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After the pilgrimage, do not miss the sights of Mashhad

After the pilgrimage, do not miss the sights of Mashhad

These days, the sights of Mashhad are spoken by many tourists. The city has seen significant growth in tourism in recent years. The same growth of tourist attractions and recreational facilities has attracted more tourists. If you travel to Mashhad, after visiting the shrine of Imam Reza (AS), go to the sights and entertainment places of Mashhad. Stay tuned to Alibaba Tourism Magazine .

What are the sights of Torqabeh?

Vakilabad Forest Park, Golestan Dam, Jagharq, Kong Village, Mayan Village, Dehbar Village

What are the most important sights of Mashhad?

Haram of Imam Reza (AS), Torqabeh, Shandiz, Vakil Abad

What are the most famous parks in Mashhad?

Mellat Park, Kuhsangi Park, Vakilabad Park, Torogh Park

Know the sights of Mashhad well

As we said before, like the old ones, the spectacular travelers of Mashhad They are not summarized only in the holy shrine. This city has a lot of tourist and natural attractions that will make your trip memorable.

Sacred places in the sights of Mashhad

Shrine of Imam Reza (AS)

The central center of Mashhad is the shrine of Imam Reza (AS). Some people in Travel to Mashhad They only visit Imam Reza (AS) and enjoy the spirituality of this shrine. On the other hand, inside the courtyard and the shrine has its many beauties.

جاهای دیدنی مشهد حرم امام رضا

Artistic mirrors, doors with Islamic motifs and clear scenes are among the sights inside the shrine. In addition, the presence of the tombs of prominent people such as Sheikh Baha’i inside the shrine of Imam Reza (AS) has made it possible to visit them after the pilgrimage.

Imam Reza (AS) shrine address on Google Map

Mashhad Goharshad Mosque

Another place of interest in Mashhad is Goharshad Mosque . Goharshad Mosque is located very close to the shrine of Imam Reza (AS). Goharshad Mosque is one of the historical monuments of the Timurid period.

دیدنی های مشهد مسجد گوهرشاد

The dome of Goharshad Mosque is 41 meters high and each of the minarets of the mosque is 43 meters high. Ivan Maghsoureh is a painting by Timurid artists. The inscription of Baysanghar attracts attention from the very beginning in the porch of Maqsoora. The very beautiful tiles of this porch are another attraction of Goharshad Mosque.

Mashhad Green Dome

Green Dome is another place of interest in Mashhad. This dome is located near the shrine of Imam Reza (AS) and they are approximately 10 minutes away by car. It is said that this dome belongs to the tomb of Sheikh Mohammad Momen Aref Astarabadi, one of the mystics of Behnam. The dome is more green than blue. It does not matter in which residence or Mashhad Hotel you stay, you can easily visit the spectacular green dome of this city from anywhere in Mashhad. Visit.

If you are planning to stay, these are some of the best hotels in Mashhad:

  • Medina Reza Hotel Mashhad
  • Si Noor Hotel in Mashhad
  • Almas Hotel 2 Mashhad

دیدنی های مشهد گنبد سبز

The main building of this dome is octagonal and has 4 main walls. All these walls are covered with tiles up to the top. Tiles that have pleasant colors and an artistic combination. This dome dates back to 904 AH during the Safavid period.

Green Dome Mosque address on Google Map

72 ton mosque

There are different theories about the 72-ton mosque in Mashhad and its antiquity. Some believe that the 72-ton mosque was built by Khajeh Nizam al-Mulk and was known as the Noghan Grand Mosque. Another group believes that this mosque is the Sunni mosque of Mashhad and was built in 855 AH.

مکان های دیدنی مشهد مسجد 72 تن

Some also say that this mosque is the tomb of Amir Ghiasuddin Shah Malek Teymouri. In any case, this mosque is one of the sights of Mashhad, which is not without grace. Watching the tiles, architecture and beautiful dome of this mosque will relax you.

Address of 72 people mosque in Google Map

Tomb of Pirpalandoz Mashhad

Other places of interest in Mashhad include the tomb of Pir Palanduz. This tomb is located near the shrine of Imam Reza (AS). This place is the tomb of a mystic named Mohammad Aref Abbasi. Since the tomb was built during the Safavid period, the architectural works of this period can be seen in different parts of the building.

جاهای دیدنی مشهد پیرپالاندوز

Among the beauties of the tomb of Pirpalandoz, we can mention its onion-shaped dome. The variety of blue colors used in the tiles of the dome conveys an extraordinary calm to the viewer. The beautiful and colorful turquoise tiles used in the brick walls of the building enhance this calmness.

The address of Pierre Palandoz’s tomb on Google Map

Church of the Holy Sepulcher

At Travel to Mashhad Be sure to visit the religious attractions as well. Holy Masroop Church is another place of interest in Mashhad. Of course, this church is more popularly known as the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is located on Janbazan Street.

