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Allocating funds for the restoration of historical monuments in Esfarayen city

Aria Heritage / Based on the latest news, allocation of funds for the restoration of historical monuments Esfarayen city

Abdullah Sohrabi stated: By announcing and allocating credit from the acquisition of provincial capital assets, the historical monuments of Esfarayen city will be restored and readable.

Head of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Esfarayen added: with the allocation of this credit, Safi Abad Reservoir, Shahzadeh Toi, Imamzadeh Abdullah, Imamzadeh Dehneh Shirin, the tomb of Sheikh Lala Adkani, the tomb of Sheikh Zakir Gurpani and the Imamzadeh of Baghshjard will be restored .

Head of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Department of Esfarayen said: Esfarayen city is located in the southeast of North Khorasan province and from the north to Bojnourd city, from the northeast to Shirvan city, from the east to Farooj city, from the west to Jajarm city And is limited to Khorasan Razavi province from the south and southeast.

Sohrabi stated: Esfarayen city has an ancient history and the remnants of prehistoric settlements to the Islamic period throughout the city show the dynamism of the culture of this region in the history of Iran.

Prehistoric sites and hills in different parts of the city, including areas in 1 and 2, Anjirli, Chehel Dokhtar, as well as settlements such as Erdogan camp, show the active presence of the region in the prehistoric area of ​​Iran. are. Esfarayen city has always been considered as an important province in the historical period, especially in the Parthian and Sassanid periods, and it has been mentioned many times in historical and geographical texts.

The great dispersion of the works of the Parthian and Sassanid periods in this region is evidence of the prosperity of this region at that time. In the Islamic period, Esfarayen flourished due to being on the way of the caravan to Neishabour to Gorgan and flourished more than before. The reflection of this flourishing can be seen in the great scattering of the works of the Islamic period in this city, mentioning the name of the region in ancient historical sources and the emergence of famous figures from this soil during the early and middle Islamic centuries.

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