After the tour, you can go to the ruble and taste the food of this restaurant. Ruble restaurant is one of the luxury restaurants in Tehran, which is naturally expensive for the restaurant menu.

رستوران روبل ولنجک

Ruble restaurant location on Google Map

Shandiz Gallery Restaurant

Family tours and double appointments can be taken to the cozy and luxury restaurant of Shandiz Gallery. The menu of this restaurant is famous for its kebabs and draws kebab fans to Velenjek. The price of food in this restaurant is expensive, but the high price does not reduce the number of guests in Shandiz Gallery.

رستوران شاندیر گالریا توچال

Shandiz Gallery restaurant location on Google Map

Routes to the resort

  1. Darband, Shirpala Refuge, Janpah Amiri (Siah Sang), Tochal Peak (the most common and busiest access route to the resort)
  2. Jamshidieh Park, Kalkchal Shelter, Piazchal Valley, Lezon Peak (Piazchal), Tochal Peak (the most common access route from the eastern front)
  3. Darband, Asun Valley, Fifth Telecabin Station, Seventh Station, Tochal Peak
  4. Velenjak (Tehran roof), the fifth station of the cable car, the seventh station of the cable car, the peak of Tochal (the most common access route from the western front)
  5. Golabdereh, Kalkchal Shelter, Piazchal Valley, Lezon Peak (Piazchal), Tochal Peak
  6. Darband, Asun Valley, Urus Tomb, Amiri Cemetery (Black Stone), Tochal Peak
  7. Bam town of Tehran (Bouali), China Kolagh peak, Doshakh peak, Palangchal peak, 7th cable car station, Tochal peak (the most difficult access route from the western front)
  8. Darkeh, Palangchal Shelter, Fifth Telecabin Station, Seventh Telecabin Station, Tochal Peak
  9. Darband, Osun Valley, Speedkemar Sanctuary, Seventh Telecabin Station, Tochal Peak (the oldest access route to the resort)
  10. Niloufar Park, Shahabad Peak, Kalkchal Peak, Lezon Peak (Piazchal), Tochal Peak
  11. Farahzad, Yunjehzar, Doshakh Peak, Palangchal Peak, Seventh Telecabin Station, Tochal Peak
  12. Darabad, Darabad Peak, Darabad Ridge, Lezun Peak (Piazchal), Tochal Peak (the most difficult access route from the eastern front)

مسیرهای صعود به توچال

Where is the resort?

As you know, the resort is located on the roof of Tehran. To reach the entrance of the resort, you must first take the route of Shahid Chamran Highway; Then enter Yemen Street and continue to Velenjak Street until the end of Velenjak reaches the entrance of the resort. From there you have to walk to enter the land of the resort.

Location of Tehran Resort complex on Google Map

How to get to the resort by bus?

If you use Tehran’s public transportation system to get to the resort, take bus line 221 (Velenjak Square – Shahid Afshar Terminal) and get off at the 17th station of the bus and walk the rest of the way. If you do not have the patience to walk, take a taxi to the entrance of the resort.

We hope this article has been extremely exciting and sometimes based on relaxation, and if you do not have the opportunity to go to this area, thanks to this article, you will feel the dreamy pleasure of the resort and its entertainment with Janoodel. If you have an audible memory and a point about Tehran Resort, we are happy to share it with Alibaba.

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