دیدنی های مشهد کلیسا مسروپ مقدس

This church was built by Armenians living in Mashhad in 1941. The area of ​​this holy place is not very big and is about 300 square meters. The two conical domes with small crosses on them represent the church from a distance. It should be noted that at present group religious ceremonies are not held in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Address of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher on Google Map

Mashhad sights for park lovers and nature lovers

Mashhad Mountains

If you are not interested in seeing historical monuments, there is no problem because there are other options waiting for you. One of the recreational places of Mashhad is Sangi Mountain Park. Kuhsangi complex is the second largest park in Mashhad and was built in 1310 in the summer areas of Mashhad.

If you have chosen a good and quality tour of Mashhad , you can easily visit most of the sights of Mashhad, including Visit the Kuhsangi Mashhad tourist tour.

دیدنی های مشهد کوهسنگی

There is a very large swimming pool in the middle of the park, which gives more purity to the park space and makes it one of the top sights of Mashhad. Kuhsangi to Mashhad Airport (Hashemi International Airport Race) is close.

Vakilabad Park

Another beautiful and large parks of Mashhad Vakilabad Park with an area of ​​about 260,000 square meters arrives. The same number indicates the size and size of the park. This park, which is located in Vakilabad area, has very beautiful and pleasant passages and spaces.

مکان های تفریحی مشهد پارک وکیل آباد

In this garden, a variety of old pine and pomegranate trees can be seen. Another advantage of Vakilabad Park is a natural water spring that has made the environment of the park clearer. If you are looking for recreational places in Mashhad, be sure to consider Vakilabad Park.

Chalidreh Mashhad

Another place of interest around Mashhad is Chalidreh. Chalidreh is located in the west of Mashhad, at a distance of about 30 km from the city center. Chalidreh is one of the recreational places in Mashhad that has attracted many tourists in recent years. This tourist area has a variety of facilities for fun and entertainment. There is a beautiful artificial lake in Chalidreh where boating will give you a lot of pleasure. A variety of small and large boats are available on the lake for recreation. But there are other attractions besides boating.

مکان های تفریحی مشهد چالیدره

Trap is one of these pastimes. You cross the lake by riding a telescope and enjoy its beauties. Chalidreh can undoubtedly be considered as one of the recreational places of Mashhad. Because the recreational facilities of this city are really abundant. Other facilities at Chalidre include bungee jumping, lake fishing, a revolving tower and a zip line. The delicacies and delicacies of the restaurants and cafes in Chali Darreh really stick together after a walk and fun. With these descriptions, Chalidreh is one of the main tourist places of Mashhad.

Mashhad Torqabeh

You must have heard the name of Torqabeh Mashhad a lot. Torqabeh is another recreational place in Mashhad that has a pleasant climate. This pleasant climate is due to the mountainous location of Torqabeh. There are many restaurants and cafes with delicious and famous food in Torqabeh will satisfy the guests.

دیدنی های مشهد طرقبه

In addition to the numerous restaurants and cafes, there are other leisure facilities on the terrace. These facilities include an equestrian complex, a sports complex, a zoo, a water village, a ski slope, commercial complexes and shopping malls. With these descriptions, Torqabeh is one of the most popular places of interest in Mashhad. Torqabeh can be considered as places of interest around Mashhad .

Torqabeh address on Google Map

Mashhad Nation Park

If you get close to Mashhad Mellat Park in April, you will understand why its name is on the list of Mashhad sights. A large part of the park’s boulevard is dedicated to planting large and beautiful tulips this month, and even before you enter the park and have fun, your heart will be fine. There is a lake in Mellat Park, one of the Mashhad parks , but to be honest, this park is among The sights of Mashhad are best known for its large carousel.

Next to the carousel, there are games such as Skyflyer, Skateboard, Sled and در in Mashhad Nation Park, which are designed for all ages and with maximum safety.

Mashhad Mellat Park address on Google Map

Shandiz stone dishes in which food is served are famous among tourists. By buying stone daisies from this city, you can cook delicious broths. As one of the sights of Mashhad, Shandiz annually receives a large number of tourists from all over the country. If you are planning to travel to Mashhad, do not miss the entertainment in Shandiz.

If you are still in Mashhad and eating, do not miss this Mashhad restaurants .

Shandiz Mashhad address on Google Map

Land of Mashhad Blue Waves

You do not have to leave the city to go to the sights of Mashhad. One of the most attractive pastimes in this city is going to the water complexes. Land of Blue Waves, Iranian Water Park, Aftab Beach Park and… are among these complexes.

مراکز تفریحی مشهد سرزمین موج های آبی

So remember to take a swimsuit with you when traveling to Mashhad. Probably all recreation is fun traveling with friends and acquaintances, but swimming and recreation have their place in the water complexes. If you have gone to Mashhad with friends and groups, do not miss going to these water complexes in Mashhad.

