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Alasht can become a major hub for tourism in the north of the country

IRNA / According to the latest news, Alasht could be a pole Become an indicator in tourism in the north of the country.

The small and mountainous city of Alasht due to the concentration of numerous historical and natural attractions, valuable texture, significant handicrafts, historical monuments, suitable welfare infrastructure, special climatic conditions And the existence of the only observatory in the north of the country is one of the unique tourist attractions of Mazandaran. This mountainous city has been introduced to travelers and tourists over the past decade with the increasing influence of social networks. Similarly, construction in the city has expanded over the past decade, and over time the city’s appearance, whose valuable texture is listed as a national monument, has deteriorated.

Managers and officials of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Mazandaran traveled to Alasht to consult with the managers of Alasht and visit some of the tourism and heritage infrastructure of this city. The Director General of Cultural Heritage and the deputies of the General Directorate, after a field visit to some of the heritage, tourism and handicrafts capacities of the city, discussed the prerequisites for the development of this mountainous and tourist-friendly city in a joint meeting.

Alasht’s special place in tourism

Director General of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Mazandaran said: Alasht is a unique capacity for tourism in Mazandaran, which if paid more attention, can become a major hub in tourism in the north of the country.

Saifullah Farzaneh stated: Alasht as a cultural destination in tourism is very important for us and preserving its texture is also one of the priorities. As if there was no environmental protection organization by now Miankaleh Wetland had been eaten, even if there was no cultural heritage organization, the same is still true today. There was no valuable tissue in Alasht or areas like Yush. Referring to the charms of the valuable texture of this city, he said: “We expect the municipality to help preserve and revive this beautiful texture with the help of cultural heritage.” Although there have been violations and damage to tissue in recent years, there is still room for preservation and restoration. Contrary to the belief that it imposes restrictions on some citizens, Alasht’s valuable fabric can contribute to Alasht’s economic development. The Director General of Mazandaran Cultural Heritage, regarding the fact that Alasht can become a significant hub in tourism in the north of the country, added: “We in the General Administration will do everything we can to help develop Alasht based on tourism based on culture, cultural heritage and industries.” We help manually. But it is necessary that the managers of this city also hold deeper specialized and scientific meetings and have more follow-ups to implement appropriate tourism projects in this city. The official pointed to the high capacity of Alasht handicrafts and its prominent position in the country and said: Alasht handicrafts have a lot of space to be raised and attract tourists and it can be used a lot. The handicraft artists of this city are still producing local and beautiful works and handicrafts with love and passion. But the fact that we see the same artists selling handicrafts along the street to sell their products does not beautify this city.

Farzaneh stated: One of the current weaknesses of tourism in Alasht is the low retention rate of tourists. Alasht with this volume of attractions can be a good destination for travelers to stay and this accommodation will also benefit the city.

He added: “We ask the municipality and the city council of Alasht to think about attracting qualified and committed investors in order to create residential and recreational infrastructure commensurate with the capacities of this city.” We in the General Administration do everything we can to remove the obstacles to tourism, cultural heritage and handicrafts. I am sure that if we take a year for Alasht and take the right path, we will get good results and in the end, the local community will benefit.

The need to regenerate tissue with alasht value

The traditional and old texture of Alasht, part of which was registered in 1348 with the registration number 876 and the name of the old neighborhood of Alasht in the list of national monuments, has undergone extensive changes in appearance and physics for about a decade. Due to its pristine nature in terms of native architecture in 2009 nearly 57 hectares of it by the Cultural Heritage Organization to implement the general criteria of texture protection to the Ministry of Interior and in 1393 13 general approaches to protect this texture by the Supreme Council of Architecture And urban planning was notified to the governor.

Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage of Mazandaran in a symposium with officials of Alasht city stressed the need to take measures to preserve the valuable texture of Alasht and said: One of the measures that can be done for Alasht is to introduce a relevant and informed expert As a trusted supervisor of cultural heritage in the implementation of development projects and urban development process in Alasht, we put this issue on the agenda and soon we will introduce a trusted technical supervisor of cultural heritage to Alasht Municipality so that all actions are based on heritage criteria in Alasht go ahead.

Mehdi Izadi added: “Alasht has the capacity to become a unique tourist attraction by reviving the texture and old buildings.” This action has taken place in the valuable fabric of Gorgan and many old buildings with different uses such as cafes, cultural spaces and restaurants have been restored. There is such a capacity for Alasht and we are ready for any cooperation in this field.

He stated: The joint cooperation of the cultural heritage, the municipality and the General Directorate of Roads and Urban Development can bring good things to Alasht. This event can take place in Alasht in the form of a memorandum.

