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Ali Sadr Cave was reopened

Ali Sadr Cave was reopened

The CEO of Ali Sadr Travel Company announced the reopening of this complex after a seven-month closure. This reopening was carried out in accordance with the approval of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters and with the strict implementation of health protocols. Ali Sadr announced that with the approval of the National Corona Virus Headquarters and in compliance with health protocols, the Ali Sadr recreation and tourism complex will be officially reopened after a seven-month shutdown. In this regard, he acknowledged:

This collection was closed for the past seven months due to problems caused by the outbreak of coronavirus, which was followed up and approved by the National Headquarters, Ali Sadr Cave from It starts its activities on the first of July and is ready to receive tourists with the strict implementation of health protocols.

Majidi with the approval of hosting Ali Sadr Cave One of the travelers in the summer expressed hope for the tourism boom in Hamadan province and compensation for the damage caused by the corona by reopening the complex. He stated that the average number of visits to Ali Sadr Cave in recent years has reached 600,000 visits per year, and estimated this statistic in 1999 with a significant decrease of 80,000 visits and said:

In 1398, the income of Ali Sadr Company was 22 billion Tomans, which was reduced to 3 billion Tomans last year, but of course, the managers and employees of this company, by enduring the conditions, provided the ground for its reopening and reactivation.

The CEO of Ali Sadr Travel Company, referring to the retirement of 20% of the company’s employees due to recent difficult conditions, announced a 90% discount for visitors to Ali Sadr Cave in 1999. He pointed out that the expenses of Ali Sadr Company in 1398 were about 19 billion Tomans, and in 1998, despite the reduction of expenses, he described these expenses as 13 billion Tomans, and most of this reduction was provided from overtime and payment to staff. Referring to the use of unemployment insurance by 150 colleagues of Ali Sadr Group, Majidi acknowledged:

Ali Sadr Travel Agency affiliated with the company is currently closed and Its building has been leased to a trade union unit to cover part of the costs, and with the improvement of economic conditions, we will provide the ground for re-launching the Ali Sadr Travel Agency.

It is worth mentioning that Ali Sadr Cave is the only Iran Wetland Cave and the largest water cave in the world is located 75 km from the city of Hamedan in the heights of Sari Ghiyeh near the village of Ali Sadr in the city of Kaboudrahang in the province of Hamedan.

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