The address of the land of blue waves on Google Map

Mashhad sights for history readers and poetry lovers

Astan Quds Razavi Museum

Astan Quds Razavi Museum is very close to the shrine of Imam Reza (AS). Visiting this museum does not take much time. This museum has different sections; Among these sections are the Museum of the Qur’an and Treasures, the Museum of the History of the Razavi Shrine, the Hall of Master Farshchian, the Museum of Gifts of Leadership, the Museum of Carpets, the Treasure of Stamps and Postal Items, the Museum of Anthropology, the Treasure of Banknotes, the Treasure of Coins, the Treasure of Visual Arts And pointed to the astronomical treasure.

جاهای دیدنی مشهد موزه آستان قدس رضوی

In addition, many famous athletes and scientific elites of the country have donated their valuable medals to the Astan Quds Razavi Museum in different periods of time.

Address of Astan Quds Razavi Museum on Google Map

Rare garden of Mashhad

One of the historical places of Mashhad is Bagh Naderi. Naderi Garden is a large, green and clean area, in the center of which is the tomb of Nader Shah Afshar. Of course, Nader’s tomb was not in this place at first. In 1296 AH, Ghavam al-Saltanah transferred the remains of Nader Shah from Tehran to this garden.

جاهای دیدنی مشهد باغ نادریAt that time, a small and simple tomb was built for Nader in that place, but later a large building and garden were built for it. In 1342, the construction of this mansion was completed. Apart from the tomb, there is a museum and a handicraft shop in the garden.

Address of Naderi Garden in Mashhad on Google Map

Mehdi Gholi Beyk Bath, Mashhad

Another historical place in Mashhad is Mehdi Gholi Beyk Bath. This bath, which is one of the largest old baths in Mashhad, was built during the Safavid period. This bath is also known as Shah Bath and Razavi Bath. The bathroom ceiling is decorated with colorful and beautiful designs. The bathroom area is about 2000 square meters. Mehdi Gholi Khan bath, like many other Iranian baths, has different sections such as treasury, tun, pond pit, cleaning house, and so on.

جاهای دیدنی مشهد حمام مهدی قلی بیک In the construction of this bath, materials such as mortar, lime, metal, tiles and glass have been used. If Mehdi Gholi Beyk bath is your choice among the sights of Mashhad, you will see an arrow and two by seeing it. Because this bath has now become the anthropological museum of Mashhad. In this museum, there are works and tools that show the lifestyle of the people of Mashhad in the past.

آدرس حمام مهدی قلی بیک روی گوگل مپ

Ferdowsi Tomb in Toos

One of the most important sights around Mashhad is Toos. Therefore, during your trip to Mashhad, be sure to go to Toos. Toos is approximately 30 km away from the city center of Mashhad and you can reach this historical city in less than an hour. Froudsi Tomb is located in Toos as one of the tourist attractions of Mashhad.

مناطق دیدنی مشهد مقبره فردوسی

It may be interesting for you to know that the tomb of this famous Iranian poet is the most visited place in Khorasan Razavi province after the shrine of Imam Reza (AS). Mehdi Akhavan Sales, a contemporary poet and creator of the unique winter work, is also buried next to Ferdowsi’s tomb. Apart from being the tomb of Ferdowsi and the Brotherhood, Toos also has a pleasant climate. As in history, one of the reasons for the prosperity of birch has been this pleasant climate. Therefore, include the tour in Toos in the list of scenic areas of Mashhad.

Ferdowsi tomb address in Google Map

The best sights of Mashhad to shop

Buy souvenirs from travel etiquette. Souvenirs of Iranian cities are also very diverse and attractive. In Mashhad, you can also find various and beautiful souvenirs for your relatives and friends. The most famous souvenirs of Mashhad are saffron, barberry, plant, rug and so on. There are many shopping centers in Mashhad for souvenirs. These include shopping malls

  • Reza bazar
  • East Diamond Shopping Center
  • Proma Commercial Complex
  • Alto Commercial Complex

And… pointed out. These shopping centers of Mashhad are also considered as sights of Mashhad due to their characteristics.

Famous restaurants in Mashhad for the abdomen

And finally, we have to mention the delicious part of the story. There are well-known restaurants in Mashhad that leave sweet memories in the mouths of travelers. Chelougosht and a variety of kebabs, including shishlik, are among the famous and delicious dishes of Mashhad restaurants. Karim Brothers Restaurant, Karim Boys Restaurant and Moin Darbari Restaurant are among these restaurants. So after visiting the sights of Mashhad, go to these restaurants.

See Mashhad again

There are several options for traveling to Mashhad. In this text, we tried to introduce the sights of Mashhad with photos so that you can visit them with knowledge. Maybe you did not know how many places to see in Mashhad and you thought of Mashhad as just a city of pilgrimage. But it seems we have to see Mashhad again. Even in a day trip to Mashhad, you can visit some of these sights.

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