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Alandan Lake, Sari; Reflects the dream of the green stature of the trees

Alandan Lake Sari is the best place for a fun tourist. This lake is located in the village of Azni and that is why it is also called Azni Stair. If you want to watch Lake Alandan Sari closely, you have to go to the village. The lake we are talking about is 17 hectares, but this size is not fixed, that is, when the divine rain invites the earth, the lake expands up to 30 hectares. Join us in reading this article to learn about the climate of Lake Alandan as well as the depth of Lake Alandan.

Sealing, enclosed in a green forest

This lake owes its clear water only to snow and rain, meaning know that no river leads to the lake. But, do you know why this happens? Perhaps Hadistan is the type of soil in this area. If you said that, good luck to you. The soil in Alandan is as if it does not want to absorb water in its heart, and therefore, water reflects the beauties depicted in it for a longer period of time. However, this is not the only advantage of sealing. Recently, with human intervention in improving the environment, this time the fish are showing themselves in the lake and making Alandan more useful.

Beauty around stair seals

On the other side of the lake, there is a river whose clarity and purity are well-known. The refreshing water of this river will revive a new soul in every human being. Agricultural lands in the villages of Azni, Mazarstaq, Lesfarm, Kenta, Dido and Zalm also use the water of Alandan Lake to supply paddy water, which means that the lake water is one of the main sources of water for agricultural lands. Regarding the cleanliness and clarity of the stairs, word of mouth was passed down among the natives, which indicates that the stairs were the product of a city from ancient times, of which nothing is left.

The view of the lake is as if beech, hornbeam, oak, oak and linden trees have gathered around it to see themselves in the depths of Alandan Lake. You may be interested, before this lake was a safe haven for the growth of a plant called gale. This plant was widely used by the villagers; In this way, they placed the gallows on the roofs to cover the roofs of their houses.

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