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Afifabad Garden of Shiraz | A garden left from the heart of history in Shiraz

Hafez Tomb and other recreational attractions that we do not intend to introduce each one of them now, and We will definitely discuss them in detail in the next opportunities. In this article we exclusively introduce Afifabad Garden of Shiraz We will pay attention to a garden reminiscent of the Safavid era. So, join us to know where Afifabad Garden is and learn about the history of Afifabad Garden.

Afifabad is a garden that is waiting for your eyes to see the beauties of its unique nature. Afifabad, a garden that dates back to the Safavid era, should not be easily overlooked, a garden that the Safavids and Qajars and finally the Pahlavis have acquired a part of history. It is interesting to know based on the history of Afifabad Garden that Afifabad Garden of Shiraz was a resort for many kings to have a good time.

To reach Afifabad and its historical destiny, we must stop at the history of travel and the Safavid era. This is the first station. The Qajar period was the next stop to search for the date of purchase of the garden and its reconstruction, which was discussed earlier, and finally, the garden was dedicated to Farah Pahlavi. However, in 1340, history indicates the transfer of this garden to the army during an auction. Its military museum was established by the Army of the Islamic Republic in 1991 and is now so important that it is the second military museum in the country. This garden is still in the possession of the army and you are not forbidden to visit it.

If you set foot in this old garden, you should know that this garden was bought during the Qajar era and the investor was the person whom the Qajar named Mirza Ali Khan Ghavam-ol-Molk. During the Qajar period, the garden was decorated with a two-story mansion that you will see to this day in the middle of Afifabad. Of course, this two-story building has been converted into a military museum today, giving the garden a special look. In short, if you are interested in seeing military weapons, immediately after entering Afifabad, go to Redirect Abadabad Military Museum . On the first floor, watch the military weapons and get military and historical information, and then go to the second floor, the Museum of Lessons will welcome your searching eyes.

Afifabad Garden in Shiraz is located in a street of the same name, near Sattar Khan Street in Shiraz. If you are interested in public transportation, according to the article Where is Afifabad Garden, you should know that unfortunately the location of this garden is not very easy to reach by bus and subway. Again, if you have not reversed your decision, take the subway and get off at the Zargari crossroads station and take the rest of the way by taxi to the garden.

But you may prefer to drive to the garden on your own. So, in this case, remember the name of Qasrdasht Street, because Qasr Dasht is a street that will take you to Afifabad Street. Please drive to the end of the street to reach the intersection of Afifabad and Sattar Khan. This route is for you to park your car in the garden parking lot and feel comfortable about it. Finally, when you reach the intersection, choose Sattar Khan Street to continue the route. Be careful not to skip the first roundabout. Turn around and drive in the opposite direction. After 50 meters, you have passed Sattar Khan Street, the ancient garden of the city is ready to offer you the best moments.

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