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Ainalo Protected Area; The green jewel of East Azerbaijan

Ainaloo Protected Area is one of the protected areas of Iran, which has a very rich and unique flora and fauna, and in this respect, is one of the best areas in the country. Join us in this interesting and readable article to know where the Ainalo Protected Area is and be aware of the beauties of the Ainalo Protected Area.

Ainaloo is a part of Kalibar city and Khodaafarin section and is protected under the supervision of Kalibar city environmental organization. According to the article, “Where is Ainalo Protected Area?” % 87-% D8% AD% D8% A7% D9% 81% D8% B8% D8% AA-% D8% B4% D8% AF% D9% 87-% D8% A7% D8% B1% D8% B3% D8% A8% D8% A7% D8% B1% D8% A7% D9% 86 “target =” _ blank “> Arasbaran Protected Area is considered.

The name Ainalu is derived from the name of a village in East Azerbaijan. Ainalo is the name of a two-story building in the village, which consists of sections such as a porch and six towers, and its architectural style is similar to the old French castles and nineteenth-century mansions of Europe and Russia. In the past, this building had a metal roof that reflected light like a mirror. Hence, the natives called it the Mirror of Lou. Today, only walls remain of this work. This building was built by a famous Armenian merchant during the Qajar period.

The climate of the protected area of ​​Ainalo Kleiber is temperate and mountainous, and most days I feel foggy weather. Ainalo has its own beauty in each season. If you visit this area in spring and summer, you can enjoy the greenery and freshness of the area. However, autumn and winter also add special beauty to the area.

About 17 rare and endangered species live in this beautiful area that can be seen. These include white-headed ducks, ewes, chickens, black-tailed deer, leopards, marals and black Caucasian roosters. Among them, the Caucasian black rooster is almost the rarest species of animal in Ainalu. The main fame of Ainalo region is due to the revival of the Maral generation, which fortunately, the number of this beautiful animal has reached a relatively desirable level. In addition, the very rich vegetation of the area is another feature that has made Ainalo a green and valuable gem. Einalo is a green region full of oak, hornbeam, maple, wild cherry, yew, rainbow, elm, juniper, walnut, wild pear, hawthorn and pomegranate, which are just some of the valuable plant treasures of the region.

To reach Ainalo, you must first travel to Kalibar. If the origin of your trip is from Tehran and by car, after passing Karaj, enter the Zanjan highway and then reach a distance of about 620 km to Tabriz. At the beginning of Tabriz entrance, there is a sign that indicates the route of Kalibar. After reaching Kalibar, move towards the road leading to Babak Castle. After about 55 km, on the left side of the road you will see a side road with a sign at the beginning. This is the path that takes you to Ainalo.

If you travel from Jolfa, in Jolfa, move towards Siah Rud and Norduz, and after the villages of Kurdasht and Ashtbin, you will reach Ashaghloo. Move right here to enter Arasbaran Road. There are about 2 km of dirt road from the asphalt roads to the village of Ainalo. If you want to see the beautiful marals of this area, you have to walk another 2 km from the village. Our advice to you is to walk this route to see the beautiful surroundings, to double the pleasure of your trip.

It is not possible to rent a room to stay in Ainalo. However, there are camping sites next to the Tumanias Mansion. Ainalo does not have any service facilities for preparing food and snacks. So, do not forget to get everything you need in Kleiber. The beauty of Ainalo tourist area is due to its pristine nature. But, unfortunately, some tourists, ignoring the valuable nature of this area, leave their garbage among the valuable plant species and cause serious damage to the plant and animal nature of the area.

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