Emphasizing the need to change the process of floor construction in Alasht passages, the official clarified: Asphalt of valuable texture passages in Alasht should be stopped and floor construction should be done with paving and with the implementation of mud walls on both sides. We believe that such a thing will be welcomed by the people if it is done with the help of the municipality and the road and urban development department and with the supervision of the cultural heritage, even up to 50 meters in Alasht.

Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage of Mazandaran, referring to the existence of old houses in the valuable texture of Alasht, said: If the owners of these old buildings are willing, we can register them, which is useful in two ways. The first is that low-interest facilities are considered for reconstruction, and the second is that it is possible to attract free credit for some of these buildings.

In response to a request for the creation of another museum in Alasht, he said: “If the project and its building are defined and meet the conditions for becoming a museum, we will not be prohibited from issuing a museum license.” We can even help with financing, designing and providing the necessary items.

Of course, according to Ehsan Mohammadi, Mazandaran Cultural Heritage Investment Deputy, last year measures were taken to create recreational infrastructure in Alasht, of which 100 million Tomans is allocated for the construction of Alasht camping, and this year another 200 million Tomans is to be allocated. Complete this project in Alasht.

Prosperity of Alasht handicrafts

Alasht, as one of the most important regions in the country’s handicrafts, has had a special place in the handicrafts market in recent decades. The most important handicraft product of this mountainous city is Jajim, which was also registered nationally, and even measures were taken to register Alasht as the national city of Jajim. But the infrastructure for the prosperity of handicrafts in Alasht has not been provided yet and the conditions are not favorable.

Mazandaran handicrafts deputy in today’s meeting, stating that Alasht handicrafts house should be revived, said: Alasht handicrafts house is one of the old houses with a very good history and one of the important centers of Jajim production in the country. But steps must be taken to witness a change in the activities of Alasht handicrafts, especially the production of jajim and other hand-woven items.

Hossein Izadi said: “Last year, when we were pursuing the registration of Alasht as the national city of Jajim and defending this plan, we were aware that Alasht’s capacities have not yet been realized and there is a lot of work to be done.” One of the serious issues is the revival of the originality of Jajim production in Alasht in terms of raw materials and dyeing. The fact is that what showed the cultural identity of this region did not match what we presented. For this reason, we must take seriously the revival of dyeing in Alasht. To supply raw materials, we are ready to cooperate with Alasht handicraft artists to produce and supply the original product.

He called on the municipality to pay more attention to the use of symbols related to Alasht handicrafts in the city and added: “In the follow-up meetings of registering Alasht as the national city of Jajim, we promised to pay attention to Jajik in urban symbols.” But this has not happened yet. We expect Alasht city management to take this issue seriously.

Mazandaran Handicrafts Deputy pointed out: We are ready to hand over Alasht Handicrafts House to the private sector. Of course, this building of Alasht handicraft house has been damaged and we have to repair it. The provincial deputy for cultural heritage also promised to help us in this regard, and this year he was included in the list of appropriations. We hope that by supervising and designing the cultural heritage, we will be able to bring this house to a suitable position to be a prelude to registering Alasht as the national city of Jajim.

Referring to the request of Alasht handicraft artists to set up a permanent handicrafts market, Izadi also said: “The current situation is not in the dignity and position of Alasht handicraft artists.” We must have land in order to allocate credit for the construction of the bazaar. If the municipality cooperates in this field, we can help to pay credit and low-interest facilities in order to create a permanent handicraft market.

Miniature city and identity preservation

Experts believe that the economic development of Alasht is possible only by paying attention to handicrafts, cultural heritage and tourism based on these branches, and accordingly, tourism projects in this city should be appropriate to its identity and nature.

Executive Secretary of Sari International Event 2022 and Tourism Expert of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Mazandaran also stated in this meeting that we have unique capacities in Alasht: Alasht can be called one of the miniature cities of Iran To take. But we have to see if we look at it with the approach of a miniature city or if we keep the development of Alasht like cities like Sari and Kashan?

Dr. Ali Mahfarozi stated: Alasht can achieve economic development based on culture and tourism much more easily than big cities. But the path to be taken is different. We will definitely succeed with the development of handicrafts in Alasht. But these handicrafts are not going anywhere with the current conditions, infrastructure and situation. Because the place of Alasht handicrafts is not what we see. The path of Alasht development should be determined by holding detailed and in-depth scientific meetings of the specialized working group.

He stated: We are not going to develop in such an atmosphere like big cities with the development of urban planning. It is not possible to manage a city like Alasht with a city store and wait for development. Today, the issue of our cities is identity. Our city should have an identity instead of being the place where modern mansions and buildings are built today. Identity and economy are created in Alasht city with the same cultural perspective.

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